Call Congress Now: No to Obama’s Executive Amnesty




This week, the House of Representatives is considering taking action on the President's request for $3.7 billion to deal with the border crisis. We need to urge them to say no to any funding unless they end the President's executive amnesty.

Call the House Switchboard now at 1-888-970-9036 and ask to speak to your Representative. Tell them no border bailout without ending the President's executive amnesty.

This is simply another case of Washington throwing more money at a problem as an attempt to solve it. Let's face it, as long as the President's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is in effect the influx of illegal immigrants will continue. And with the President's commitment to issue some kind of executive amnesty before November, we must tell Congress to say no!

Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Jeff Sessions (AL) are leading the effort to stop the President's plans for executive amnesty and we need to give them back up by flooding the phones in Congress this week.

Call the House Switchboard now at 1-888-970-9036 and tell Congress to say no to any supplemental funding the President is requesting without stopping the President's executive amnesty!

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New Book – The Inspirational Autobiography Of Ganesh Bagchi


The History Of One, Is The History Of All—The Inspirational Autobiography Of Ganesh Bagchi

Recounting a pivotal period in both British and Indian history, and a celebration of coming out on the other side of tragedy.

NATIONWIDE, 28th July, 2014—History has a bad habit of repeating itself, if not to the same extremes—to somewhat similar ones. The only thing that breaks the repetitive cycle, is the insight and knowledge gained by taking an in-depth look at how things got to their extremes. In order to achieve this, one must look at history and events from all angles—and make a conscious effort to actively work towards positive alternatives. This is precisely how, the history of one—becomes the history of all.

In the autobiography publication My Days and Ways by Ganesh Bagchi, readers are allowed a firsthand account of many pivotal moments in both British and Indian History. This includes historical moments such as the nearly forgotten Great Bengal Famine of 1943, the Second World War, the struggle for Indian independence, and the assassination of Gandhi.

“All of the historical events above played a large role in shaping the circumstances of author Bagchi’s life—but these events did not take away his inner strength and courage. For many these events lead to ruin, but were the catalyst for Bagchi to forgive, overcome, and create lasting positive change.”

The trials and tribulations of Bagchi did not keep him from living his life to the fullest. He met and married his wife, and became a proud graduate of a prestigious University. Aside from his autobiography, Bagchi has many published works, and is a celebrated playwright.

Ganesh Bagchi was born in Faridpur in the eastern part of Bengal, before the partition of India in 1926. In 1951 he moved to with his wife and two daughters to teach English in Uganda as a British Protectorate. His son was born during his time in East Africa. His time in Uganda allowed him a firsthand account of the Independence of Uganda, Uhuru in 1963. Shortly thereafter Baghci returned to India, but now calls Lincolnshire home.

My Days and Ways is available on Amazon for immediate download to your Kindle. To learn more about the inspirational journey of Ganesh Bagchi please visit

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Minister Nicholson speaks with his Dutch Counterpart


To Russian Nazi Leader Putin's Shame

July 26, 2014

Department of National Defence


The Honourable Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C. M.P. for Niagara Falls, and Minister of National Defence, today spoke with his Dutch counterpart, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert.


Slowly, Steadily, the world mobilizes against Russian Nazis

Minister Nicholson expressed condolences for the loss of 194 Dutch citizens in the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17. Minister Nicholson also discussed concerns about the ability of investigators to carry out their work at the crash site and offered solidarity and support to the Netherlands during this difficult time.

“The criminal act of shooting down a civilian airliner is a direct product of Russia’s military aggression and illegal occupation of Ukraine,” said Minister Nicholson. “We call upon pro-Russian forces to immediately withdraw from the area and let Ukrainian and international authorities complete their investigative and forensic work unimpeded.”

While speaking with the Minister of Defence for the Netherlands, Minister Nicholson committed Canadian assistance to investigate this terrible act. One RCMP officer will be leaving tomorrow for the Netherlands to conduct a needs assessment on how Canada can assist Dutch law enforcement in their investigation. Along with other nations, next week Canada will participate in a meeting hosted by the Dutch Prosecutor regarding next steps for disaster victim identification and the investigative process. Minister Nicholson also offered to send Canadian civilian aviation and criminal investigation experts to assist in forensics work and other efforts to recover remains and complete the investigation into MH-17.

Canada will continue to apply pressure on the Putin regime in the face of provocative military action against Ukraine. Since the onset of this crisis, Canada has imposed sanctions against individuals and entities responsible for violating the independence of Ukraine and committed six CF-18 fighter aircraft, the HMCS Toronto to the Mediterranean, 24 Canadian Armed Forces members to Supreme Allied Powers Europe and Canadian soldiers to enhance NATO readiness.

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The damage of illegal immigration and other things you need to know this week.


Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin delivered a speech on the immorality of the border bailout at the Western Conservative Summit and the court handed Obamacare a blow when it ruled against federal ObamaCare subsidies. Visit our tool kits to find out how to get involved. Here are some things you need to know this week.
Semantics, Assumptions and the Downfall of Obam...

July 24 | Healthcare
Semantics, Assumptions and the Downfall of Obam...

Yesterday's DC Circuit Court ruling on Halbig v. Burwell provides some important lessons in governance for Washington. The 2-1 decision by the nation's second highest court struck down the notion that subsidies apply to those on the federal exchange,...
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Halbig and the rule of law
July 23 | Healthcare
Halbig and the rule of law

We've known for some time that the Obama Administration cares less about the rule of law than it does its own political ends. When push comes to shove, ideology trumps the Constitution every time. Yesterday, a reporter for ABC News finally pressed [1...
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Court rules against federal ObamaCare subsidies
July 22 | Healthcare
Court rules against federal ObamaCare subsidies

Today, tea partiers everywhere were handed a major victory from the D.C. Court of Appeals. In a 2-1 decision, the court , often called the second-highest court in the nation , ruled [1] in Halbig v. Burwell that the federal government is not authoriz...
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Immigration and Jobs Myth #2: "American Workers...

July 22 | Immigration

The rhetoric for more high-skilled visas is intensifying. In a Politico Magazine article, Vivek Wadhwa , a research director for engineering at Duke University , penned a blistering admonishment about the United States' "crazy, upside-down immigratio...
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DC Appeals Court Deals Blow to Obamacare

July 22 | Healthcare

  DC Appeals Court Deals Blow to Obamacare Halbig Decision Prevents Illegal Taxes and Subsidies ATLANTA, GA ,Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, issued the following statement following the...
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Tea Party Patriots Weekly Legislative Update fo...

July 21 |

House/Senate Action: Week of 7/14/14-7/20/14 Both the House and Senate are in session this week. The House will be in session Tuesday through Thursday. The Senate will be in session Monday through Friday.  "ECONOMIC PATRIOTISM:" ...
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Fact: Unions hurt the economy

July 21 | Big-government

A recently-released study [1] shows just how bad labor unions , especially forced unionization , are for the economy. The auto industry specifically has benefited in recent years from moving away from the kind of coercive union membership days of the...
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Immigration and Jobs Myth #1: "Companies are sh...

July 21 | Immigration

In their push for amnesty, Democrats and corporate lobbyists like Microsoft continually tout economic benefits of comprehensive immigration reform. In his pitch late last year, the President claimed the Senate's Gang of 8 Bill would "boost our econom...
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Jenny Beth Martin delivers speech at Western Co...

July 19 | Tea-party-patriots

Jenny Beth Martin delivers a speech at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit in Denver. The speech covers her recent experiences along the Texas/Mexico border, and underscores our need for protecting our borders and to oppose attempts at a "border...
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Straw Man on the Border: Democrats Shame Concer...

July 18 | Immigration

The surge of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border has become the prominent issue in America. Thousands of children and adults are being resettled to facilities throughout the nation until their case is reviewed, or they are reunited with a...
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Death by a Thousand Nickel and Dime Cuts

July 17 | Healthcare

In his televised address to Congress in 2009, President Obama looked Americans in the eyes and vowed that the Affordable Care Act would not add "one dime" to the federal deficit, saying if it did so "either now or in the future," he would not sign it...
Read More > Death by a Thousand Nickel and Dime Cuts
The U.S. needs tax reform

July 17 | Big-government

Australia's Senate, on Thursday, voted to repeal [1] legislation and thereby end its country's two-year experiment with the carbon tax. The carbon tax, it turned out, cost Australia's economy about $8.5 billion each year and added approximately $500 ...
Read More > The U.S. needs tax reform


Tea Party Patriots is currently working on a documentary about the ripple effect the border crisis is having throughout the country and we need your help. Please click here if you know someone in education, healthcare, philanthropy or law enforcement that can explain the consequences felt in schools, hospitals and healthcare, social services, and culture far from the border. Tea Party Patriots is a grassroots organization and we need you, our grassroots supporters to assist in this important documentary.

In the News ConservativeHQ: Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots: No Border Bailout! NewsMax: Boehner Plan Exposes GOP Rift on Border Crisis WorldNetDaily: The Beginning of The End For ObamaCare

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Russian Nazi Leader Complains Again



Russian Nazi Leader Putin is complaining yet again. Seems he now feels that the EUSSR and the US are not being tough enough in trying to stamp out his terrorist acts.

As the Russian Army again fires across the border into Ukraine in support of Russian terrorist forces, Putin is increasingly isolated by sanctions but he is absolutely correct in thinking that the US and the EUSSR should be doing much more and faster to reign in his terrorist acts against the Ukraine. Today he is complaining that current EUSSR sanctions are not doing enough in the war against terrorism.

The rest of the world is also dragging its feet and should be taking firm and hard action against the Russian Nazis.

The question still exercising the world is how to effectively prevent further Russian terrorism without World War Three breaking out.

The same question exercised Europe in 1914 and the world in 1939.

The lesson from history is that dictators of Nazi States are only ever stopped by war and the real question is how to conduct an early war with limited casualties.

Failure to act firmly and quickly always ends in a more destructive conflict that covers a larger area.

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The EU is a Laughing Stock Again…

gbo mailchimp

With less than a year until the General Election, our campaign is proceeding full steam ahead. Yesterday, the Daily Express wrote about our exposé of even more EU red tape. This will require large companies to disclose details of their policies on “environment, diversity and human rights” in their annual and financial reports! As we told the Express (link below), it is yet another example of “excessive Brussels interference”. This unwarranted intrusion by the EU will add to the cost of British firms doing business and is a further invasion of our privacy.

We already know about the adverse effect of migration on jobs for British workers and this has now been proved again, this time by a Government report this week which the Lib-Dems did their best to delay. As our Breitbart blog explained, a 10% increase in the proportion of migrants doing semi- or unskilled work leads to a 5% reduction in wages. The report found the benefits of the EU’s beloved free movement of labour is “negligible”, saying by increasing competition for jobs it reduces wages for young job seekers, graduates and those in low-skilled work. Equally worrying, it pointed out the open border policy facilitates human and drug trafficking.

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has brought 53 countries with historic trade links to the UK together again. As we wrote in The Commentator, the Commonwealth is a market 4 times the size of the EU and it's growing fast. So why have we saddled ourselves with the moribund EU instead?

Cameron’s pointless let’s-promote-some-women reshuffle brought into the Cabinet some supposed Eurosceptic MPs, while casting others onto the backbenches and betraying one of his best friends Michael Gove. No doubt he believed the reshuffle would win results in the polls, but this has not happened. The gap between Labour and the Conservatives is still close and UKIP continues to rise.

New Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday, “if there is no change in the way Europe is governed… that is not a Europe that can work for Britain in the future.” However, given his previous robust views about the EU, we pointed out to the Express he had “tempered” his views in favour of toeing the party line with “wait and see what happens”.

The reshuffle overshadowed the election of the highest-paid politician in Europe. With only one name on the ballot paper, Jean-Claude Juncker was declared President of the EU Commission (£250,000 a year plus perks) by a scandalous secret ballot of MEPs. Despite opposing Juncker’s election, Dave wasted no time in jetting off to Brussels. There, after greeting Juncker with a much-ridiculed "high five", Cameron introduced our new EU Commissioner, Lord “Who?” Hill – and Juncker had to look him up on Google to find out who he was!

These political shenanigans were side-lined by the shooting down of Flight MH17 by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine. This horrific act exposed the utter inability of the 28 EU nations to agree a timely response. What is more, the sanctions apparently being proposed will impact most on Great Britain. In response to the EU's threatened sanctions, Moscow has hit back tit-for-tat, suggesting British companies such as Shell and BP will be in danger, even though Russia badly needs foreign investment to support its creaking energy industry. This still leaves the rest of the EU free to continue to sell Russia weapons and cars and consume its exported energy. Secretly, they will gloat they have once more got one over on the Brits as well as the City of London, which they hate so much for its international success. (See our Breitbart link below).

We should not forget this all started with the EU’s fumbling overtures which sparked off the problems in Ukraine in the first place. Their pathetic response to recent events has made it a laughing stock around the world. It is high time to Get Britain Out.

Best wishes,

Simon Rose, Campaign Manager

Get Britain Out

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Napoleon comes to Plymouth…

hms bellerophon and napoleon

In 1816 British artist John James Chalon recreated the scene when Napoleon came to Plymouth

I have the great good fortune to live not far from Plymouth, Devon. Ever since the days of Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada, Plymouth has played a key role in Britain's maritime history. But it was on this day in 1815 that perhaps the most amazing sight was ever seen on the harbour...
This description of the scene is taken my from little non-fiction volume, Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany

Shortly after the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon Bonaparte surrendered – not to Wellington but to the captain of the ship that had dogged his steps for more than 20 years, Bellerophon – 'Billy Ruffian' to her crew. The ship sailed for England and the ship anchored at Torbay. Every effort was made to keep the famous man’s presence a secret and no-one was allowed to come on board. However a sailor dropped a black glass bottle into the water which was retrieved by some young boys in a small boat nearby. Inside the bottle was a rolled piece of paper with the electrifying message, ‘We've got Bonaparte on board.’

Once the word got out the vessel was quickly surrounded by sightseers in everything that could float. Bonaparte even appeared on deck to greet the crowds. The British government were worried that the emperor might escape before they could work out what to do with him so Bellerophon was hastily ordered to weigh anchor and sail to Plymouth, with its more secure harbour.

Needless to say people thronged there; at the height of the madness 10,000 people boarded 1000 boats in an attempt to get a view of the most famous man in the world. Several even drowned in the frenzy.

The crew of Bellerophon hung notices over the ship’s side as to their famous guest’s movements: ‘In cabin with Captain Maitland’, ‘Writing with his officers’...

Among the crowds were large numbers of pretty young women and fashionably dressed ladies, naval officers, red-coated army officers, smartly-attired gentlemen. The men took off their hats respectfully when Napoleon showed himself as he did every evening around 6 p.m. He commented on the beauty of the young ladies and appeared astonished by size of the crowds.

On August 7 Napoleon was transferred to Northumberland for exile in St Helena, where he remained until his death in 1821.
Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany is published by Ebury Press. It is available in hardback and ebook format worldwide.

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Jenny Beth Martin: The Immorality of a Border Bailout


This week Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin gave a speech at the Western Conservative Summit concerning the issues facing America on immigration. She talked about the immorality of the impending border bailouts proposed by both President Obama and Speaker Boehner and their impact on those attempting to become Americans legally.

In her speech she says, "millions of immigrants come to America - legally - to pursue the American Dream. We admire them for playing by the rules, respecting American law, and contributing to our country and our communities. We are for legal immigration - and against illegal immigration. There is already a legal path to citizenship for those wishing to come to the United States. Our government should not reward those who choose to get off that path, cut the line, and break the law - to do so would be immoral, in fact, as it would unfairly punish those who chose to follow the law and play by the rules. By simply respecting the rule of law and securing the border, we will send a message to the rest of the world that we welcome immigrants who come here legally ... and reject those who do not."

You can read the rest of the speech here. Be sure to call your Congressman, write your Senators and to tell them to vote NO on ANY border bailout. Tea Party Patriots has also put together toolkits that will show you many ways you can get involved in the fight! As Jenny Beth says, "to give them an extra little bit of incentive - tell them, 'Vote NO on the border bailout - or I'LL be voting NO on YOU in November.'"

In Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

P.S. Please forward this to 10 of your friends and ask them to call their representatives and tell them to vote NO on the border bailout!

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The impact of MP’s being on twitter can be devastating


Clegg's Nasty Party caught out again on Social networking

“Although ‘refreshing’; the impact of MP’s being on twitter can be devastating for their party.” - warns social media expert from Birmingham City University.

Following outrage aimed at a Lib Dem MP’s "vile comments" on Twitter about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication and social media expert, Dave Hart said:


“David Ward follows a long line of politicians who have found twitter an impactful platform when it comes to finding an audience for their controversial views. He’s also discovered how having a fairly modest following (of just over 6,000) is no barrier to finding a large audience for his views.


“Whilst it’s refreshing to see politicians unafraid to air their views in public in such a direct way, they need to have a greater awareness of the impact of such social media outbursts on themselves and their party. It’s interesting to note that Mr Ward uses twitter largely as a broadcast platform and rarely replies to individual tweets – although he may be just keeping a low profile given the fuss caused by this particular tweet.”

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Join Team Thurrock this Saturday


Did you see the historic poll that has UKIP in the lead in the constituency of Thurrock?

The poll had UKIP on 36% - clearly LEADING Labour and the Conservatives by some margin. You can view the poll here.

Thurrock is an area where UKIP can make history next year. We really can win and elect a UKIP MP here, if we maintain our moment.

But that can only happen with your help.

As the only candidate standing in the area who is from the borough, I know how badly many of the local people want change. UKIP has to be that change: a party that wants to control our borders and put our own people first. Indeed, Thurrock's UKIP Councillors elected just this May are already hard at work. We can win here and make a real difference.

We must never be complacent however and so this Saturday I want you to stand with me and show that rather than resting on our laurels, UKIP will redouble our efforts to ensure that Thurrock elects me as their UKIP Member of Parliament next year. Come and help me campaign in one of UKIP's emerging strongholds and help us WIN!

Come and join UKIP activists from around the country on Saturday at this address:

Chadwell St Mary Social Club
River View,
RM16 4DH

Map here:

Please arrive at 10.15am for 10.30am prompt, where you'll receive a warm welcome from other members of the people's army!

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