You Are Making a Difference in this Amnesty Battle

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We’d like to show you some tangible results of your generosity and hard work for the cause of freedom.

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Earlier this week, we asked you to help us fund a special online program as part of our emergency effort to defeat the Senate amnesty bill.

And you responded.

Because of your support, this special program enabled thousands of Tea Party activists nationwide to call their Senators and demand that they vote “NO” on this amnesty train wreck.

In just the first three hours of the program, Tea Party activists in six different states completed over 3,000 phone calls to their Senators, demanding that they kill this disaster of an amnesty bill.

All told, our activists have completed nearly 9,000 phone calls since this program was launched just a few days ago.

And thanks to immense grassroots pressure from the Tea Party movement, yesterday’s Senate vote failed to reach the 70-vote threshold that Lindsey Graham and his pro-amnesty allies were hoping for.

With fewer than 70 votes in the Senate, we have a much better chance of halting this disaster of a bill in the House!

All of this would have been impossible without you. Thank you so much for putting it all on the line for our liberty.

But, this fight isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot.

Our fight to stop this amnesty bill has now moved to the House of Representatives, and we’ve got even more work to do there.

“Moderate” Republicans like Paul Ryan have already signed on to sponsor this amnesty legislation, and a coalition is building to ram it through by any means necessary.

If this scenario looks familiar to you, it’s because the big-government career politicians used these exact same tactics to force Obamacare down our throats three years ago.

And if we don’t fight this bill with everything we’ve got, they’re going to do it again.

We must continue bombarding Congress with phone calls from the grassroots, demanding that they kill this amnesty bill immediately.

Please help us stay in this fight.

For Freedom,

The Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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