Wicked Witch Flies In


New solution to Iraq mess could be to replace US Forces with politicians as so many are flying in, but maybe its just another election coming up.

When Hillary Clinton visited Iraq last month the army Blackhawk helicopter used to transport the senator was given the call sign “broomstick one”. And they say the US armed services have no sense of humour.

This of course rankled the Royal Air Force who themselves were considering the monikerfor Britain’s foreign minister, one Margaret Becket, for her trip!

Both did consider “Speedbird” but that is still the British Airways call sign, a name lost in antiquity and a concession made by BEA when it took over (or officially combined) with BOAC.

If Santa decides to come he could be called “Bobsleigh” but the bearded man might not be welcome in these politically correct times.



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