Will you let Lindsey Graham betray us again?

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Right now – this very second – Lindsey Graham is working behind the scenes in the Senate to stop conservatives from defunding Obamacare.


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This man is every liberal Democrat’s favorite Republican. We can’t let him betray our shared values any more.

Please make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford today to help defeat Lindsey Graham for reelection.

Conservatives in the Senate want to give Barack Obama a choice: either defund Obamacare or be responsible for shutting down the government.

But Lindsey opposes that plan. He is vehemently against it.

And he is fighting Senate conservatives and Tea Party volunteers on this more ferociously than he has ever fought a liberal program.

That’s why he has to go. He MUST be defeated in the South Carolina Republican Party’s primary election.

And that is Job One right now for the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC.

Please give what you can right now.

You see, we have launched a very comprehensive candidate interviewing and election analysis effort involving Lindsey Graham’s seat.

And we have some excellent candidate prospects.

But we don’t yet have the funds to go toe-to-toe with Lindsey Graham, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the slew of SuperPACs and special interest groups that will rush in to save this RINO.

That’s why I need your help.

You have it in your power to help rid America of this liberal menace.

You can help make sure the South Carolina Senate seat is held by a true conservative.

You can make sure Lindsey Graham never betrays us again.

But you need to take a stand now. We can’t wait until next year, this winter, or even next month.

If we are going to deny Lindsey Graham the GOP nomination, we need to get to work IMMEDIATELY.

Please make the very, very best donation you can, right now.

Our goal is to support Lindsey’s challenger from day one with Tea Party grassroots help, phone banks, ads, and rallies.

But the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC is still a relatively new group. We don’t have mega-donors who will give us millions of dollars.

So, if we are going to beat Lindsey in the primary, we all must pull together NOW and give what we can.

Just click here to help.

No matter how much you can donate, be it $50, $25, or even $15, please do so now.

Defeating an entrenched incumbent in a primary is profoundly difficult. But rising to the challenge in order to save America is what the Tea Party movement is all about.

Do what you can. We can’t allow Lindsey Graham to sell out conservatives again.

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Jenny Beth Martin

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