Those Ukip Bastards


Outrage at a fully costed, comprehensive and independently audited manifesto

The Westminster Village, corrupt politicians and journalists, responded with fury to the Ukip Manifesto for not following the tradition of making promises that will never be kept and lying to the voters - That really was unsporting!!!!

The Westminster Village has become so accustomed to election manifestos that are riddled with lies, uncosted wild promises that will never be kept, that the Village was left in turmoil when the Ukip Manifesto was presented.

What really stumped them was that Ukip presented a common sense and honest comprehensive suite of policies. To really confuse the Westminster Village, the manifesto was accompanied by an independent audit that confirmed the manifesto was honest, accurate and fully costed.

This is probably the first manifesto in living memory that actually tells the truth and pulls no punches.

Merde!!! even the Brussels Broadcasting Company was lost for words - but a further injection of Brussels propaganda cash will probably fix that.


UK broadcasters must embrace smart advertising to compete with digital revolution

BBC logo

End the Brussels Broadcasting Company tax on viewers

Digital boost sees UK ad spend rise 5.4 per cent in 2015, 60 per cent faster than in US and Western Europe

London, 17th April, 2015 – Digital platforms are set to account for half of all UK advertising spend this year as “second screening” through smartphones and tablets dominates shopping habits, but with £3.8bn still being spent on broadcast, advertisers must embrace new smart advertising technology to remain relevant.

The latest Advertising Forecast from research group Strategy Analytics predicts that nearly £8bn will be spent on digital advertising this year.[1] The UK is now on track to become the first among 25 countries monitored by Strategy Analytics where spending on digital advertising surpasses all other traditional formats combined, marking an increase of 9.5 per cent, compared with 1.6 per cent for traditional advertising.

Despite the focus on digital, total TV advertising revenue in the UK increased by six per cent[2] in 2014, reaching a new record after five consecutive years of growth. TV advertising spend is also set to grow again in 2015 by 5.5 per cent.

As more shoppers turn to digital devices for shopping and spend their time constantly plugged in, it is time for broadcasters to engage these consumers with smart advertising technology before they become left behind by the digital world. Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, believes that smart advertising is crucial when trying to engage customers today.

He said: “Smart advertising is the key to broadcasters avoiding obsolescence, enabling viewers to immediately interact with adverts in real time directly, unlocking rich customer engagement opportunities as the ad is playing, rather than leaving it to chance that they will remember later.

“Brands are flocking to digital advertising because it offers a level of interaction and accountability not seen in other more passive mediums. Broadcast has long guaranteed a huge mass audience, but businesses are effectively walking in the dark, with only the loose correlation of viewing figures and sales uplift to go by when judging ROI.”

To meet this need, Powa Technologies’ acclaimed mobile commerce platform PowaTag enables brands to transform advertising in any medium into an instant transaction point that can be engaged through a smartphone. Users can scan the screen or simply hold their phones up to recognise specialised audio tags, allowing them to instantly complete anything from purchases and donations to entering competitions and requesting product information.

Television is still the biggest advertising sector globally and this year the UK will spend around £3.8bn (almost a quarter) on television ads, compared to £2.5bn on print, £910m on outdoor and £492m on radio. Cinema is the second fastest growing ad format in the UK, but only accounts for one per cent of the total market. Digital ad growth will be driven predominately by mobile (23 per cent), social media and video (both 18 per cent).


The total UK advertising market is expected to grow by 5.5 per cent to £15.8bn, almost two-thirds faster than in the US and the rest of Western Europe.

With UK smartphone penetration at 62 per cent[3], the majority of viewers will now have a smart device close at hand providing the ideal opportunity for retailers to actively connect with them through broadcast. By taking this opportunity to engage with consumers, retailers would be able crack a whole new audience and revenue.

Dan adds: “Brands are no longer willing to spend millions of dollars on advertising campaigns if they are unable to effectively measure the results. By creating interactive smart ads, broadcasters will be able to combine their huge reach with the visibility of digital campaigns, enabling the medium to retain its spot as the leading platform.”


About PowaTag

The retail landscape has been transformed forever with the world launch of PowaTag, the revolutionary new retail enablement service from Powa Technologies. Over 1,200 worldwide brands including Universal Music and Carrefour have also signed up for PowaTag in recent months. Here are some main benefits of the solution:

PowaTag turns impulse into purchase, finally eliminating the wait that leads to incomplete transactions
Offline environments and printed materials become online shopping environments – even if the shop is closed
Print, poster and broadcast advertising become accountable sales vehicles, enabling advertisers to measure ROI in real terms
Infomercials and other broadcast media are transformed with AudioTag, including events such as football games and concerts
No add-ons required – it uses the eyes, ears and other sensors now shipped as standard on smartphones
Enables existing payment solutions rather than replacing them
Eliminates the need for the consumer to key in sensitive data every time they buy
No credit card data stored on the device – all held in the cloud with PCI Level 1 Certification
Transforms the in-store experiences through close proximity beacon intelligence, which can customise down to inches and by customer.


PowaTag In Action -

Confirmed: Desmond Gives a Million to UKIP


Confirmed: Desmond Gives a Million to UKIP
by WikiGuido

As Guido reported earlier, and the Express have now confirmed in an 'exclusive', Richard Desmond has opened his chequebook and donated a million pounds to UKIP. He says:

"I firmly believe in Ukip. It's a party for good, ordinary British people. It is not run by elitists. They are struggling to have a voice. They do not have a massive party machine or highly paid public relations people. They are human; they are not perfect and they do not pretend to be. But what they believe in is the best for the British people. They are the sort of people who will stand up for people who are struggling.

I don't believe Cameron has delivered on his promises. I don't want to be a member of a club. As Groucho Marx said, I don't want to join any club that would have me as a member. I always have challenged the establishment and I want to continue to challenge it. I'm giving this money because I Emerson, Lake and Palmer might put it... Ukip's political outlook is a 'fanare for the common man. I want to back our customers, Daily Express readers, who believe in many of Ukip's common-sense policies on the EU and immigration and taxation. That is why I am putting my hand in my pocket; it is for my customers, my readers. I hope by doing this, it will encourage more people to do the same.

I want them to stand up like me and be counted. I believe there are still people out there who are frightened to stand up for something new and I hope they will follow my example."

You read it here first...
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Election Manifesto – Con faction of the LibLabCon Party


Quisling-in-Chief 'Chicken Dave' Cameron

The Con Faction Manifesto for the May 2015 General Election is a curious collection of what 'Chicken Dave' thought was going to be in the Ukip Manifesto, behind a central claim that only 'Chicken Dave' could deliver an EU referendum. It didn't take much looking to spot the lies and deceptions.

The manifesto warms up all the cast iron promises made in 2010 and very quickly dropped in Government. It also includes what the Cons thought Ukip was going to include in their manifesto. On the Con track record all of these promises can be disregarded because there is no firm intention to implement any of them if 'Chicken Dave' manages to cling on as Prime Minister.

The central part of the manifesto concerns the 'Chicken Dave' hope for dealing with Europe and it is an incredible deceit.

Everyone in Brussels has told him many times that there will be no renegotiation of the Treaty before 2017 but 'Chicken Dave' continues to declare that he will renegotiate British Membership terms and provide a referendum on his negotiations in 2017. By 2017, the European Commission will be able to cancel the result of any referendum they don't like, so making the referendum a pointless exercise.

AND THEN THE GOOD NEWS: British voters are guaranteed a referendum in May 2015 because a vote for Ukip is a vote to leave the millstone that is the EUSSR and rebuild Britain - Believe In Britain

Election Manifestos – Liberal Democrat Faction of the LibLabCon Party


LibDems the natural Traitors-in-Government

'Calamity' Clegg launched the LibDem manifesto by demanding more power at the May 2015 General Election. As he made his demand the power to his microphone failed and later the mains power for lights and equipment. In ancient times this would have been seen as a bad omen and 'Saint' Vince Cable would have eviscerated 'Calamity' to examine his entrails for further portends.

The manifesto is an interesting selection of lies and half truths but the basic message is that only a Con or Lab faction of the LibLabCon Party can form a Government and only the Lib faction can give the Con faction heart or the Lab faction a brain.

The subtext is: Calamity and his mates have enjoyed the trappings of power so much they now think they have a divine right to being part of any Government.

The consequence of the Lib position is that every cast iron 'Cledge' contained in the manifesto is negotiable with who ever looks like they could form a coalition Government. As in 2010, the Lib faction is happy to drop any and every Cledge made in their Election Manifesto.

Message to the Voters - vote for us and we will have a good time for another five years and the expenses and pay are great

Count down to May 7th – Last Day to Save Britain from extinction


The May General Election is the last day to save Britain from extinction. Quisling 'Chicken Dave' Cameron, and the other LibLabCon Party factions, hope the voters don't notice that 2017 marks the introduction of a European Commission power to cancel any referendum they don't like. It also marks the start of 'negotiations' to introduce the division of Europe into a series of new Republics to replace Member States. So far the EC has only published the boundaries for the first of these Republics (considered to be the awkward countries to be extinguished first). By 2017 the full plan will be published and the largest Republic will be Greater Germany, to include most of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Poland. Vichy Republic is expected to comprise Central Spain to the border with Atlantic Region, Central and Southern France with those parts of Belgium and the Netherlands not included in the North Sea Republic.

Greater Germany is expected to errect statues to the architect of Greater Germany and the European Union, Adolph Hitler.

Chicken Dave was right - Its a Stark Choice, Vote for the quisling Parties or vote for Britain and Ukip.

BHF urges Supreme Court to get tough on UK air pollution

smog1 1878381c

The British Heart Foundation says Supreme Court judges must force the UK Government to speed up drastically its plans to improve UK air quality in order to protect the nation’s hearts from the adverse effects of air pollution.

The UK Government was found guilty of breaching EU nitrogen dioxide limits in 16 different cities and regions, sparking a four-year battle in UK and EU courts to bring standards into line.

People with heart conditions are vulnerable to air pollution as it can make existing conditions worse and increase the risk of a heart attack. Recent BHF-funded research from the University of Edinburgh, published last month, has also shown exposure to air pollution increases the risk of hospitalisation or death from stroke.

Estimates show the Government’s current plans to cut nitrogen dioxide emissions would not meet legal limits in some areas until after 2030 – 20 years after the original 2010 targets were supposed to be met.

Last year, the European Court of Justice decreed the UK must comply with EU regulations in the shortest time possible.

In a final hearing today, Supreme Court judges were asked to echo that ruling and order the UK Government to publish an action plan to improve air quality in these regions.

The Supreme Court will make its final judgment in the next few months.

Mike Hobday, Director of Policy at the British Heart Foundation, said: “For four long years vulnerable heart patients have been exposed to illegally high levels of air pollution because the UK Government has failed to clean up the nation’s dirty air.

“It’s vital the Supreme Court finally holds the Government to account and orders them to act swiftly to ensure that the air we breathe is safe and does not do any further undue harm to our hearts.”

When is a McPledge really a McCledge?


Sturgeon still lying through her teeth

When it appears in a Scottish Nazi Party Manifesto

The basic 'pledge' of the Scottish Nazi Party is that it will deliver 'independence' for Scotland.

This is a CLEDGE.

The SNP are fully signed up to membership of the EUSSR.

That means that real power is not in Scotland but in Brussels, until the next stage of restructuring takes place.

That means that before 2020, Scotland will be dismembered and the three parts distributed to new Republics that will have their capitals outside Scotland and report to the unelected European Commissars in Brussels.


There is no mystery about this policy of destroying national identity. The Commissars have published public domain documents explaining exactly how they intend to destroy the identity of every European country and expand the EUSSR borders to include countries that have already rejected EUSSR membership.

When is a Pledge really a Cledge?


When its a 'pledge' in a LibLabCom Manifesto.

The only real contribution made in 5 years by Calamity Clegg was to introduce a new word for gross deceit into the English Language

The three factions are fully committed to maintaining British subservience to the European Commission of the EUSSR.

That means that more than three quarters of all laws are either directly imposed by Brussels or rubber stamped by an emasculated Westminster Parliament.

That means that British MPs have absolutely no power to write laws that defy Brussels.

That means that all the LibLabCon cast iron pledges are really CLEDGES and therefore a total falsehood.

UKIP’s Manifesto: Believe In Britain

This morning, UKIP launched our manifesto for this General Election.

It's a manifesto entitled "Believe in Britain" and we have made clear today that we are the only party that truly believes in the British people.

I'd like to congratulate Suzanne Evans and her team for putting together these common sense policies that will lead to a low tax revolution in this country.

What's clear after today is that UKIP is the only party of controlling immigration, defence, low taxes, individual freedoms, political reform, our NHS, and the hard working men and women all across this country.

You can find the manifesto by clicking here.

UKIP Manifesto

Please donate to help us get more MPs into the House of Commons, and to help us get our policies onto the next government's agenda.

Thank you,

Nigel Farage
UKIP leader