Voters must see this documentary


Even the left-wing Los Angeles Times now realizes that illegal immigration is a MASSIVE issue in this year’s election.

The American people hate amnesty and want secure borders!

That makes it even more important that every single voter in America see our new documentary on the border crisis.

Please make a special generous contribution of $15, $25, $35, $50, or whatever you can afford right away to help us publicize and distribute this film.

Just consider this headline from the LA Times:

“In tight Senate races, immigration could still be a priority issue.”

For years the liberals claimed that the American people loved amnesty and craved open borders.

Not any longer.

In many senate races this year, illegal immigration is the number one issue.

And the voters desperately want more information about our border crisis before they head to the polls in a few weeks.

This is our golden opportunity. Please help us promote and distribute our documentary.

This documentary tells the story the Obama Administration doesn’t want the American people to see.

The border crisis is much, much worse than most Americans realize.

Illegal immigrants are storming our border. Many carry contagious diseases. Many belong to gangs. Some are involved in the sex trade.

Still others are simply looking for welfare.

This is a national catastrophe.

Please give what you can right now to help us distribute and promote this documentary.

The American people need to see this movie before they vote.

It lays the blame for this fiasco squarely on Barack Obama.

People are dying along the border. Our brave Border Patrol agents are dodging bullets.

Terrorists are free to simply walk across our southern frontier.

This is a national emergency, and our border crisis documentary sounds the alarm.

It explains exactly how we got into this mess. It places the blame on D.C. liberals and big business – exactly where it belongs.

And it gives Americans hope that we can secure our borders if we simply have leaders who will take a stand!

Please do what you can right now. Illegal immigration is a crucial issue for many, many Americans. They need to see this film!

Please click here to help. Any amount you can give will help us promote and distribute it far and wide in the days leading up to this year’s crucial election.

We still need to cover the cost of distributing this film, advertising it, securing press interviews to promote it, and organizing a grassroots “word of mouth” effort around it.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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For Liberty,


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Tonight’s Fall Webinar Series Postponed


Unfortunately we have to postpone our Fall Training Series tonight. The topic tonight was going to be Message Discipline and unfortunately our trainer has had an emergency come up that will prevent him from participating tonight. We are going to push this presentation back to next Monday, October 6, 2014, at 8:30pm EDT. This will be a great presentation and we hope you'll join us. If you haven't registered for the series yet, you can click the button below.

Washington is broken and it is important that the elected officials that we send there have OUR best interest at heart and not THEIR own. Don't miss out on this highly informative series that will prepare you for the months to come.

Until next week, catch up on the presentations that you may have missed:

09/03/2014 – Introduction and Language of Liberty - 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Jenny Beth Martin/Bill Norton
Click to watch the archive>

09/08/2014 – Volunteer Recruitment/Voter Registration & Absentee Ballots - 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Bill Norton/Christopher Doss
Click to watch the archive>

09/15/2014 – How to Organize a Meeting - 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Bill Norton/Keli Carender
Click to watch the archive>

09/22/2014 – How to Write Press Releases and Letters to the Editor - 8:30pm EDT
Presenters: Keli Carender/Michael Prell
Click to watch the archive>

Thanks for understanding and we'll see you next week!

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

PS: Don't forget to sign up to host a house party with our new documentary, The Border States of America with international film and television star, Nick Searcy.

Rochester Action Day


Mark Reckless left the Conservative Party and joined UKIP at our conference this Saturday. Read more or watch the video here:

This is going to be a tough campaign so we need everyone down to help out. We will be out everyday campaigning from Saturday till the election. So please come down and help.

This Saturday we will be meeting at The George Pub, 344 City Way, Rochester, ME1 2BH. Map can be found here. We will start going out from 9.30am, campaigning in the surrounding area.

There is plenty of parking on and around the site which is one of the main thoroughfares into Rochester off the M2.

For more information email or call 0800 009 6200.

Many Thanks,

UKIP Campaign Team

The Holder Resignation & Other Things You Need to Know This Week


This week Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin released a statement about the Holder resignation saying "he will go down in history as the nation’s most corrupt attorney general," she also appeared on C-SPAN to talk about her book, Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution among other things and the President disrespected the Marines...again.

We continued our Fall Training Series this week with a training on How to Write Press Releases and Letters to the Editor. Remember to register for our Fall Training Series here.

Be sure to stay up to date, visit our “Toolkits” to find out how to keep making a difference. Here are some other things you need to know this week.

President Obama Disrespects Marines…Again

President Obama made headlines and stirred up lots of controversy yesterday when disembarking from Marine One, the helicopter that he often uses for official travel. Yesterday, Obama was photographed saluting the two Marines standing guard with a coffee cup in…

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GAO: The Obama Administration Isn’t Keeping Track of Obamacare Costs

Obamacare is quickly becoming the poster child for government waste, fraud and abuse. Not only does the Obama Administration want to avoid talking about how much taxpayer money it is spending to promote Obamacare, it’s not even keeping track of information…

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When Lincoln Announced the Emancipation Proclamation

On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect and millions of slaves in the Confederate states were freed by President Lincoln’s order. Lincoln actually announced his intentions in a preliminary order on September 22, 1862, saying he

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More trouble at the IRS

The IRS is at it again. This time, the agency is “stonewalling” a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from conservative legal firm, Alliance Defending Freedom. The group is trying to obtain documents related to a settlement the IRS reached…

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C-SPAN: Q&A with Jenny Beth Martin

Statement of Tea Party Patriots Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin on Holder resignation

GOP to Obama: Don't replace Holder in lame-duck Congress

Conservatives Mock Holder on the Way Out: Only AG to ‘Disagree with Both the 1st and 2nd Amendments’

In Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

TPP Citizens Fund Report


Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

• Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is right now training and deploying grassroots leaders in key senate races across the country. However, defeating Bruce Braley in Iowa’s senate race is one of our top priorities. Braley is one of the congressmen who encouraged the IRS to attack the Tea Party. If you or anyone you know is willing to help in Iowa, please use this page to get involved in the ground game:

• Here is yet another Obamacare issue we need to stress this campaign season. Hundreds of thousands of Americans on Obamacare will see their tax refunds cut this year. It’s all part of the bait-and-switch nature of how this fundamentally corrupt program is funded. Read more here:

• The GOP establishment is now desperately begging the Tea Party movement for help this campaign season. This is a remarkable turn of events considering these same cronies spent millions of donor dollars this year attacking Tea Party candidates in nomination contests. Fortunately for the GOP establishment, Tea Party activists put our country ahead of political grudges. Here is more on the story:

That’s all for this week. Thanks for supporting the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund!

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Jenny Beth Martin

Cameron Orders RAF attack on Ukip


146 Tornado 3DPrinting 03th

Camoron delayed decision on joining the coalition against IS to time the recall of Parliament to blank out news of the Ukip Conference, effectively trying to use the RAF to attack Ukip.

A desperate "Clueless" Camoron has been attempting to use every trick to avoid crushing defeat in the 2015 General Election.

The Lib faction of the LibLabCon Party was easy. Seems that although they depend on Scotland for 10 seats at Westminster, they didn't notice that their Conference was due to take place on the same day as Salmond's Scottish Dependency Referendum. That led to chaos and a decision to postpone the Conference. Just shows how interested the LibDems are in what happens in Scotland!!!

Dealing with the Lab faction of the LibLabCon Party was almost as easy. "Clueless" delayed a decision on Iraq and Syria to allow Milliband and his cronies to make complete fools of themselves. Giving them clear air time meant that an eager left wing news media could report every detail of their lack of policies hidden behind a load of waffle and evasion. Having unlimited news time, Labour was exposed as the left lurching command economy, tax, spend and borrow party that it really is. Even some Trade Union barons who bankroll Labour thought Milliband was drifting too far into a Marxist agenda.

The real problem for Camoron was that Ukip have been eating his lunch for the last two years. The largest vote winning Party at the European Elections, Ukip is a direct threat to the Con faction of the LibLabCon Party and now also the main threat to the Lab faction, while the Libs are doing a great job of killing themselves..

It must have looked like a cunning plan to allow the US and their committed allies to bomb every practical IS target in Syria and Iraq and delay a British decision. That meant that Parliament could be recalled on the eve of the Ukip Conference and expect to hog the news for at least a week, blotting out any air time for Ukip. Having recalled Parliament, Camoron put before it a half hearted proposal to commit a handful of RAF Tornadoes and a refueling tanker to bomb IS targets only in Iraq. It was a decision to do the minimum but justify the recall of Parliament. Militarily, all the prime targets of IS that can be bombed have been bombed, leaving the RAF with a tactical ground support role against targets of opportunity in Iraq with a ban on reporting or MoD statements. This news blackout could cover the intention to hit targets in Syria and let everyone think it was done by other coalition aircraft, or it could just conceal the very low level RAF participation. As in the first mission flown yesterday, two Tornadoes will fly a ground attack taxi rank with a Voyager tanker refueliing them in the air to increase their loiter time. If a pickup truck, a group of camels, or a few tents can be identified as IS, the Tornadoes will be able to perform the same function as WWII Hawker Typhoons, and straffe the small targets with advanced weaponry. If the targets are moved into Syria before being hit, they will then be safe and off-limits. If Camoron allows hot pursuit into Syria, he will be acting outside the authority handed to him by Parliament and the RAF crews may legally have become war criminals for following his orders.

The prime purpose of targeting IS to sweep Ukip of the news screens has failed. Ukip have been enjoying a great conference and yesterday landed another master stroke on Camoron by revealing the latest Con MP to defect to Ukip, coinciding with the resignation of a Con Minister. As with Douglas Carswell, this latest Ukip recruit is standing down and then standing for election in the same Constituency he held previously for the Cons. This demonstrates honesty and courage when he could simply have walked across the floor of the House to serve the remaining months to the 2015 General Election as a Ukip MP. By resigning and then standing again, this time under Ukip colours, means that he has held the moral high ground. On current conditions, Ukip could win at least three Westminster seats before the 2015 General Election.

In the meantime, Camoron has saddled Britain with all of the increased risks by targeting a bunch of Islamic criminals, increased defence costs, risked mission creep, but failed to support natural allies fully in a timely manner. If the participation in yet another war was justified by defence of the helpless and the need to deal with bandits who claim to be fighting a Holy War to cover their criminality, Camoron should have ignored any attempt at short term domestic political gain and taken the decision at the beginning.

We have only 40 days to stop amnesty


In 40 days Congress will reconvene after the November elections in a “lame duck session.”

That is when Barack Obama will launch his final all-out campaign to grant amnesty to millions and millions of illegal aliens.

Please make a special urgent contribution of $15, $25, $35, $50, or whatever you can afford right away.

We have only 40 days left to stop this amnesty madness, and we need your help.

President Obama just announced that he was “postponing” his decision to grant an illegal executive amnesty until immediately after the election.

His Homeland Security Secretary just tipped his hand as well, saying that amnesty “should not be a run up to an election.”

That means the stage is set for a last-ditch push for amnesty during the lame duck Congress.

Over the next 40 days we need to buy ads, hold rallies, and make sure every single American sees our hard-hitting border crisis documentary, The Border States of America.

We must sound the alarm and build the national movement against amnesty before it’s too late. And we need your help to do it.

Please, make your very best gift right now.

Obama and his open-borders allies are hoping that the Tea Party will be too fatigued after this fall’s elections to mobilize for the lame duck session of Congress.

He’s hoping he’ll be able to rewrite our nation’s immigration laws late at night, just before Thanksgiving, when no one is watching.

And he’s hoping that during the brief period between the election and when the new Congress takes office, he will be able to do whatever he wants with no political implications.

We must not let him get away with it.

Please donate whatever you can today.

Already the issue of immigration is fading from the news. That’s EXACTLY what Barack Obama wants.

He’s trying to lull the American people to sleep so that he can launch an amnesty sneak attack immediately after the election.

We must keep the heat on Congress.

Over the next 40 days we need to send peaceful Tea Party volunteers into every local congressional office in the country.

We must continue to sound the alarm about our open borders and the thousands of illegal aliens who are still streaming into America.

We must distribute our hard-hitting documentary, The Border States of America, to thousands and thousands of our fellow Americans to show them that the border crisis is much, much worse than they realize...

... and that Barack Obama and his cronies are more determined than ever to get an illegal immigrant amnesty, which will only further endanger our national security!

We can’t let our guard down. Barack Obama is determined to force this amnesty through after this year’s elections, by hook or by crook.

We have to be the ones to stop him. The next 40 days are crucial.

Please click here to make the very best donation you can today.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Donate Now!

For Liberty,


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

The Border States of America


Over the past several months we have been burning the night at both ends to bring you our new documentary on the southern border between the US and Mexico - The Border States of America. You've seen the images on the news, but you haven't seen the whole story.

Our team traveled from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas all the way to southern Arizona talking to border sheriffs, border patrol, and property owners along the border. The chaos is unreal and the lawlessness is beyond compare. It's time the truth was told and it's time for this administration to secure the border.

We are also pleased to announce that accomplished television and film star Nick Searcy has come on board to tell the story. You don't want to miss this.

With a release anticipated in early October, we are encouraging patriots across the country to host a house party on October 16th with your family and friends to watch the film. You can sign up to get your DVD and watch the trailer by clicking the button below. Donations are appreciated to help offset the costs of production and shipping the DVDs. The deadline to sign up is October 7th. If you don't wish to host a house party, but still wish to see the film it will be made available online after the release.


Stay tuned for more updates and please consider a donation to help offset the costs of production. We really do appreciate all of your support!

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

The American Dream Challenge


How concerned are you for the future of our country? Day in and day out we watch as Washington politicians and bureaucrats encroach on our rights and our pocketbooks. How many times have you had conversations with your friends or loved ones trying to sound the alarm and put some urgency in their minds about the challenges we face as a nation? If you're like us, probably more times than you can count.

What are you willing to do about it?

We want to present you with the American Dream Challenge. For years we have been talking about the need to balance the budget, pay down the mountain of national debt, relieve the tax burden on millions of Americans, respect the Constitution, and uphold the rule of law. Now it's time to challenge our friends and family to understand why these things are important and to actually do something about it.

How does this work? Here are the steps:

Go to and sign up for your free starter kit.
Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or anyone you decide to your house on the evening of October 2, 2014.
Provide some refreshments (recommended)
Tune into starting at 8pm EDT (other times available for all time zones) where we will host a Livestream to kick off the meeting.
We'll talk about the challenges we face as a nation and the need to get engaged. Then we'll introduce the American Dream Challenge.
Encourage your friends to participate in the challenge with you.
Spread the message so that our values will have a big impact in November.

Q: What is the American Dream Challenge?
A: A series of tasks for the 30 days leading up to the general election that will help promote our values and vision for America.

Click for more information. We hope you'll accept the challenge.

In liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

“Ditch” Obama’s new land grab


The Obama administration is currently proposing a new rule to regulate every ditch and puddle in the nation as a "water source" under the Clean Water Act.

Even worse, they want to bypass Congress and sidestep the Supreme Court along the way.

If they get away with this scheme, we can expect new layers of red tape and control over people responsibly using their own land. It must be stopped!

Please sign CFACT's petition and together let's tell EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to "ditch" this ill-conceived land grab.

The public comment deadline is less than 30 days away - and we need your help to swamp the administration with these petitions!

For Green-Left ideologues dreaming of using the Clean Water Act to redefine the "waters of the United States" and bring vast amounts of land under control of the Environmental Protection Agency - this proposed water rule is a dream come true.

But the EPA is already out of control. It slapped a fine of $75,000 (PER DAY!) on Wyoming homeowners Katie and Andy Johnson for building a pond on their own property! How's a hard-working welder like Andy Johnson supposed to stand up against that?

Those who understand what this new proposed rule would really do want no part of it. That's why the bureaucrats want to keep their science secret and speak a language all their own.

That's also why farm bureaus across the nation kicked off their "ditch the rule" campaign, which CFACT is proud to advance.

We need as many signatures as we can get. Please sign CFACT's petition today and circulate it to as many people as possible.

CFACT is the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, one of the nation's premier organizations dedicated to bringing a positive, market-oriented, and scientifically sound perspective to environmental issues.

Since our founding in 1985, we have fought tirelessly to protect American families, jobs, and businesses from the economy-crippling regulations being pushed by Green environmental extremists - regulations just like this insane land grab proposed by the federal government.

Won't you stand with us today by taking a moment to sign CFACT's petition right away?

Farmers and ranchers are especially threatened. This rule can literally cost them their farms - not to mention impact everyone's food prices.

But they're not alone.

Over 26.1 million U.S. homes rely on septic systems to process household waste. That's over 20 percent of all the homes in the nation the EPA will be able to target for control if they have standing water on their property or live anywhere near property that does.

This rule will also hammer communities and businesses across the country. As the President of the American Farm Bureau recently noted, this "proposed rule would impact everything from local governments trying to start or expand infrastructure projects to community gardens ... the rule will dictate land use across the United States." Even fireworks could be halted altogether in some places!

Millions of homeowners are in for a bureaucratic nightmare!

State and local governments have our non-navigable waters well in hand. They know better than bureaucrats in Washington what oversight homeowners, farmers, businesses and developers need to responsibly use their own land.

EPA has no valid scientific basis for pushing this rule. EPA's cost-benefit analysis is deeply flawed, employing decades-old cost estimates that were not adjusted for inflation, nor current economic and market conditions.

Let's cut straight to it. This rule is not about the environment. It's an attack on property rights and giving radical Green gadflies power to interfere with how other people responsibly use their land.

Will you stand by and let them succeed?

Stand up for your property rights, your neighbor's... everyone's.

Our government is bloated enough. Time to put it on a diet.

Sign CFACT's petition opposing this foolish land-grabbing water rule today and help us get thousands of signatures more.

Together let's tell the Obama administration to "ditch this rule."




Craig Rucker
Co-Founder and Executive Director, CFACT