Fix Our Borders & Other Things You Need to Know This Week

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released a statement following the State of the Union Address.  “The President obviously watched a different set of mid-term elections than the rest of the country did. He said that every single one of his policies was on the ballot; the American people rejected them – and him – overwhelmingly," she said. ""President Obama has shown he has no interest in seeking common ground for the good of the country. True to form for his first six years, he still seeks to divide the country in his final two.” Visit the site and read the entire statement.
January 24th, Congressman Steve King and Citizens United have teamed up to bring grassroots activists from across Iowa to hear directly from grassroots and elected leaders as well as top 2016 presidential contenders on how we can get America back on track. We at Tea Party Patriots are proud to be a co-sponsor of this BIG event, and pleased to present LIVE coverage of the entire event in HD. Sign in or register NOW for full access. Register today and join us for our legislative updates each Monday when Congress is in session. Tea Party Patriots will give you all the information you need to know about what is happening in Congress and what actions you should take for the coming week. . Help secure our border and please call your US Representative as soon as you can and urge them to do the right thing on H.R. 399! We’ve put together a tool kit for you to use. There are sample social media posts, emails for you to send to friends, and a template for a press release. We have a chance here to affect positive change, and make a bad bill better. We’ve done it before, and I know we can do it again. I hope we can count on you. Also, you can watch the Tea Party Patriots documentary by visiting and share with your friends and family to be sure that they are as informed on immigration as you are! Here are some other things you need to know this week.

“Texas, Our Texas” Advanced Training Conference
On January 10, in Houston, Texas, more than 120 activists and 50 local coordinators from 30 grassroots organizations joined together for the “Texas, Our Texas” Advanced Training Conference. They keynote address was given by Tea Party Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert… Read More>

From the company that brought you…
Just in case you thought the government’s incompetence couldn’t get any worse, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is here to prove you wrong. News broke today that the IRS has hired the same government contractor that built, to… Read More>

President Ignores Midterm Election Mandate
Statement by Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots Atlanta, Ga. –Following President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address, Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, issued the following statement: “The President obviously watched a different set of… Read More

SOTU same old, same old
Tonight, President Obama will stand before a joint session of Congress and deliver his sixth State of the Union. It’s a fact that the president will call for higher taxes on the wealthy under the guise of expanding tax… Read More

IN THE NEWS GOP Slams Obama's SOTU Speech as Divisive, Confrontational Fast Track Not A Done Deal, The People Will Stop It Joni Ernst brings outsider perspective to Republicans’ State of the Union rebuttal

In Liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team


The Long Road to Brexit

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The New Year has begun and the General Election approaches. In order to make it easier for our supporters to track some of the things we at Get Britain Out are working on in these exciting times, we are happy to announce the re-launch of our website! There’s lots of new information, and we will be adding more as time goes on.

It is only week 4 of 2015, and the Election campaign is already in full swing. You might expect our EU message to be lost in the pre-election discussion of the NHS, the economy and most importantly, Ed Miliband’s inability to eat bacon sandwiches. However, Get Britain Out has kicked off the New Year with widespread media coverage of our efforts to subject the EU to relentless scrutiny.

It is important the Great British Public recognises many of the domestic issues being discussed in the run up to the Election. They are directly impacted by the EU ‘super state’ we are being dragged into. Whilst the NHS is seen as a key election issue, the upcoming EU-US trade deal could put our cherished health care system on the road to irreversible privatisation. UKIP’s Janice Atkinson MEP has written for Get Britain Out discussing this worrying possibility.

Another key issue is the ‘cost of living crisis’ Labour have been harping on about this for the past two years. What moribund Miliband has yet to point out, is how the EU’s VAT rules are now in danger of destroying small businesses, forcing more people out of work and cutting their disposable income. We discuss this, and in particular how it will disproportionately affect women in UKIP Daily and The Commentator.

Miliband himself, and his suitability to govern this country as Prime Minister, is also seen as one of the make-or-break issues for Labour in this election. Anyone doubting his thorough unsuitability for the job should consider his reaction to the Paris shootings, when he claimed our EU membership helped protect us from terrorism. Get Britain Out was one of the first to speak out against him, condemning his reprehensible attempt to make political capital out of this tragedy, in both the Daily Express and Breitbart. But that is the least of it, we musn’t forget Miliband remains unwilling to grant the Great British Public an In/Out referendum!

The Eurosceptic vote will be crucial during this election, with a distinct swing towards Euroscepticism sweeping across the country. Lord Tebbit, former Conservative Party Chairman under Margaret Thatcher, recounts how his own experience with the European project led to his conversion from a Europhile into a Eurosceptic in an exclusive article for Get Britain Out. It’s a must read…

Earlier this week, the largest poll on Britain’s participation in the European project since the referendum of 1975, showed a staggering 81% of respondents want to Get Britain Out. We were quoted in the Daily Express welcoming the result. They followed on yesterday with coverage of the news the Conservatives behind the poll have written to the Prime Minister warning him they will not support any Conservative government which reneges on Cameron’s referendum pledge.

Get Britain Out’s work in pushing the case for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union is also making waves over in Brussels too. We are happy to announce we have now won the support of EU President Jean-Claude Juncker! Get Britain Out welcomes Juncker’s recent statement Britain should leave the EU – the first time in his political career Juncker has been on the right side of the argument!

We are winning the Eurocrats round to the Eurosceptic cause, so we must be doing something right! We hope we can continue to enjoy your support - as well as the support of all your friends and colleagues - as we press ahead with the Eurosceptic message in 2015. Please forward this e-mail to all those who you believe will support our campaign – or would like to learn more about Get Britain Out. Please encourage them to Sign Up to support our campaign in confidence, and they will be kept in touch with the latest, in-depth campaign news.

It is imperative, whatever the outcome of the election, the voices of those disenfranchised by 40 years of Europe’s erosion of our national sovereignty and democracy are listened to.

With our Best Wishes
Onwards and Outwards
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

New Toolkit: Secure Our Border!

Download your toolkit here to take action on H.R. 399. Last Friday afternoon — just before a holiday weekend — House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX) introduced H.R. 399, with the misleading title Secure Our Border First Act. This bill was fast-tracked through committee today, and its next stop will be the House floor. You need to know about some serious problems with this bill. While it provides for some minimal assistance at the border, it does nothing to solve the underlying problems on our Southern border. There’s nothing to streamline deportations, no requirement for e-verify by employers, no means to track over-stayed visas. The House passed a legitimate, tough border bill last summer; the Carter-Aderholt legislation passed after Speaker Boehner had to pull his sham bill from the floor for lack of votes. With even more GOP House members now, there is an opportunity. Our focus now is on amending HR 399 with as many of the provisions of the Carter-Aderholt language as possible. Specifically, the following additions must be made to HR 399 for it to be considered a legitimate border security bill: 1) 700 miles of double-layer fencing 2) End catch-and-release policy 3) Expedited removal process (days, not years) 4) Close the asylum loopholes 5) Mandatory biometric exit system We need you to make your individual Congressman listen; they were all shocked at the call volume during the Speaker vote. Imagine if your Congressman felt the same intensity about this border bill! Please call your US Representative as soon as you can and urge them to do the right thing on H.R. 399! We’ve put together a tool kit for you to use. There are sample social media posts, emails for you to send to friends, and a template for a press release. We have a chance here to affect positive change, and make a bad bill better. We’ve done it before, and I know we can do it again. I hope we can count on you. In Liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team  

It’s 2015 and we are starting from scratch

As if we're not going to have our hands full with wobbly Republican presidential wanna-be's, Hillary Clinton is about to announce her campaign for President. Liberal candidates and groups are raising millions for the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, here at the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, we are in a bit of a bind. You see, we left it all on the field in 2014. We spent everything we had to deploy a nationwide grassroots effort and win back the Senate, installing a majority that is much more along the lines of what we are looking for in terms of allies. We accomplished that goal, but now our treasury is depleted, and we don't yet have the funds on hand to go toe-to-toe with the liberals!

Please donate whatever you can right now.
Here's what your support helped us accomplish in 2014: •   Our volunteers personally knocked on over 100,000 doors in five targeted states. •   We completed 42,000 live phone calls to swing voters. •   We dialed out 2,400,000 "robo-calls" featuring friends and freedom-loving allies like actor Nick Searcy and Sen. Ted Cruz. •   And we sent out 58,000,000 emails supporting our candidates. Thanks to your outpouring of support, we accomplished more than I ever imagined we could. However, if we are going to defeat Hillary Clinton and make sure the 2016 GOP nominee shares our Tea Party values, we must do much, much more. And we have to get started today. So please, please make the very best 2015 kickoff donation you possibly can right now. We need to replenish our campaign fund so that we can take several important steps. First, we must perform a complete an exhaustive analysis of our 2014 strategy. Then, we must begin accumulating voter data and updating our massive national voter database and begin the process to register 1 million new voters who share our values. (Those 1 million new voters will be registered in seven key targeted states that could have flipped the results of the 2012 presidential election - we'll share more about those plans later.) Yes, campaign 2016 has already begun. We have to begin the hard work of training and deploying field staff, connecting with grassroots volunteers, recruiting good candidates and making sure that our voices are heard in the early presidential primary states. Please help us roll into this political cycle with a full head of steam. Make the very best gift you can right now. We spent every dime we could in the 2014 mid-term elections, and it paid off. We now have undeniable proof that grassroots campaigning makes the difference. Now, however, we need to start all over - from scratch. And we need to take this campaign strategy nationwide! The next year and a half will be one of the most important periods in American political history. We must defeat Hillary Clinton and elect a true Tea Party conservative president! Please make the best 2015 kickoff contribution you can right now. Thank you so much for your continued support! Sincerely, Jenny Beth Martin  

President Obama Showed No Interest In Seeking Common Ground


The President obviously watched a different set of mid-term elections than the rest of the country did. He said that every single one of his policies was on the ballot; the American people rejected them – and him – overwhelmingly.

It’s amazing that after such a repudiation of his policies and programs, his first instinct was to pick a fight in last night’s State of the Union Address. Three hundred billion dollars in new taxes? He knows there’s no chance of such a bill passing either house of Congress; he’s simply being confrontational. It began the day after his historic drubbing in November. He was quick to recognize the “2/3 of voters who stayed home.” The people who repudiated him at the ballot box are irrelevant to him.

Here at Tea Party Patriots, we’re fighting to give a voice to those people. We’re fighting to MAKE Barack Obama listen to average Americans like you and me who are trying desperately to hold onto the American dream.

But we need your help to do it, which is why I hope you’ll pitch in a generous gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more today, and help us continue fighting back.

Ultimately, Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address was chock-full of the same old tired, redistributionist policies. He wants to tax the so-called “rich” to make free community college available to everyone? We saw how “free healthcare” worked out. The President is relying on turns of phrase to dupe low-information voters. The inheritance tax has become the trust fund loophole. Translation: let’s make it harder for families to pass on businesses or farms to their children, to conform to the President’s idea of what’s “fair.”

With each left-wing policy proposal, this president is waging war on our Constitutional values and the very foundation of our Republic.

That’s why, day after day, Tea Party Patriots is flooding the Capitol with grassroots phone calls demanding that Congress stand firm and reject his left-wing social engineering.

But to keep these critical efforts going, we’re relying on your continued support.

Please, pitch in whatever you can right now.

President Obama’s also calling for an increase in capital gains taxes. Economic studies have consistently shown that increasing capital gains taxes results in less revenue to the Treasury. It doesn’t matter to him; he said in 2008 he’d favor raising them – in the name of fairness – even if it increased the deficit.

In fact, President Obama has demanded higher taxes in every SOTU message. Raising taxes and punishing achievement is the last thing we need in a stagnant economy. Worse, expecting Republicans to pass tax-hike legislation is delusional.

By putting forward these policy proposals, President Obama has shown he has no interest in seeking common ground for the good of the country. True to form for his first six years, he still seeks to divide the country in his final two.

After hearing this speech, our resolve to stand against the Obama agenda and promote true reform of our nation’s broken government has never been stronger.

But to continue the fight, we need to know that you’re still with us.

Please, if you’re ready to join the grassroots fight against Barack Obama’s left-wing vision for our country, pitch in a generous gift to Tea Party Patriots right away.

And if you’re ready to fight back with more than just a donation, click here to download one of our toolkits on defunding executive amnesty or pushing back against IRS targeting of Americans!

Thank you so much for joining us in this fight.

In Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots

P.S.: We have a very special opportunity coming up to show just how determined we are to stand against Barack Obama’s left-wing agenda! This Saturday, January 24th, we are proud to co-sponsor the Iowa Freedom Summit, hosted by Congressman Steve King and our friends at Citizens United. Featuring speeches from several of the probable 2016 GOP presidential candidates, this will truly be an event to remember. To join us for this groundbreaking day via online live stream, just click here and sign up for free access:

Healthy economies require governments to fight deflation,invest in infrastructure and allow the middle glass to flourish


Leading US economist, Professor Lawrence H. Summers, told a sell-out audience at The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series in Hampstead on January 20th, that growing inequality undermined people’s faith in politicians.

Former treasury secretary for President Clinton and director of the National Economic Council for President Obama, Summers is President Emeritus at Harvard University. This was the fifth conversation in the Alan Howard Foundation/ JW3 Speaker Series, previous speakers include Ben Bernanke, Mike Milken, John Landis, Anselm Kiefer and Garry Kasparov. Lawrence H. Summers used his speech to point out that President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Xi Jinping of China had higher opinion poll ratings than the US congress and British Parliament.


Western voters had lost trust in their politicians, because average wages had not risen in 15 years he said.


“How we meet these challenges is how our politicians will be judged,” he said.


In order to create successful societies, Lawrence H. Summers believes that politicians must create healthy economies that allow the middle class to flourish.


“Countries where the middle class are seeing a steady increases in their standard of living and where parents can confidently look forward to their children living materially better and more prosperous lives than they did, almost without exception, are success stories,” he said,


“Conversely, where that objective is not achieved, it is rare for other objectives to be achieved either.”


To create a healthy economy, governments must fight deflation and invest in infrastructure he stated.


“If we can borrow money for 1.75 per cent for ten years in a currency we print ourselves and at a moment when male unemployment is a near record high, then if this is not the moment to fix Kennedy Airport I don’t know when that moment will ever come,” he said.


To illustrate the need for more efficient government, Summers said General Paton built a bridge across the Rhine in 23 hours during World War Two, but US authorities had taken four years to repair a bridge near Harvard University today.Healthy economies require governments to fight deflation,invest in infrastructure and allow the middle glass to flourish

What are they still hiding about the Iraq War?


Acting upon, and sharing this post could be the most important thing you do today.

The British government today tried to “bury the bad news” that the Chilcot Report is now not to be released before the General Election.In an obviously cynical attempt to hide the truth from the British public, the report is now being touted for release AFTER the election, even though it has been almost four years since the conclusion of the Iraq Inquiry, which cost £10m alone to co-ordinate.


After interviewing 100 people between 2009 and 2011, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the report has still not been released. We’re asking you to sign this petition and urge the release of the Chilcot Report immediately.

£10bn on the war. £10m on the report. Needless deaths. And still no answers?


Sign the petition HERE And hit the FORWARD button on this e-mail – send it to everyone you know.
The Iraq War was done in your name, with your money. Join us in demanding answers.


Kind regards,

Suzanne Evans
Deputy Chairman, UKIP

The battle to stop executive amnesty is on


Boston tea party

The House just passed a bill that will make President Obama enforce our longstanding immigration laws and defund his illegal Executive Amnesty order.

But now we need to get it through the Senate, and the President and his allies are fighting us hard.

We need your help IMMEDIATELY.

Please make an urgent contribution of $15, $35, $50, or whatever you possibly can afford to help us ratchet up the pressure on the Senate to pass this bill!

You see, we’ve already blasted out 1.7 MILLION phone issue alerts about Executive Amnesty.

We’ve connected more than 60,000 Tea Party supporters with their representatives on Capitol Hill.

That’s incredible.

However, our treasury is now running low, and this battle has only really just begun.

So please join the fight right now by clicking here.

We must ratchet up the pressure on weak-kneed Senators to stand up to President Obama -- and support our allies in the Senate who are already doing so.

We know the American people overwhelmingly support us.

They want Obama to enforce the immigration laws we have on the books. They oppose his efforts to unilaterally rewrite those laws and allow millions of additional illegal immigrants to come pouring across our borders.

That’s our message on behalf of the American people, and we must get it out fast. The Department of Homeland Security is set to begin processing illegal immigrants next month!

President Obama knows that his Executive Amnesty order is illegal, but he’s not going to let that slow him down.

His allies have formed a group informally called “Ready4Fight.” We’ve been warned of them before.

“Ready4Fight” is comprised of the most militant union leaders, pro-amnesty activists, and left-wing “organizers” in the nation.

And its job is to intimidate members of Congress into implementing amnesty by any means possible. Especially squishy Democrat and Republican Senators.

We must stand up to these Ready4Fight leftists. We must flood Congress with our own volunteers, phone calls, emails, and activists.

But we need your help to do it. Right now, we are putting every penny we can spare into this fight.

This funding bill is now in the Senate. The White House is screaming that it will veto it if it’s passed as it stand right now.

Leftist Ready4Fight activists will be crawling all over Democrats who really don’t support this latest Obama power grab.

However, if we can just put enough pressure on these Democrats, we can push this bill through the Senate.

THEN we can go toe-to-toe with President Obama in the media and in the streets and force him to back down.

Please help us. This is one of biggest and most important Constitutional battles in American history.

Please give whatever you can.

We must convince the Senate to stand strong in the face of this extreme attack.

We must convince them to stand up for the Constitution and enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books.

Obama and his Ready4Fight goons are prepared for all-out political warfare. They want to tear this country apart.

We can’t let them. The silent majority must stand up to President Obama. We must stand up to the left-wing extremists who will soon be storming Senate offices.

Unfortunately, right now we simply don’t have the funds on hand to win this battle in the Senate.

So please, please pitch in whatever you can right now.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

For Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

This week with the Tea Party Patriots

Please join us for the following events this week.
We remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today by reflecting on the good in our nation — and how much better we must be. Please join us today in remembering Dr. King's bravery, celebrating how far we've come and recognizing how much more potential for greatness we have as a nation.
This year we are bringing you weekly legislative updates for every week that Congress is in session. Our Legislative Consultant, Bill Pascoe brings you an up to date information on what’s going on in Congress each week, from legislation, to political activity, to action items. You won’t want to miss these every Monday at 1pm. We’ll try this for 3 months to see how interested and engaged you are and to determine how much value you find in them. This week, due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, we will bring the legislative update to you on Tuesday, January 20, at 2pm EST. Register here or check out the previous legislative updates here.
Tuesday night is the State of the Union address and this year, in order to make the President’s State of the Union address more understandable, more insightful, nay, more watchable, Tea Party Patriots offers … State of the Union Bingo! Visit our website to print out the form, pour yourself your favorite libation and settle into your most comfortable chair. Fill in the Bingo blocks as you hear the President utter the corresponding words, and play along. If you get Bingo, tweet us a picture of your completed card!
Follow us on Twitter this week for important updates and commentary on the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.
In Liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Researchers explore link between heart failure and alcohol consumption


Healthy and election winning

New research suggests drinking moderate amounts of alcohol in early to middle age could reduce the risk of heart failure.

Researchers followed over 14,600 people over 24 years to assess whether or not their level of alcohol consumption impacted their risk of heart failure.

The findings showed participants who drank up to seven drinks a week had a lower risk of developing heart failure in the future than those who drank heavily or abstained from alcohol altogether.

Government guidelines recommend that men should not regularly drink more than three to four units of alcohol a day. Women should not regularly drink more than two to three units a day.

Christopher Allen, Senior Cardiac Nurse, said: “Christopher Allen, Senior Cardiac Nurse, said: “Some studies have shown drinking small amounts of alcohol may have some benefits for your heart, but it’s not just your heart health you have to think about.

“Drinking alcohol can increase your risk of liver disease and some cancers, and excess amounts can also lead to cardiovascular disease.

“There are much safer and healthier ways to protect your heart like exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, so there’s no reason to start drinking if you don’t already. Anyone who is concerned about their alcohol intake should contact their GP.”