You still with me?

Right now we’re riding the bench while the Democrats play the American people like it’s the Super Bowl.

Their narrow majority in the House and Senate gives them the power to push through any piece of legislation quicker than you can say “Left-of-Lenin-Socialist.”

If you want to live in a socialist “utopia,” you can either move to China, or you can let ineffective politicians like AOC and Chuck Schumer remain in office and let them push their policies so radical that even Karl Marx would have to do a double take.

Step up now and contribute $25 to take back the Senate. > >







I’m trying to reach my April End-Of-Month goal and I’m asking for your support.

Bring your lunch box because we have a lot of work to do. It’s not going to be easy but when I have patriots like you supporting me, this should be easy like a Sunday morning.

God Bless you,

Senator John Kennedy