Will You Regret?

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Only 2 weekends are left before the election that could change the course of history.


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What’s the best use of your weekend time?

1. raking leaves
2. cleaning out the garage
3. watching TV
4. doing everything you can to reach undecided voters

The leaves, the garage, and the TV will still be there on November 10th. But by then the election will be over and there will be nothing you can do to go back in time and change the results.

Don’t regret wasted time!

We have done a tremendous amount of work to setup an automated system that makes it easy for you. Hundreds of your fellow Tea Party Patriots are already using it.

Right now we’ve got the system programmed to connect you with undecided voters in Ohio. We mailed each of these people a DVD copy of our movie, The Determinators, which makes some very eye-opening and compelling arguments for repealing Obamacare.

Your warm voice on a phone call to them is a crucial part of the process to get them to watch the movie and move from undecided to decided.

Again, the system makes it easy for you and includes an easy to follow script.

There are also some free giveaways as a treat for our hard workers. (We know saving the country is reward enough for Tea Party Patriots, but it’s still nice to get a treat every now and then.)

Get started now. You will be glad you did.

Here’s the website where you start:
Start now.

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