NHS – Myth or Monster?

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As the LibLabCon Party factions scramble to promise huge additional funding for the NHS and as each tries to claim a special relationship with the NHS, is it time to ask some hard questions?



The work that pre-dated the politicians produced a medical service that included charitable services and mutual health societies. Without that base, the NHS could not have come into being. For this contributions, the politicians can claim no credit, and dues are to those in the health care industry for seeking to extend reliable health care to all sectors of the population.

Mutual Health Societies offered more than the NHS was to offer and it may be that a very promising and efficient health service was cut short by politicians meddling and creating a hybrid nationalized industry.

The Lab faction of the LibLabCon Party introduced the NHS because it was in Government. The work to prepare for a National Health Service, free at the point of delivery, was carried out by a cross section of politicians and those working in the health care industry. It can be argued that the introduction was botched by the Lab faction. Bevin, as the responsible Minister, boasted that he had crammed doctors mouths with gold - hardly a reliable method of creating a national health service and demonstrating a weakness that was to appear again during the corrupt Blair/Brown Regime when doctors were paid more to deliver less and widespread privatisation was to make health care less accessible, more expensive, and to almost completely privatise dental health care to the point where thousands are now unable to find even a private dentist and few can afford the cost of private dental care - all this at a time when health care funding is rocketing through the roof, waiting times are extending and thousands of operations are being cancelled because funds have been misused.

It is very difficult not to conclude that the NHS is both a propaganda myth and an operational monster that consumes much and delivers remarkably little.

Under the Blair/Brown Regime, the NHS was put under the control of bureaucrats and spin doctors. Medical facilities and bed spaces were closed across the country to allow concentration in faceless and largely uncaring mega hospitals that ripped off patients and visitors with eye watering parking charges, have created a captive market because so many patients and their visitors had to travel long distances from home to hospital and were not adequately served by public transport.

The concentration of services in a significantly smaller number of facilities has in turn placed a huge additional burden on ambulance services that are crumbing under the weight.

Hospital A&E is placed in enormous pressure because the GP service has become a 9-5 five day week cover and waiting times to see a GP have extended rapidy during the last 15 years.

Treatment is now frequently dictated not by clinical need but by post code funding lottery.

Much of the available NHS resources are now directed away from British natives and away from those who have greatest need.

Trans-gender reassignment and gastric band operations may be important health services, but when they take away from basic essential health care for patients with life-threatening conditions, the priorities may not be fairly set. It is easy to see this as a natural consequence of the 'nanny' State, where successive Governments have sought to increase their control over the population and reduce the need for people to think for themselves. Just because a procedure is possible, does not mean automatically that it should be available as an NHS service. Far too frequently, procedures have been promoted for political rather than medical reasons.

Scandal after scandal has covered the NHS and the politicians answer has been to reduce services and pour huge sums of additional money into the NHS.

Fortunately, police are at last beginning to start investigations into the mass murder of patients under the so called Liverpool Pathway. This bureaucratic device allowed patients to be denied food and water, leaving them to die painfully.

In Lab faction controlled areas, the NHS has provided a scandalous service that has triggered investigation after investigation.

Political interference has resulted in the abandonment of many nurse and doctor training systems, making the NHS dependent on foreign workers who are not even required to demonstrate an adequate level of English to allow reliable communication with eath other and with patients. Today 4 out of 5 nurses are foreign workers brought in to keep the NHS going.

For Britain to give foreign health workers jobs to develop their skills before they return to their home countries and benefit their health services is one thing, but to rob those services of workers just to keep the NHS going is another.

Much money is wasted on compensation for patients who have suffered from mistakes and neglect while receiving treatment. As most of these terrible problems could have been avoided by good governance and competent health workers, this is a further betrayal by those mis-managing the NHS, and is money that is no longer available for the improvement of health care.

There are so many failures every day, many costing lives, that incompetence and political manipulation is endemic and the NHS has become a monster in urgent need of reform.

The final conclusion is that none of the LibLabCon Party factions can be trusted with the NHS.

The only political party to offer positive solutions and a commitment to the deliver of services free at the point of delivery is Ukip. That is exemplary for Ukip and may be a major reason for voting Ukip in 2015, but it is a terrible failure by the factions of the LibLabCon Party and should be a source of deep regret rather than a reason for boastful and false propaganda by those factions.


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Retail theft this year could end up costing the UK Economy over £1 billion pounds*

The Christmas period usually sees very little crime, with one great exception – the retail industry. Since the recession in 2008, the holiday free-for-all has become considerably worse and the increased footfall during the festive season is a double edged sword for UK retailers. An influx of customers not only causes sales to skyrocket, but it also leads to overcrowded shop floors, which provides the perfect cover for shop lifters.




Shoplifting is often considered a victimless crime; however research shows this isn’t the case. The economic effects of shoplifting during the Christmas period are massive, with thieves stealing an average of £37.04 per family. In addition to these costs, the staff who work in shops and stores who are threatened or subject to physical violence when faced with thieves can have dire psychological effects.


The majority of retailers will face some form of security threat over Christmas, but it’s the large department stores that are targeted the most. This is due to the products most commonly found on the thieves’ wish list, items such as tablets, game consoles, perfume, women's clothing and jewellery being located larger stores. This doesn’t mean smaller shops shouldn't watch out, thieves often approach small vulnerable retailers, typically targeted because they stock alcohol, Christmas decorations and food.


Commenting Mr. John Roddy, Chief Executive, The Shield Group, the UK's largest independent Total Security Solutions company said, “Dramatic increases in shoppers creates the potential for serious problems. There are also some consumers who get a thrill out of stealing; they typically pocket a ‘free’ gift during an otherwise legitimate shopping trip. However, traditional criminals also get in on the act as shops become so packed that it becomes much harder for security to be aware of issues. Add into this mix a thriving black market, the lure of financial gain is potentially all it takes to motivate the criminally inclined.”


But the threats to retailers are not just external. During this time of year figures consistently show an increase in employee theft. This type of theft alone cost the UK economy over £300m in 2013. This can be pinpointed down to the fact temporary staff are often employed over the Christmas period. Research conducted by First Advantaged shows that significantly more inaccuracies can be found in the CV’s of seasonal workers compared to that of permanent workers. Nearly half of education verifications on seasonal workers uncover discrepancies, while a third of employment history verifications turn up inaccuracies and discrepancies.


According to Mr. John Roddy the solution to this issue lies with retail owners, “Security should be every shop owner’s number one priority, not only to ensure that nothing is stolen, but also to guarantee the safety of the customers and staff. By implementing the appropriate security measures and reviewing the temporary staff that are being employed there should be no reason that crime should ruin the Christmas holidays”.

You won’t believe this…

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It is almost Christmas: a time for caring, reflection, and forgiveness. I appreciate therefore that now is probably not the best time to be talking to you about party politics, but before we take some time off with our families and loved ones this year, I have a very quick update for you.



You may have noticed that sadly, the spirit of goodwill has not permeated the Conservative Party, which says it is now suing me and my election agent for around £3,000, which they apparently spent on general election campaign leaflets before I resigned my seat in parliament to seek the people’s verdict in a by-election.

And while the voters opted for UKIP, the Tories still don’t want to accept that.

This legal action, therefore, is a slap in the face for the people of Rochester and Strood who elected me as their MP. It’s a slap in the face for democracy. They lost, and they’re sour about it. And now they’re using nasty party tactics to try to drag me to court and hurt us in the pocket.

So today, I’m asking for your help to deal with the legal action.

On November 20th, you helped me establish a 7.3% majority over the Tories. Would you be willing to express your support for us and the voters of Rochester and Strood, by giving just £7.30 to help me deal with this sour grapes legal challenge?

If there is anything left over after dealing with this, then we will put it into our fighting fund for us to hold Rochester and Strood at the General Election.


Thank you for your continued support, and Merry Christmas.

Mark Reckless

Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood (UKIP)

P.S. The fact that the Tories are bickering over £3,000 when we all know they may have a £78m election war chest put together by their secretive clubs, and dodgy donors shows that this is just another cynical attack on democracy, on UKIP, and on the British people. It’s time for us to stand up and fight back, don’t you think?

All Bets Are Off for 2015

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Nigel Farage, Leader UK Indepence Party, has every reason to laugh all the way to the polls

The performance of Ukip in two first-past-the-post Westminster by-elections, with massive swings to Ukip, mean that all bets are off for the British 2015 General Election.



When we prepared to track the progress towards the 2015 polls, it was becoming clear that our predictions from more than three years ago were being proved. Back then, BSD speculated that Ukip would not only begin to build support towards winning its first seats at Westminster, but would also begin drawing support from across the old political spectrum.

We intended to comment on the 2014 Party Conferences but that seemed lame when compared with the incredible success that Ukip was achieving. Instead, we decided to look first at what Ukip was doing to turn British politics inside out.

Prior to the oustanding Ukip results at the European Parliamentary elections the LibLabCon Party had been comforting itself with the belief that if it ignored Ukip, Farage and his supporters would quietly die away. They reasoned that Ukip had very few local councillors and no MPs, even if they had come a close second to the Con faction of the LibLabCon Party at the previous European elections, proving that they might win seats under proportional representation but never under first-past-the-post which was an electoral system intended for a two-Party system of Government at Local and National levels.

Even the shock of Ukip becoming the largest British Party in the latest European Parliamentary elections did not shake this belief. Cameron and Milliband both believed that all they had to do was indulge in negative campaigning, dismissing Ukip as a "spent" force, a Party of absolutely no account.

Even the successes of Ukip in Local Government elections and by-elections under the first-past-the-post voting was ignored as a "protest vote". Labour rejoice in the belief that Ukip could foul Con faction seats in 2015, giving the Lab faction control in a new Government, and LibDem faction confidently looked forward to another treacherous five years in coalition with a new partner.

When Carswell defected from the Con faction to Ukip, he did the honourable thing and resigned as an MP to stand at a by-election under Ukip colours. The Con faction derided his chances and confidently expected the Clacton voters to vote for whatever monkey stood for the Con faction. When it came to polling day, the voters not only returned Carswell as Ukip's first elected MP at Westminster, but they did it with a massive swing that saw Carswell elected with a bigger majority than he managed previously as a Con faction candidate for Clacton. All three factions of the LibLabCon Party were not only beaten but humiliated and it was richly deserved for their consistent mismanagement of the British economy and interests.

When Mark Reckless decided to defect and resign to force a by-election, the LibLabCon Party were delighted. They believed that he would be resoundingly defeated and they could claim Ukip dead in the water, How wrong they were.

Cameron swore that the Con faction would win the by-election and ordered all Con faction MPs to visit the constituency at least three times, making five visits himself. The constituency was flooded with Con faction MPs, Ministers and activists from across Britain. Cameron promised to throw the kitchen sink at it and make winning his primary goal and mark of his supremacy in British politics. The Lab and Lib factions also flooded their people into the constituency and all three factions demonstrated their sense of entitlement and low opinion of the voters in Rochester. Ukip kept calm and carried on visiting voters, listening to them and presenting their policies. Even so, the consituency was 271 on a list of seats that might be friendly to Ukip, a list prepared when Ukip hoped 2015 might give them one to five Westminster seats.

As the world now knows, the LibLabCon Party was once more humiliated when Reckless achieved a 42% swing to carry the seat with almost 3,000 majority. Coming a strong second would have been a major achievement in this Goliath and David contest where Ukip was massively outspent by the LibLabCon Party, possibly breaking the election rules on the amount of money that could be spent by any Party, and massively outnumbered as LibLabCon supporters were press ganged from all over the country. To win by a handfull of votes would have been enormously impressive against that apparently overwhelming combined force. To win with a swing of 42% was incredible.

What this all means for 2015 is still very hard to predict.

Ukip is steadily polling in opinion polls at 18% were the polls do not prompt for Ukip. Where there are polls that equally prompt, Ukip is now showing 25% and rapidly closing on the Lab and Con factions of the LibLabCom Party and with the Lib faction flatlining. If the opinion polls were proved correct, this would give Ukip at least 40 seats in 2015. Not enough to form even a minoity Government, but enough to be a possible power broker in the formation of a minority Government around either the Lab or Con factions. However, there are constituencies where Ukip is showing support close to 50% and some comentators are suggesting that this could now mean that Ukip will win more than 50 seats. It is very difficult to predict on this basis because of the rotten boroughs that slavishly return LibLabCon MPs and particularly favour the Lab faction.

The more exciting prospects are shown by the two Westminster by-election results and these have also been mirrored in a succession of Local Government wins under the same first-past-the-post voting system. Taking the Rochester result, Ukip could potentially win more than 271 seats, assuming that the ranking system was accurate, because that was 271 on the most likely win list. The alternative would be to look at the % swing figures and these suggest that Ukip would not just be the largest Party as they currently are in the European Parliament for Britain, but that they would command an outright working majority in 2015 and would therefore form the next Government without the need to rely on allies in coalition or as a minority Government with supply and confidence support from Allies. Just a year ago these possibilities would have been incredible and totally unrealistic. Today they look at least possible. By Spring 2015, they may well look probable.

So given the rapid and continuing rise of Ukip it raises the question of why voters are flocking to a new political Party that has previously only held seats in the European Parliament.

It is appearing increasingly to be the result of voters waking up to the apalling performance of the LibLabCon Party, its great dishonesty and criminality, and its staggering sense of entitlement and disregard of the voters as "little people" of no account. It is much like the tale of the Emperor's clothes where you can fool all the people, all of the time, for a period, until one observant individual points out that the Emperor is naked. Today, one scandal has followed another as LibLabCon MPs have been found guilty of fraud and theft on a massive scale, to the point of it being behaviour that is endemic. When the expenses scandal broke, the first actions of the LibLabCon Party was to try changing the rules so that their criminality was permitted. Sexual harrassment was the next big scandal, to be followed by paedofile abuse and rape, and now with the allegations of MPs committing murder during abuse of children. The nation was deeply shocked and recovery from those scandals is unlikely to be fast. What the voters needed was an alternative Party that could form a Government or act as a control on a minority or coalition Government.

Historically, the LibLabCon factions have tried to frighten the voters by claiming that any alternative would be worse than a wasted vote, letting in an unwanted LibLabCon faction Government. The problem with that claim is two fold. First, the recent by-elections show that voters who vote for Ukip will get Ukip and that there are very few consituencies, including the Northern and Scottish rotten boroughs, that could expect to be imune to Ukip attentions. Secondly, voters are coming to understand that any tribal instincts they might feel of any of the LibLabCon factios are based on the long dead traditions of the original Parties that have fallen under the control of a bunch of college kids from spoilt rich kid backgrounds. Today the three factions of the LibLabCon have almost identical policies which place the MPs and activists interests first, far ahead of the voters' interests. To give any of the three sufficient support to form a majority Government would see only a change of management and possibly changes in the rhetoric and propaganda. The policies would be to increase subserviance to Brussles and the unelected European Commission with its crazy laws and micro-management, The reason for this support can only be that the EUSSR is the only way in which the LibLabCon Party can continue to ignore the voters and feather the nests of its elite supporters in its management cadre.

The most exciting part of Ukip's development is that it is offering a completely new political force that believes first in small government and indepenence from Germany and the European Commission. It is not about Left, or Right, or Centre, but about right and wrong . Potentially, this should ensure a majority Ukip Government because voters across the old political spectrum have always shared some hopes and fears, preferring a packaged Party solution, but not subscribing to the ideology of Left or Right. Most people are decent, non-confrontational, fair-minded, wanting to live quietly and have the freedom and responsibility to think for themselves and take their own decisions. The British characteristics do not include a burning desire for a nanny state that wants to think for them, tax them ruthlessly, decide what "rights" might be temporarily lent to them or taken away on a whim. The voters also do not like being lied to, to be robbed, or to see the wealth they create being syphoned off into the pockets of the "political elite".

Rattled Russian Nazi Resorts to Rhetoric


Rattled Russian Nazi Leader Putin faces Russian economy in melt-down as sanctions begin to bite with more damage yet to emerge and more sanctions in prospect




Nazi Leader Putin is left with nothing but rhetoric as the currency turns to rubble and Russia heads towards its next debt default.

Having made statements that Russia will ride out the problems with ease and rule the world, Putin is having to admit to those disasters he cannot hide. Russians have yet to understand just how much worse the real situation is.

Russian troops are again massing on the Ukraine border as Putin contemplates full scale invasion to divert domestic Russian appreciation of the economic disaster unfolding.

This is likely to encourage NATO to prepare to resist Russian Nazi aggression and for the world to look to more sanctions.

In the meantime, Russians flock to spend their last money on goods to beat the rampant inflation.

It’s time to get ready


There’s no denying it. We’ve got a big year ahead of us.



With fights over Obamacare, government spending, the IRS, amnesty - not to mention the upcoming presidential primaries - we’re going to need all hands on deck to defend liberty and our constitutional values.

That’s why our financial team has told us that we must find 500 new members of the Tea Party Patriots First Brigade by the end of this month - and why we urge YOU to become one of them right now by making your monthly commitment of $10, $25, $35, or more.

Honestly, this is a lofty goal. It won’t be easy to find 500 new First Brigade members in just a few weeks’ time.

But if we don’t hit this benchmark, we’ll have to cut back our plans for 2015 - and that is just not an option.

Please help us reach this important goal and head into 2015 with a full head of steam. Just click here to make your commitment to the First Brigade right now.

The First Brigade’s sustained monthly financial support enables us to focus all of our energy on the urgent projects and needs of our nationwide movement, while budgeting for the long-term, rather than weeks or months at a time.

And membership has its privileges.

First Brigade members get special access to an exclusive weekly newsletter, unique volunteer opportunities, and first alerts on breaking Tea Party news.

The bottom line? The First Brigade is absolutely critical to the success of our movement, which is why we need you to become a member today. Please, click here to make your generous monthly commitment of $10 or more right now.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

For Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Book Review – Scottish Steam, a Celebration


Steam railways and scenic photography in full colour are two of the most popular book contents. This book combines a carefully researched review of the contribution of Scottish rail to the opening up of Great Britain with some stunning scenic shots of rail in Scotland. That should ensure the popularity of the book and add to the pool of knowledge about the development of rail and its importance to the economic development of Great Britain.

There is not much more than need be said in review. The author is widely published and acknowledged as one of the specialists in rail transport. The book demonstrates his passion and vast knowledge of the subject. No rail enthusiast will wish to be without a copy of this excellent book, but the readership may be significantly wider because of the elements of social and technical importance, and the outstanding photography.






CRomnibus Fight Not Over Yet


Just when you may have thought the fight over the CRomnibus was over, Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Jeff Sessions are doing their best to hold their colleagues accountable in the Senate.



We strongly support their efforts as they fight to ensure that the Congress does not appropriate funds for an unlawful, unconstitutional order. We urge their colleagues to join them in that fight. This is not a fight about amnesty; this is a fight over whether or not America will remain a Constitutional Republic.

Please find your Senators on Facebook and Twitter and express your support for Sens. Cruz, Lee, and Sessions and their fight for liberty this weekend. Please be prepared to make phone calls to the Senate first thing Monday morning.

Now, we’d like to explain something about the vote in the House of Representatives this past week.

Thursday night the House of Representatives voted to approve a massive spending bill, informally known as the "CRomnibus" (a combination of CR, or continuing resolution, and an omnibus bill). The 1600-page bill was released late on Tuesday night. Just as we saw in 2010 with Obamacare, the House chose to vote on a bill before reading it or giving the American public time to understand what exactly the bill says.

The Tea Party Patriots support team members have been reading the bill for the past few days and we have learned just how awful this bloated spending bill really is. Among the information we have learned:

The bill fully funds President Obama's illegal executive amnesty;
The bill contains $1.1 trillion dollars of spending;
The bill gives every federal employee a raise. That means that even the IRS employees who colluded to target tea party conservatives will receive a raise.
The bill contains numerous crony deals, built-in bailouts, and payoffs to Wall Street, and large corporations;
The bill continues to fund Obamacare.

For these reasons, and for many other reasons, Tea Party Patriots opposed the bill. We have worked this week to educate our supporters and to encourage grassroots activism to voice our collective disappointment and frustration about this massive spending bill.

As with many of the votes we care about, the CRomnibus vote consisted of two key votes: the first vote - "a rules vote" - was a procedural vote to advance the bill to the floor, and the second vote was the actual vote on the entire spending bill. We considered both votes to be important and indicators of a Member's commitment to cut spending and adhere to the rule of law.

Why is the vote on the “rule” as important as the vote on the underlying legislation? Because for far too long, far too many Members of Congress have played tricks on their constituents by gaming the process.

No bill can go to the floor of the House of Representatives without a “rule” to govern the debate over the bill. Simply put, it’s a choke point. No rule means no debate, and no debate means no vote on final passage. Defeating (sometimes called “taking down”) the rule forces the Leadership to go back to the drawing board and try again – at which point they are usually required to make changes to a bill.

So if you’re really, really opposed to a piece of legislation, so opposed you don’t even want it to see floor action, you vote against the “rule.”

As a matter of course, votes on rules are considered “Leadership Votes” – that is, the party leaders are counting on their fellow partisans to vote straight down the party line, without objection. Challenging the leadership on a rule can be a dangerous thing to do – often, leadership will punish Members who vote against rules too many times, or who vote against rules on legislation the leadership deems very important. So standing up to the party leadership on a rules vote requires real political courage.

Sometimes, Members want to help advance legislation without leaving their fingerprints on it. That is, they know that for political reasons, they need to be able to tell their constituents they voted for (or against) a particular bill, even though that vote puts them on the other side of the issue from the leadership. In cases like that, they can go to the leadership and say, “Look, fellas, I need a free pass to vote against this one on final passage. But that’s okay, you’ve got more than enough votes on this one, it’ll pass without my vote. And, of course, I’ll vote for the rule.”

So, knowing there would be scores of Democratic votes for the gargantuan spending bill on Thursday night, dozens of our allies felt free to vote against the spending bill on final passage. And they’re getting credit today for standing up on principle. And they should.

But there’s a difference between standing up on principle, and fighting. Standing up on principle is nice, and we wish more Members of Congress would do it. But it’s not fighting. Fighting is what we needed on Thursday.

So make no mistake – almost all of the Republicans who voted against the bill on final passage first voted to allow the bill to come to the floor under a rule that wouldn’t even allow them the chance to vote on an amendment that would have stricken the funding for the President’s executive amnesty. In fact, only 16 Republicans voted against the rule, and as a consequence, it passed by only the slimmest of margins – 214-212. If three more Republicans had been willing to fight, we could have forced the leadership to pull the bill off the floor and strengthen it – possibly even by adding language blocking funding of the President’s executive amnesty.

Since Thursday night, we have heard from several Congressional offices, as well as from many of you who have been in touch with your Representatives. We are hearing that many of them would like to be praised for voting NO on final passage, but they would prefer that we ignore their initial vote on the procedural rules to advance the bill.

With out-of-control spending in Washington, it is unacceptable for Representatives to vote to advance a bill that adds to our debt, expands the welfare state, and bolsters the President's executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. The important vote on Thursday wasn’t the vote on final passage, it was the vote on the rule. It’s just that simple.

Do you remember in the fall of 2013 when Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were leading the charge to defund Obamacare? There was a big deal about a cloture vote that happened in the Senate where Majority Leader Harry Reid needed 60 votes to advance the bill so that he could ultimately pass the bill with a simple majority. It was a procedural vote that paved the way for that bill to pass in the Senate. The rules vote that happened in the House on Thursday was very similar to that. Interestingly enough, most Republicans in the House at the time who were in favor of defunding Obamacare were saying that a vote for cloture was a vote to fund Obamacare. So why wouldn’t a vote for the rule on Thursday – under the same logic – be a vote to fund the President’s executive amnesty? The fact is there were two important votes on Thursday and the vote on the rule was just as important as the vote on final passage. It’s just that simple.

We hope this clarification helps explain why we included certain Representatives on our target list. Our goal was to stop this terrible bill from passing the House and with your efforts we were very close.

We appreciate all that you do for the cause of liberty, and we look forward to your continued feedback!


In liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Dispelling EU Myths

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Since we last wrote to you, a palpable sense of the debate about Britain’s membership of the European Union being pushed to the front of the agenda has been growing. The issues being raised by Get Britain Out are now in everyone’s mouths. The impact of completely open borders to half a billion people in Europe on our public services and housing are finally being acknowledged as a catastrophe of epic proportions. Even if the political classes are shuffling their feet and paying lip service to people’s “legitimate concerns” there is no doubt they now know the Great British Public will not be taken for fools.



As we argued in The Conservative Woman, the fight against the dogma of open borders with the EU is a battle for our national character. This is why an In/Out EU referendum cannot be delayed to fit in with David Cameron’s schedule of political posturing. From both extremes of the political spectrum to everyone in the middle, concerns about housing and our overstretched schools, NHS and transport occupies most people’s minds.

Many are unwilling to admit the real causes for this. They say the State needs to increase taxes to keep up. However, no matter how much taxes are increased, we will always be playing catch-up with population growth unless our borders can be controlled. Under Tony Blair the Labour party refused to put transitional controls on EU countries, without consulting anyone at all, so without the consent of the Great British Public, they imposed a disastrous social experiment on us.

Get Britain Out has been working at break-neck speed to inform the public about how Brussels’ dominance over us has hit hard-working British taxpayers in their lives and in their pockets. To cite just two recent examples of our success, we have exposed how the Common Agricultural Policy forces food prices up for thousands of families, and how the Common Fisheries Policy is devastating Britain’s fishing industry. Remarkably, this is one cause of the “Cost of Living Crisis” Ed Miliband – along with the budget deficit – conveniently forgets to mention.

Whilst on the topic of Ed Miliband’s favourite soundbites, we have also debunked the often-claimed myth the NHS will collapse without open borders with Europe. In our letter published in today’s Daily Telegraph (third letter down) and our recent article in Breitbart, we pointed out our Freedom of Information request placed with the Health and Social Care Information Centre recently, revealed just 4% of NHS workers are EU migrants. So we have now dispelled another myth frequently peddled by the Europhiles and we have published the truth!

Most importantly, in both the Daily Express and Breitbart we dispelled yet another myth! We have finally annihilated Nick Clegg’s claim our economy depends on our exports to the EU. Our own research revealed last year only 36% of British exports went to the other 27 Member States – this is a mere 3% more than goes to the Commonwealth and Anglosphere countries like America and Hong Kong. This is a clear demonstration of the opportunities Britain will have in the global markets once we are freed from the shackles of our EU membership.

Our campaign recommends followers read highly respected economist Profession Tim Congdon’s recent pamphlets if you want to find out more about the issue of the EU: Europe Doesn't Work and the latest edition of The Cost of the EU (see the links below). They are lucid and invaluable sources of facts and analysis about Brussels and the damage it wreaks on this country.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all of our supporters and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Without your continued support, we could not enjoy the success we do. Let us hope 2015 will finally be the year we can vote to Get Britain Out of the EU! Your contributions to our campaign are hugely appreciated. Every penny is spent very carefully. You can donate via this link now….

With our best wishes,
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

P.S. If your friends and colleagues are sympathetic to the cause or need enlightening about the need to Get Britain Out, please forward this email and encourage them to sign up to our campaign. As well as showing their support, they will be keep touch with the latest, in-depth coverage of our campaign. We also have some Get Britain Out leaflets. If you would like to distribute a few around your neighbourhood, please let me know.

Links to our media coverage:

The Conservative Woman: The fight against EU immigration is a fight for our national character
Left Foot Forward: The EU CAP damages developing economies - and ours
The Commentator: Fishy EU goes fishing at Britain's expense
Daily Telegraph: Letter to the Editor
Breitbart: EU migrants make up just four percent of the NHS work force
Daily Express: Myth of importance of EU trade blown apart
The Commentator: More outrageous EU demands
Breitbart: As Commonwealth exports soar, economic case for leaving European Union grows
Breitbart: Letting Turkey into the EU would be a disaster

Recommended Reading:

The Freedom Association: The EU Doesn’t Work, by Professor Tim Congdon
UK Independence Party: How much does the EU cost Britain? (2014 edition), by Professor Tim Congdon

TPP Citizens Fund Report

Dear Patriot,

Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

•   Congratulations to Senator-elect Bill Cassidy of Louisiana! He soundly defeated liberal Mary Landrieu in the runoff election. The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is proud to have helped defeat Landrieu, and we heartily congratulate the grassroots Tea Party volunteers who helped make this victory possible. Republicans will now have 54 votes in the senate in January!

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•   The liberal media is still trying to push the ridiculous line that the Tea Party is bad for the Republican Party. Meanwhile the GOP is once again growing and winning elections, and it’s all thanks to local Tea Party activists like you. Here is a story about CNN’s efforts to undermine our movement: www.newsbusters.org/blogs/jeffrey-meyer/2014/12/07/predictable-cnn-suggests-tea-party-could-destroy-gop

•   Yet another liberal U.S. Senator has stepped forward to admit that passing Obamacare was a huge mistake. First it was New York Senator Chuck Schumer. Now Iowa’s retiring Senator Tom Harkin says the same thing. Here’s the story: http://tinyurl.com/patqta5

That’s all for this week. Keep fighting, and thank you for supporting us!

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Jenny Beth Martin Chairman