Clarification regarding Calais-Fréthun station


Following intrusions which caused disruption to Eurostar traffic during the night of Tuesday 1 September, Eurotunnel wishes to make clear that the intrusions took place on the public networks outside the Channel Tunnel concession and that Le Shuttle trains were not affected by this incident.

On 1 July 2015 Eurotunnel introduced a 3-point action plan which has delivered a significant reduction in the number of intrusions onto its site:

- High Security Fencing: new fencing measuring 29km long and 4m high is being erected, with 6km already in place as at 31 August

- Vegetation clearing: 56 hectares is being cleared and cut back around the site, with 40 hectares completed as at 31 August

- Strengthening of existing fencing: 10km of existing fencing is being reinforced at ground level, with 6km already completed and an additional 6km to be increased in height between now and the end of October.

Faced with the significant strengthening of its site, the intrusions are now occurring outside of the Channel Tunnel perimeter.


The SNCF-Réseau tracks at Calais-Fréthun, which are most notably used by Eurostar and Railfreight trains before entering the Channel Tunnel, remain at risk from migrants endangering their lives attempting to board the trains. On Monday 31 August an agreement was reached between SNCF-Réseau and Eurotunnel during the visit to the Concession by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Minister for the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve. This agreement clarifies that Eurotunnel will provide its expertise to SNCF-Réseau to erect 13km of high security fencing and to carry out tree felling on the SNCF-Réseau site. The works have been identified and will begin in the near future.

Glenn Beck joins the Sept 9th rally – Here’s what you can do to help



We just announced that Glenn Beck will be joining us at our September 9th Capitol Hill rally to defeat President Obama’s disastrous Iran Deal.

That’s great news. But the problem is that we don’t have anywhere near the resources we need to prepare for the crowd that will surely be coming to join us on Capitol Hill.

Will you please, please make a much-needed emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can possibly afford right away to help us get ready for this massive event?

As excited as we are for this rally, it has frankly grown faster than we ever could have imagined.

A few weeks ago, Senator Ted Cruz personally asked Tea Party Patriots to stage this massive rally, knowing that Tea Party Patriots is the only organization in America capable of rallying grassroots Americans to truly make Washington listen.

And we’re doing everything we possibly can to be ready in time.

Unfortunately, with Donald Trump in attendance - and now Glenn Beck as well - this is turning into an immense logistical challenge!

With this star-studded list of speakers on the docket, we’re expecting tens of thousands of grassroots activists to attend.

And while that’s a very exciting prospect, we still don’t have anywhere near the funding we’ll need to accommodate that many conservatives!

Will you please help us raise the necessary funding before time runs out?

With this many grassroots patriots in attendance, we’re going to need a large stage. We’re going to need a powerful sound system. And, in all likelihood, we’ll need a large video screen so that our speakers can be seen by everyone in the massive crowd!

But all of those things cost money - lots of it.

And at the moment, we don’t have the extra room in our budget to cover the cost.

So I’m turning to you, Ian. I need your help to close this gap and make sure we can make this rally a success.

Will you please help us do that with a generous contribution right away?

This rally is our chance to make history. It’s our chance to defeat this disastrous nuclear deal and defend America.

But we MUST ensure that we make the most of this opportunity. We must make the most of having Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Glenn Beck on the same stage.

And we can only do that with your support.

Please help us make history. Make the most generous contribution you possibly can right now, just by clicking here.

Thank you for your support.

God bless America!

Jenny Beth Martin
CEO and Co-Founder
Tea Party Patriots

Poll Suggests Referendum Re-Wording Helps EU-Leavers


Poll Suggests Referendum Re-Wording Helps EU-Leavers
by Guido Fawkes

ComRes did a poll back in May on the effect of a wording change for the referendum question. The change in wording alone gives a 7 point gain to the EU Leavers. All to play for...

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Nonsense and Insensibility: Emma Thompson’s Poetry Protest


Emma joins the Green Nazis

Nonsense and Insensibility: Emma Thompson’s Poetry Protest
by technoguido

Following former celebrity Charlotte Church's musical protest against Shell last week, Greenpeace have wheeled out Emma Thompson to fight climate change... with a poem.

Choice lines include "do you think we should just burn, baby, burn" and "do you just think we should boil, baby boil".It went on much longer than the presenter was expecting..

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No, Britain Has Not Accepted Just 216 Syrian Refugees


Great that Fuhrer Merkel wants fair distribution of Daesh terrorists flooding through leaky EUSSR borders. An opportunity for Cameron to export 4 million from Britain to Germany

No, Britain Has Not Accepted Just 216 Syrian Refugees
by WikiGuido

The claim that Britain has accepted a mere 216 Syrian refugees has gone viral on social media, being shared thousands and thousands of times by worthy types who retweet without fact-checking. Just one problem: it's nonsense.

Official government figures show that we had 1,688 asylum applications from Syrians in 2014, and a further 2,204 in 2015. The grant rate of 87% suggests some 3,400 Syrian refugees have come to Britain in the last two years, with around another 2,000 being accepted in 2011 and 2012.

Whether you think that is enough is another question, but the true figure is more than is being claimed...

H/T @mjhsinclair/@FullFact
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Here’s a Poll the BBC Didn’t Report

BBC logo

Brussels Broadcasting Company condemned by a majority of Brits who want to see the BBC poll tax removed and the the EUSSR propaganda stopped.

Here’s a Poll the BBC Didn’t Report
by technoguido

According to the BBC, support for the telly tax has been rocketing exponentially over the last decade and now lies somewhere north of 50%. Well, here's a poll Aunty isn't reporting on...comres bbc poll

This new ComRes poll shows 52% would favour scrapping the license fee and making the BBC fund itself, while just 41% back the current system. Most people think it should generate income from advertising while over a third support the introduction of a subscription model. If Netflix can do it...

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Guardian Writer’s Vile Slur Against Falklands Hero


Slimed by a Corbynista, Simon Weston, a brave Falklands Hero who risked his life to free the Falkland Islanders from the brutality of a cruel Fascist invader. Overcoming his terrible injuries, Simon Weston has led an exemplary life, helping and encouraging others.


Guardian Writer’s Vile Slur Against Falklands Hero
by WikiGuido

Earlier this week Falklands hero Simon Weston, whose suffered 46% burns and whose face was left unrecognisable after RFA Sir Galahad was bombed by the Argentinians, said that Jeremy Corbyn's policy on the Falklands was tantamount to "surrender". This is how regular Guardian writer and editor of the 'Lenin's Tomb' blog, Richard Seymour, responded to the story:

Seymour tells his critics he only had a freelance contract with the Guardian for three years, but he has written on average at least fortnightly for the paper's website over the last year. What a charmer...

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GDS Implosion Continues


GDS Implosion Continues
by technoguido

The exodus of senior staff at Government Digital Services continues today with the resignation of transformation programme director Michael Beaven. Beaven oversaw the massive operation of moving government services such as voter registration online. His exit follows that of GDS head Mike Bracken, deputy director Tom Loosemore, director of strategy Russell Davies, head of user research Leisa Reichelt and director of design Ben Terrett.

The mass exodus comes amid rumours that GDS could end up on the chopping block in the upcoming spending review. Jumping before they're pushed...

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Burnham Weaponises Refugee Crisis

Andy-Burnham 1442924c

As the bunch of no-hopers, contesting the Lab Faction Leadership, hobble towards the finish line, Are there no depths they wont reach for a few votes?

Burnham Weaponises Refugee Crisis
by WikiGuido

Andy Burnham just couldn't resist using the refugee crisis to get one over on Yvette Cooper this morning. Asked about Cooper's call for the country to take more refugees, Burnham somewhat tastelessly boasted: "I called the day before for Britain to take our fair share".

Even the lefty Twitterati are clutching their pearls. Stay classy...

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176 Days Later… Has Paul O’Grady Left Yet?


176 Days Later… Has Paul O’Grady Left Yet?
by technoguido

It's 176 days since Miliband lost, yet Birkenhead's favourite son Paul O'Grady still hasn't made good on his promise to leave the country. Speaking at Ed's final election rally, O'Grady vowed he would move to the exclusive Lido island in Venice if the Tories returned to power:

“I can’t live under this bloody government any more. I am going to get a house on the Lido in Venice. I have paid a fortune in tax and I will say ‘you can have that mate’... What I am going to do in a house on the Lido in Venice when I can’t speak Italian and hate pasta, God only knows. But I can’t live under this Conservative Government, this Coalition."

So what's O'Grady up to now? He's gearing up to play "The Fairy Godfather" at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. He's behind you. We wish he wasn't...

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