Will “Bottler” bottle it again?


The big question is whether “Bottler” Brown will bottle it again.

Time is fast running out for the Blair Brown Regime. In little more than a year, “Bottler” will either have to suspend democracy completely, or accept a General Election. Every Prime Minister in Britain is free to call an election at almost any point, from winning a General Election, until the end of a maximum five year term. All that is required is a visit to HM The Queen who, as Head of State, is able to dissolve Parliament. In reality, the Monarch will accept the resignation of the Prime Minister and his or her recommendation that a General Election be called – although HM Queen Elizabeth II has great experience and a well established reputation for telling Prime Ministers in private exactly what she thinks, often influencing their subsequent actions.

There are some practical limitations over the exact date for a General Election in any year and there are some general accepted conventions that most Prime Ministers avoid peak holiday periods when many voters might be out of the country on holiday, and avoid combining a General Election with a series of other elections at local or European level. These conventions are not mandatory and it looks increasingly like “Bottler” is preparing to call a General Election on the same date as Local Government Elections and European Parliamentary Elections.

The signs that this is increasingly probable is that “Bottler” has just announced that Britain will bounce out of depression in months. To create the illusion that this is happening, he is dithering on the point of following fellow national socialist leader Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and ordering the printing of money to expand the economy, creating another bubble. The hope is that this will be sufficient to fool British electors and win a further term in power. The consequences could be that Britain follows Zimbabwe into hyper inflation, bankruptcy and civil turmoil.

“Bottler” has past form as a ditherer, unable to reach hard decisions, and reluctant to face the electorate. On that past form, he will demonstrate further election cowardice and cling to power until the last possible moment BUT he is getting desperate, developing a bunker mentality and demonstrating a tenuous grasp on reality – so anything could happen.

Dan X

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