The SSJ100: Super Optimized Aircraft in the 100-seat market


SSJ100 still battling the funding issues creatred by the Russian Nazi Leader Putin's invasion of the Ukraine

Venice (Italy) - October 31, 2014

VLM Photo

Following the agreement (Letter of Intent) signed between the leasing Company “Ilyushin Finance Corporation” (IFC) and the Belgian carrier VLM Airline - for two Sukhoi Superjet 100 with options for additional two plus ten aircraft – SuperJet International is pleased to see the confirmation of the outstanding suitability and the exceptional efficiency of the SSJ100 aircraft in the European market.

Even though it entered into service a few years ago in mid-2011, the SSJ100 has already confirmed its maturity and reliability during operations. The SSJ100 fleet in service worldwide logged more than 60.000 flight hours with the Interjet SSJ100’s maximum utilization in a day of over 11 flight hours. In the first year of operations, the Interjet SSJ100 hasn’t logged any cancellations and achieved a technical dispatch reliability’s average of 99,5%.

“The LoI signed by VLM represents an interesting achievement in a very competitive market like Europe – states Nazario Cauceglia, CEO of SuperJet International – This confirms that the SSJ100 is the best choice, what exactly the regional market needs today. It is certainly the most optimized aircraft in the 100-seat market in terms of total operational costs and of ownership costs compared to its direct competitors”.

Today the new-generation SSJ100 is aimed at achieving a significant share in the 100-seat market segment, providing a spacious cabin and a high comfort, a state-of-the-art technology with a new advanced engine, flexibility in the short-to-medium range, efficiency and superior performance. But along with a proven and reliable product, SuperJet International is also offering competitive financial solutions.

“This important transaction – adds Nazario Cauceglia - is also the result of an attractive financial offer. We are pleased to provide our customers with exceptional financial packages that can be converted into operating lease-agreements. Financing is a key aspect and I am sure – says Cauceglia - this approach will pave the way of the SSJ100 towards the success”.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 program is a cooperation between the Russian Sukhoi Holding and the Italian Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi. Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC), in Russia, is responsible for the design and production of the aircraft while SuperJet International (SJI), in Italy, is responsible for Customer Support worldwide. The marketing and sales of the aircraft are jointly conducted by SCAC and SJI worldwide.

Book Review – A History of Frauds Through the Ages, Beggars, Cheats and Forgers



First glance at the title might encourage the reader to think this might be a story of everyday political folk, but it is in fact a carefully researched study of a much neglected area of British history. It produces a fascinating view of historical scams and holds the reader’s attention to the end.

This book is thought provoking and will reward the reader’s time.

Book Review – Sniper in Helmand, Six Months on the Frontline



This new book provides a very valuable view of the military environment and provides information that should be part of the intelligence map that is needed to guide the future relationship between NATO and the Afghan people. The author is one of the small band of soldiers who have the capability to become snipers and Afghanistan has always been the battlefield for snipers. Snipers are a rare breed who earn the respect of enemy and comrade. It is a dangerous and arduous task that requires the development of considerable skill and determination. It also requires discipline and great patience.

Help educate the undecided voters


We just received a very important report. There are still hundreds of thousands of voters in our key states who are undecided.

They don’t yet understand the dangers of the Obama agenda!

We need to have local Tea Party volunteers get to these people and fast.

Unfortunately, though, our grassroots fundraising is still $53,568 behind budget, and these local Tea Party groups need help.

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Our goal is to explain to undecided voters how much is at stake in this election and how the Obama agenda is literally ruining America.

They can’t make an informed choice unless they have ALL the facts!

The liberal media and the left-wing Democrats are desperately spinning that the U.S. economy is recovering.

They claim our deficit is getting back under control and that Obamacare is working.

These are all bald-faced lies!

That’s why local Tea Party groups must have the resources to swing into action and educate voters in these last 5 days before the election.

Please, donate whatever you can today. Whether it’s $5, $50, $20 or $1,000, we need your help!

Every single dollar you contribute will be put to work immediately. However, we don’t have much time left.

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Over the next 5 days we need to help organize volunteers from more than 650 different Tea Party organizations across America to help out in the key states.

We need people walking door-to-door every single day explaining how Barack Obama and his allies in the Senate are destroying our nation.

We need to talk to targeted voters in person – face to face – to counter all the liberal media spin.

We need to show them our Border States of America film about Obama’s illegal immigration crisis.

We need to lay out exactly how Obama and his allies have been ignoring our constitution.

We need to explain how Obama’s crazed spending sprees are destroying jobs and ruining our future.

America is in trouble, and it’s up to our Tea Party volunteers to sound the alarm!

But they need help. Urgently.

Please make the very most generous contribution you possibly can.

We absolutely must raise $53,568 this week! We are running out of time!

The Tea Party movement was started because ordinary Americans like us concluded that we needed to take matters into our own hands.

We needed to take a stand.

So, we stood. We fought. And we won a great many battles.

However, we still have so far to go.

Please make the most generous contribution you can to Tea Party Patriots right away. We must raise this $53,568 this week!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Donate Now!

For Liberty,


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Cameron Hoped to Hide EUSSR Cash Raid Until After By-Election


"Clueless" Camoron hoped to hide the EUSSR demand for £1.7 Billion extra payments until after the by-election called by Tory defection to Ukip.

The irony of the excessive demand from Brussels is that it has been based on a fiddle of GDP figures by Camoron and Osborne. In their rush to build a very favourable picture of the British economy before the 2015 General Election, they had the GDP calculations fiddled. This included "estimates for the "black" economy with figures for prostitution and the sex slave trade added into the traditional legitimate trade figures. It seems that estimates were also added for other illegal activities, including Putin's Russian Nazi cronies' money laundering.

Brussels eagerly seized on these "increases" in GDP as an excuse to steal more money from Britain to prop up the failing Euro Zone countries, with the money divided between the sick economies of Germany and France.

Interestingly, all this happened in early 2013 and the only way that Camoron and Osborne could have not known about the Brussels intended theft was sheer incompetence and a total lack of control over the Civil Servants who certainly knew, many months ago, all about the theft from British taxpayers. That seems very unlikely and if they are not incompetent, Camoron and Osborne have been fraudulent.

It may be that there was collusion with the Eurocrats to conceal this gross and unfair demand for money to further prop up the German and French economic failures. If there was an ungentleman's agreement to hide the situation, it was blown apart by Junker in a fit of anger and in a very crude attempt at pay back for Camoron's refusal to back Junker for President .

The further irony is that the situation has caused a further surge in support for Ukip with its policy to make Great Britain Great again and free from control by the undemocratic EUSSR. Camoron and Junker may have shot themselves in both feet. The already significant opinion poll lead for Reckless and Ukip in Rochester was further increased, with the real prospect that it will follow the pattern established in the Clacton by-election where the LibLabCon Party factions were wiped out by Ukip.

If Ukip once more convincingly demonstrates that voting Ukip gets Ukip, there will be many LibLabCon seats going to Ukip in 2015 and the possibility of further defections before then.

It really has been an outstanding ride for Ukip during the last two years. First, they began winning Local Government seats at the Local Government elections, and in LG by-elections, expanding their attack to the Lib and Lab factions of the LibLabCon Party. Then they became the biggest Party in Britain in the European Parliament Election, having come second at the previous Euro Elections. The Establishment laughed this off by claiming that the rotten borough system in the Westminster elections would prevent Ukip from winning any seats. Considering that LG elections are based on the same rotten borough and first-past-the-post voting as the Westminster constituencies, the Establishment may have been overly optimistic. If there was any doubt, Ukip swept to a massive victory at Clacton and now look to repeat the victory at Rochester.

The result is that Ukip is once more reviewing its strategies for the General Election in 2015. Last year, Ukip hoped to be able to win 4-5 seats in 2015. At the beginning of 2014, they began to raise expectations with an intention of making a hard run for twenty seats. Now they are having to replan with a new intent to win 100 seats and the momentum they are building suggests that even 100 seats will be a low estimate. The critical factor is that recent surveys have show 32% of British voters would vote Ukip is they thought it would achieve Ukip's seats at Westminster. In the same studies, this gives Ukip a lead for the first time over all three factions of the LibLabCon Party. Clacton may have suggested a breakthrough, but Rochester could mean a major upheaval at Westminster.

Ukip has been hugely successful in re-introducing enthusiasm and excitement into local and national elections and raising money from the people, where the LibLabCon Party depends on massive funding from vested interests in big business, banking, unions and oligarchs. Making that voters funding stretch to fully contest every Westminster seat next year will be a huge challenge, but the really interesting factor is that local voters who contribute funds to a political campaign have much more potential power than the vested interests that have supported and exploited the LibLabCon Party. The added success factor at Clacton, and likely to be repeated at Rochester, is that the LibLabCon Party has flooded the two constituencies with almost all of their MPs, their war machines and funding. At a General Election, the Ukip system is likely to field almost as much support at a General Election as in the two by-elections BUT the LibLabCon Party will be forced to divide their assets across their candidates because the three factions no longer have "safe" seats. As the days pass to the 2015 elections, the LibLabCon safe seats will become increasingly marginal.

Potentially, Ukip could do well in every constituency and could even win a working majority at Westminster in a major upset for the crooks and fraudsters who have backed LibLabCon and its expenses swindling MPs.

People's Power in Great Britain is now Ukip.

The most exciting prospect is that voters can now see that they no longer have to vote for the corrupt devil-they-know to keep out the even worse criminal. Now they can vote Ukip and get Ukip.

It’s a Time for Choosing

It’s easy to listen to Ronald Reagan’s A Time for Choosing speech, delivered October 27, 1964, and marvel at how prescient he was.  What Reagan said half a century ago is just as true today as it was then.  Certainly, his remarks were dated; they were delivered in support of Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign against Lyndon Johnson.  But replace Kruschev with Putin and warnings of Big Government with Obamacare or amnesty for those who break the law to enter our nation and that speech could just as easily be delivered today as it was 50 years ago.


But the remarkable clarity of Reagan’s speech lies not in his ability to see into the future. It is because he fully understood the destructive nature of modern statist liberalism; its demands on society and the people within it are no different today than they were in earlier times.

Ronald Reagan knew at his core that the precepts of statism are anathema to American constitutional liberty; that personal freedom must be sacrificed in order for it to take hold and that its price is “chains and slavery.”  He understood that statist liberalism, “must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose,” and that without force, no free people would choose to live under it.


This is what Reagan understood. Times have changed as well as the men and women who live in them but statism has not.  As a political dogma, it remains unchanged in its pursuit of subjegating people to the state.  It was this understanding of statist government that guided Reagan a generation after his speech to rightly call the Soviet Union an “evil empire,” and demand that Mikhail Gorbachev “tear down this wall,” which separated East Berliners from liberty.


The threats of statist liberalism have ebbed and flowed in the half century since Reagan gave his speech but today, it is at a high-water mark in America.  The federal government is forcing Obamacare on an unwilling public.  The president is seeking the effective destruction of American sovereignty by erasing our borders through executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. The most prosperous free-market economy in the history of man suffers under the yoke of government regulations and our growing debt poses an existential threat to the republic.


Ronald Reagan articulated a choice for America 50 years ago; whether its citizens would embrace, “the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order,” or succumb to the attractive lies of statism that lead, “to the ant heap of totalitarianism.”

In Liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team  

Nuisance calls firms to face more fines


Fining companies that bombard people with nuisance calls and texts should be easier, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid announced today.

The Government has published a six week consultation on lowering the legal threshold before firms responsible for nuisance calls and texts can be hit with fines of up to £500,000.


The law currently requires the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to prove a company caused ‘substantial damage or substantial distress’ by their conduct.


The Government wants to reduce this to causing ‘annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety’.


Sajid Javid said:


“Companies have bombarded people with unwanted marketing calls and texts, but have escaped punishment because they did not cause enough harm.


“Being called day after day may not be ‘substantially distressing’, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.


“I want to make it easier for companies to face the consequences of ignoring the law and subjecting us to calls or texts we have said we don’t want.”


Justice and Civil Liberties Minister Simon Hughes said:


“Being pestered by marketing calls and texts is annoying at the best of times.


“But at its worst it can bring real misery for the people on the receiving end and this Government is determined to tackle the problem.


“We have already increased the level of fine available to punish rogue companies. Now we want to make it easier to stamp it out by lowering the threshold for taking action against these companies so the Information Commissioner can move more quickly and deal more firmly with those who break the law.”


Richard Lloyd, Which? executive director, and chair of the Government's Task-force on marketing consent said:


“Changing the rules so it's easier for regulators to punish the companies making nuisance calls is a big step forward and a victory for the 125,000 people who supported our Calling Time campaign.


“Millions of us endure unwanted calls and texts every day so these new powers must be introduced as soon as possible. We look forward to the regulators using them to crack down hard on the unscrupulous firms that flout the rules.”


Consumers registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) should not receive unsolicited marketing calls unless they have agreed to receive calls from that specific organisation.



Drunkeness endemic in Scotland

As the Scottish government announces plans to reduce the country's drink-drive limit, a new UK-wide study from Direct Line reveals that one in seven pubs are failing to offer customers a small (125ml) glass of wine. The research raises concerns for motorists in particular, who are looking to manage their alcoholic intake to ensure they are still legally able to drive.


In summary:

Earlier this year Scotland’s Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said 125ml measures should be made more widely available and in England and Wales, offering 125ml measures is a legal requirement

Despite this, 15% of non-chain pubs say they don’t serve a 125ml glass of wine

29% of those that say they do, don’t actually list it on the menu

Wine is the drink of choice amongst the majority (76%) of female motorists who drink alcohol

In fact, one in six (17%) female motorists think they’ve driven whilst over the legal limit in the past year

Over half admit they don’t know how many glasses of wine can legally be consumed before driving

The proportion of driving convictions from women almost doubled from 1998 -2012

In 84% of cases, it was cheaper to buy a 250ml glass than two 125ml glasses. In one instance ‘doubling up’ cost just 30 pence


· 15 per cent of non-chain pubs fail to offer a 125ml glass of wine

· 29 per cent of those that say they do offer these measures, don’t list it on the menu

· Over half of female motorists admit they don’t know how many glasses of wine can legally be consumed before driving

· Recently reported research finds proportion of driving convictions from women almost doubled from 1998 -20123


New research from Direct Line Car Insurance1 suggests pubs are failing to offer customers the choice of a 125ml glass of wine, despite it being a legal requirement in England and Wales.


The insurer’s study amongst non-chain pubs across the UK found that 15 per cent would not serve customers a 125ml glass of wine and of those that said they would, 29 per cent admitted this measure was not listed anywhere on the menu.


The insurer also investigated price differences between 125ml and 250ml measures amongst the establishments that did offer both and found that in most cases (84 per cent) it was cheaper to buy a 250ml glass than two 125ml glasses. In one instance ‘doubling up’ cost just 30 pence.


The research raises concerns for customers in pubs, restaurants and other drinking establishments who wish to limit their alcohol consumption, such as motorists. Under the Licensing Act 20032, still wine in a glass must be offered to customers as a 125ml measure and must be displayed in a menu or price list for customers to see.


A separate study3 by Direct Line Car Insurance revealed that wine is the drink of choice amongst the majority (76 per cent) of female motorists who choose to drink. The study highlighted a concerning lack of awareness amongst women drivers about the amount of alcohol that can legally be consumed before taking to the road, with over half (58 per cent) admitting they did not know how many glasses of wine they could legally drink before driving . The proportion of all drink driving convictions received by women almost doubled between 1998 and 2012, increasing from nine per cent to 17 per cent.


Rob Miles, director of motor at Direct Line said “We’d urge anyone who does plan to drive not to drink at all. The majority of pubs and restaurants now offer a 250ml glass of wine, which few people realise, is a third of a bottle and often contains three or more units of alcohol. This would push many drivers over the legal limit with potentially lethal consequences.”

Cameron is Furious

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Over two weeks ago, Get Britain Out revealed David Cameron’s assertion he succeeded in lowering the EU’s annual budget is lying in tatters. Only two days ago the EU confirmed they would not only be reversing the budget cuts, but also requesting a further €4 billion in spending for 2015 from all EU Member States. If this isn’t a blow to Cameron’s face, what else is?

Well, more astonishing news emerged this morning as greedy Eurocrats demanded a further £1.7 billion (€2 billion) from British taxpayers, on top of our already huge contribution to Brussels’ coffers. The reason: because our economy is doing very well in comparison to our Eurozone neighbours, which means this demand is nothing less than punishment, a wealth tax, and the fact is admitted openly by the Eurocrats. Other countries like France and Germany will be contributing less than their usual contribution to the EU because their economies have been struggling in recent months, so while we are punished for our success, most EU countries are being rewarded for failure!

David Cameron got very cross during a press conference today, insisting he will not pay the bill on 1 December when it is due. Nigel Farage pounced on the news, saying the EU is “like a thirsty vampire feasting on UK taxpayer’s money. We need to protect the innocent victims who are us.” We couldn’t agree more. The mood in Downing Street seems to be getting more belligerent with Tory backbenchers frothing at the news. With a rebellion of over 100 MPs due to break out over the opt-in to EU justice and crime measures, all is not well in team Cameron.

Tory MP Nick de Bois also told Sky News: “I noticed with some interest today, they (the EU) were trying to draw a parallel between the size of their budget and the wealth produced the member states of the EU. They are making a fundamental mistake. The EU is simply a bloated bureaucracy that tries to regulate Europe. It is not a country in its own right. The only thing they should be concentrating on is cutting their own budget.”

Now the EU’s executive branch has finally handed over power to Jean-Claude Juncker after the confirmation of his hand-picked commissioners. This is a very rough start for the new Juncker regime in Brussels. He’s already got Cameron, usually a soft-touch on Europe, fuming at this latest insult.

It doesn’t end there, Barroso's parting shot warned Cameron that if Britain leaves we will be an irrelevant country without any influence on the world stage. In the Daily Mail Dan Hannan hit back, saying it is only by staying in the EU that Britain remains irrelevant. As we are drawn deeper into a federal Europe, Britain is increasingly becoming a mere region in a larger super-state.

‘Cast-Iron’ Dave is floundering to stop his party leaking away to UKIP by promising to impose curbs on migration and caps on the number of National Insurance cards given out to EU migrants. None of this is legal under EU law, so he is making promises he can’t deliver to save his skin. If he was truly earnest about controlling borders, then ideally he would hold a referendum soon so any attempts to restore border control would be legal and sound.

Since we last wrote to you, the EU Referendum Bill cleared its first hurdle in House of Commons, though more hurdles await in the House of Lords. It is very likely to be quashed by the Lords, which might provoke the government into using the Parliament Act to get around this and pass the Bill. But it all goes to show the political establishment is anxious about prospect of Britain leaving the EU.

We would also argue the rise of UKIP could force the Tories to have to make a deal to have an early In/Out referendum in exchange for support from Nigel Farage. This would be to ensure key legislation and votes of confidence get through, rather than being forced into a full coalition with UKIP ‘if’ as expected, Cameron does not get a majority at the general election.

We could be facing the prospect of a referendum much earlier than expected. However it turns out, the quicker we Get Britain Out of the EU the better.

Kind Regards,
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

TPP Citizens Fund Report

Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

•   Iowa has one of the most important senate races in the country. Leftist Bruce Braley is fighting hard against conservative Joni Ernst. However, Joni certainly has his number in this clip from the very last debate of the campaign:

•   In North Carolina, incumbent liberal Senator Kay Hagan is desperately trying to separate herself from Barack Obama. However, that’s hard to do when she votes with the President 96% of the time! Tea Party volunteers on the ground in North Carolina are making this very case directly to voters every single day. Here is more on Hagan’s record and this critical senate race.

•   The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is putting every resource we have to work into the key races that will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate. I’ve been traveling the country making sure our volunteers have everything they need for these final two weeks of the election season. Unfortunately, these good people still need our help. Please, make a generous contribution to our 2014 campaign push. Just click here.

That’s all for this week. Only two more weeks to victory!

Donate Now!


Jenny Beth Martin Chairman