Why it’s time to trust the left when they say this…

You know, a lot of the times the left just tells the American people what they plan to do if given power, but it seems so nuts that people just brush it off.

They told us they were going to impeach President Trump before he even won in 2016. We see what happened with that.



They told us a long time ago that they were going to nationalize and socialize our health care system, even though, at the time, they rejected the “socialist” label.


But now, the left openly embraces the socialist label and ideology, as well as straight up communism.


So, I ask you, should we believe them this time? Should we take them at their word when they promise to work towards a fully socialist America? My answer is yes, believe them, and then do something about it!


Tea Party Patriots Foundation will begin production of our full-length documentary, Socialism Stories, in the new year, and I’m asking for your support to get it done. A tax-deductible gift of $25 or your most generous gift you can make will assure that we believe the left when they say they want to destroy our country, and that we do something about it.


And, even better, if you give before midnight on December 31, 2019, then you will receive a tax deduction on your 2019 taxes!


The left has shown us that they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dream of socialism and soft totalitarianism, and we are definitely underdogs in the fight for America if you look at the money and the reach that the left has with their control over media, K-12 and higher education, and the culture.


Even with that advantage, the left doesn’t have one thing that we have. The truth. The truth about socialism and the brutal reality it forces upon the people of a nation. We have people who escaped the torture, abuse, harassment, intimidation, extreme poverty, fear, and tyranny that defines the socialist experience. And these people are willing to tell their stories.


Will you help me tell their stories?





Thank you for all you do!


Jenny Beth Martin