Osborne Steals Three Policies and a Slogan From Labour


"I come to bury Labour, not to praise them" - LibLabCon, the samer tired old failed policies and sound bites.

Osborne Steals Three Policies and a Slogan From Labour
by technoguido

George Osborne used the phrase "we are the builders" no less than six times in his conference speech today. It's a catchy line, but Osborne can't claim the credit - it was first used by Aneurin Bevan during the 1945 general election campaign:

"We have been the dreamers, we have been the sufferers, now we are the builders."

It's not the only thing Osborne has stolen from Labour in the past 48 hours...

The Adonis-headed National Infrastructure Commission waslifted straight from Miliband's manifesto.

As was allowing working grandparents to share parental leave.

The big announcement in today's speech that local councils will be able to keep the business rates they collect?That was Ed Miliband's idea too...

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Nicky Morgan: I Would Never Campaign to Leave EU


Traitor Morgan

Nicky Morgan: I Would Never Campaign to Leave EU
by WikiGuido

Optimistic Nicky Morgan is speaking at more fringe events than any other member of the Cabinet this week, kicking off last night with a panel hosted by the group Ambition. She has already effectively kneecapped her chances with the Tory grassroots by ruling out ever campaigning to leave the EU, under any circumstances:

“I will want to be staying in, other people will want to put forward different views.

[Could you ever imagine yourself campaigning to leave?]

Personally not."

That would appear to rule out her leadership ambitions...


One minister tells Guido: "I think she's got no chance. Delusional". A second minister who Guido text for his thoughts on Morgan's chances replied simply: "Haha". And a senior Tory backbencher says:

"I think it is premature and displays a lack of judgment with respect to timing. An unwelcome distraction from the conference."

NiMo 2020 off to a good start then...

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3 Journalists Spat At Outside Tory Conference


3 Journalists Spat At Outside Tory Conference
by WikiGuido

Jeremy Corbyn's "kinder, gentler politics" is going well at the anti-austerity protest outside Tory conference. Here is the Huffington Post's Owen Bennett:

Reporter @owenjbennett just been spat on. We're now backed into corner by angry protesters shouting he deserved it pic.twitter.com/0xasC65yF4

— Kate McCann (@KateEMcCann) October 4, 2015

Michael Crick's barnet has been ruined:

Anarchists shout "Tory scum" at us as we enter Conservative conference, and I was spat at pic.twitter.com/VrjIbaRapv

— Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick) October 4, 2015

As was LBC man Theo Usherwood's suit:

Classy. pic.twitter.com/kWyfZwZY5A

— Theo Usherwood (@theousherwood) October 4, 2015

While this young delegate was egged:

The "protest" is being organised by the People's Assembly, with Corbyn himself set to address them tomorrow. Will he condemn his gobby supporters? Guido will be donning chemcial protective clothing when he turns up tomorrow at this rate...

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Protester ‘Threatened to Rape’ Woman Outside Tory Conference


Corbyn's thugs out in force, spitting on people in the street and threatening rape

Protester ‘Threatened to Rape’ Woman Outside Tory Conference
by WikiGuido

A 21 year old woman attending Tory conference says that an anti-austerity protester threatened to rape her as she waited for a taxi outside the secure zone. The woman, a young Tory student who has asked Guido not to name her, tweeted from her private account:

"Been outside the secure zone an hour and been threatened 3 separate times for walking down a road. Had to get a taxi 5 minutes up because some guy was threatening to rape me."

Speaking to Guido on condition of anonymity, the woman said:

"I was on Oxford Road, I'd been at an event in the Palace Hotel. I was waiting for a taxi. He came up to me, barked in my face (don't know why) I told him to get f**ked, he continued to stare at me and lick his lips/make actions and said "I'll shag you" and then walked up the road backwards staring at me and continuing to bark. He just looked a bit scruffy and he barked at me (no idea why) and then was making threatening sounds and actions. I'm 21, 5 foot 3. As you can imagine: scared. There are others who feel threatened. The girl who I'm sharing a room with ran home in tears because she felt that threatened walking home."

"A kinder politics..."

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Robert Peston to Join ITV and Rival Andrew Marr


Robert Peston to Join ITV and Rival Andrew Marr
by WikiGuido

The Peston job saga carried on for longer than it takes for him to finish a sentence, but he has at last made his decision. According to Media Guardian, Peston will become ITV political editor and will also "host a new Sunday morning chatshow". He's off...

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Why Don’t You Just Join the Tories…


Why Don’t You Just Join the Tories…
by Guido Fawkes

Andrew Adonis has left the Labour Party...



Good riddance Lord Adonis. Another red Tory

— Justin Clapham (@JustinClapham) October 4, 2015


Andrew Adonis is a disgusting Tory bastard. One down, lots more to go. Pat McFadden will be going any day now.. Good riddance to bad rubbish

— Tom Delargy (@derekrootboy) October 4, 2015

Lord Adonis is a disappointment in many ways, from being a closet Tory to him looking like he's as strong as a can of piss

— I'm Atticus (@windlerob) October 4, 2015

So another Red Tory finds his rightful home with the Tory Party. Hopefully more will join Lord Adonis #LabourResignation

— Earindil (@Earindill) October 4, 2015

Lord Adonis: Tory Scum or just Red Tory traitor scum?

— AAEmmerson (@Gigantasaur) October 4, 2015

Suspect he won't be the last...

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Corbyn asks supporters with AIDS not to spit


Corbyn to ask his supporters with AIDS not to spit at people in the street near the Tory conference and not to threaten rape.



Corbyn's supporters in the area outside the Tory conference have been reported as spitting on anyone in a suit in the streets around the Tory conference. It is not known if journalists spat on have been tested for AIDS or if they have tested positive.

Supporters have also threatened women near the conference with rape.

Corbyn apparently feels this behavior may not be in keeping with his claims for 'gentle, kinder and sensitive' politics. It seems he may not be against spitting by supporters who are free of infections.

The obvious question is why the police have failed to take action against Corbyn's supporters.

The other question is whether the Tories may withdraw their advice to delegates not to wear Tory passes in the street, in the interests in saving passers by from infection and rape.