Why it’s really important that you vote

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We have a bumper crop of elections tomorrow across the UK: Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales, Local Elections in England, the Senedd Elections in Wales, the Scottish Parliament elections and the London Assembly elections in which I’m standing.

Many of these were supposed to have taken place last year, but were postponed. They are therefore the first chance since the crisis began last March for us to be heard at the ballot box.

I am writing to you all to ask you to please take this opportunity very seriously. Despite promises to the contrary only a few months ago, it is clear the Government is preparing to introduce vaccine passports. And despite previous great acclaim for the vaccine as a way out of the crisis, the Prime Minister’s change of language suggests more lockdowns and restrictions are on the cards.

As I say in this video, vaccine passports are a great threat to your liberty and to your private and confidential information. They will allow other health data — such as other treatments and vaccinations — to be stored on an app. They give the Government the power to restrict your access to areas, goods and services based on criteria they set. They will normalise the sharing of information that was previously considered strictly private — between you and your doctor only — which could lead to massive data breaches and discrimination. They are a form of electronic ID card brought in via the backdoor.

They are, quite frankly, the greatest threat to our freedoms that we have experienced in peacetime.

A good showing for Labour or the Tories in these elections is a thumbs up for more damaging lockdowns. A good result for the Tories is a green light for domestic vaccine passports, which will be nearly impossible to get rid of once they are introduced.

Please use your vote wisely tomorrow. Vote Reform UK and say NO to domestic vaccine passports and further lockdowns.



With Thanks,

Dr David Bull
Deputy Leader of Reform UK and London Assembly Candidate

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