A Referendum in Sight


As the dust settles from the most electrifying election in recent history, we are now on the final stretch towards an In/Our referendum, possibly as early as May next year. This election ended with a firm Conservative majority, 99 seats ahead of Labour, and UKIP winning the third largest share of the vote. By denying Labour many seats in its northern heartlands, UKIP confirmed Euroscepticism is a high priority for the 'left behind' working-class voters who’ve been betrayed by Labour’s blind support of Brussels.



Brussels has been busy causing trouble again: the EU Parliament provoked fury by blocking moves to reveal how they spend their expenses! This perpetrates a fraud against British taxpayers who fund their so-called “office expenses”, which MEPs are totally free to spend how they like. We are quoted in the Daily Express: “It’s high time the great British public upended the trough these Europhile politicians all seem to have their snouts in, by voting to get Britain out of the EU.”

The Daily Express reported newly released figures by the Office of National Statistics which showed Britain is trading less with Europe, and more with emerging economies around the globe, especially our Anglosphere partners. This confirms a long-running trend: the EU’s declining importance to world trade, and its increasing irrelevance as Britain’s trading partner. These findings conclusively prove Britain can flourish on the global stage, outside the sandbox of Europe.

After the election, it is clear the Great British Public is increasingly Eurosceptic. The results shattered the Europhile Liberal Democrat party, leaving them with just 8 MPs in Parliament. As we discuss in our piece in The Commentator, Nick Clegg got exactly what he deserved for reneging on his 2008 promise of an In / Out EU Referendum.

However the illiberal undemocratic “Lib Dems” were not the only ones losing out due to a surge in Euroscepticism. A flocking of former Labour voters to UKIP cost the Labour Party dozens of seats, including Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls’ seat of Morley. In our latest article for The Commentator we point out the Shadow Cabinet was evenly split on whether or not to hold a referendum. Had Moribund Miliband not over-ruled his colleagues, the election result could have been very different!

Unfortunately for England, the Nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales also did well. What we must remember, as we discuss in The Commentator, these parties do not want independence. They want a nominally independent Scotland and Wales inside the EU. We can only hope the inherent contradiction in the SNP’s vision of “independence” is exposed over the next few years.

It is now open season for the CBI to peddle their falsehoods about Britain leaving the EU. Sir Michael Rake was on BBC News on Wednesday, saying leaving the EU will mean Britain won’t have access to the EU Single Market. Our campaign responded quickly in a blog published in Breitbart London, refuting his fallacies, and highlighting the extensive taxpayer and EU funding the CBI receives.

Our campaign gets flooded with messages from our supporters, many repeating the myth the EU is able to veto Britain's exit from the EU due to the Lisbon Treaty. It is not surprising people are cynical about the EU and whether it might respect an Out vote by Britain in a referendum. However, it is just a myth the Lisbon Treaty would prevent us from Brexit. Read our blog and be rest assured: we can leave the EU - and should.

Now we are on the final stretch before the Great British Public can vote in the first referendum on Europe in 40 years. Our campaign will keep articulating why staying inside the only declining trading-bloc on the planet, will be a death sentence for Britain. As the fourth largest economy in the world, the fourth largest exporter and fourth largest importer, Britain is already the most globalised country in the world. We don’t need to be a satellite state of Brussels. It will be a hard contest, but I urge you all to get ready to Get Britain Out of the EU.


With best wishes,
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

See how the Conservatives have let you down again on immigration.


The Office for National Statistics today showed that net migration for 2014 hit a record 318,000, an increase of 109,000 on 2013. The ONS reported that 285,000 people came to work in the UK last year. That is a city the size of Nottingham.

The Conservatives have again and again failed on their promise to get immigration down to the "tens of thousands".

Only UKIP has the sustainable and suitable immigration policy that this country needs. But we need your support to help us get our message out to the wider public. So why not chip in £5 and help us spread our message.

The UK Independence Party



Green Paedo Ring Rumbled

green party leadership

Green Paedo Ring Rumbled
by technoguido

A lengthy investigation has revealed that the Berlin branch of the German Green party was a hotbed of paedophilia in the 80s and 90s, with as many as 1000 minors falling victim to shocking organised child abuse. The investigation was sparked by concern over a historic Green campaign to decriminalise sex with children. It has led to the party admitting that there was a “misunderstood tolerance” of paedophiles within the Greens. Two prominent Green party members at the time were members of the Association for Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts. One of them stood for the German parliament while imprisoned for child sex offences...
technoguido | May 21, 2015 at 4:46 pm | Tags: Gaia Fawkes, Green Party | Categories: Gaia Fawkes | URL: http://wp.me/pvx79-Q4D



Take a Stand to Stop Government Spying


Yesterday, Rand Paul stood on the Senate floor for nearly 12 hours to bring light to the government's bulk collection of private information of American citizens. He was joined by several Senators from both sides of the aisle.



We've demonstrated our willingness to work with unlikely alliances this week because this issue really is one of us vs. the government.

Today we learned that Mitch McConnell has planned votes to end debate on the issue on Saturday. His goal would be for the government to continue spying on American citizens and unless we do something, he will succeed!

We need to target the following Senators and tell them that the American people are sick and tired of their government treating them like criminals who have already committed a crime. Tell them to stop this unwarranted spying. We must make a stand between now and Saturday to make sure they listen to their constituents. Call now!

Senator State Phone
James Lankford OK (202) 224-5754
Cory Gardner CO (202) 224-5941
John Hoeven ND (202) 224-2551
David Perdue GA (202) 224-3521
Jeff Flake AZ (202) 224-4521
David Vitter LA (202) 224-4623
Bill Cassidy LA (202) 224-5824
Pat Toomey PA (202) 224-4254
Mike Crapo ID (202) 224-6142
Mike Enzi WY (202) 224-3424
Jerry Moran KS (202) 224-6521
Daniel Sullivan AK (202) 224-3004
Shelley Moore Capito WV (202) 224-6472
Ron Johnson WI (202) 224-5323
Rob Portman OH (202) 224-3353

Time is of the essence if we want to stop this. Please make your voices heard today!

In liberty,
Tea Party Patriots Support Team

Chicken Dave – Mentally ill or just a lying bastard?



Concerns are rising about the mental health of Chicken Dave Cameron.



Some have suggested that Chicken Dave is trying to look mentally ill to claim to be the first British PM to suffer from mental illness. He is probably late to make that claim because Labour PM Harold Wilson is believed to have been suffering from dementia before his sudden resignation and Tory PM Sir Winston Churchill was also believed to have been suffering age related mental illness when he defeated Atlee to return as PM once more. Then there are those claiming that Labour PM Phony Blair was suffering from mental illness and not just a cheap lawyer on the make.

Others make the case that Chicken Dave is just a lying bastard. Its a tough call and could go either way.

The first apparent signs of deteriorating mental health came when Chicken Dave greeted his very narrow General Election victory by claiming that he was the greatest PM since Thatcher. Was this mental illness or just a crude attempt at propaganda? A four seat majority is hardly a thundering electoral success and it is hard to imagine Margaret Thatcher being unable to stop Laughing Out Loud at such a claim. Even the grey man of British politics John Major scored a relatively massive majority with more votes than Phony Blair managed when he achieved a landslide victory on the back of the 'rotten boroughs'. The caution Chicken Dave should feel is that the relatively massive Major victory rapidly evaporated and his Government started to fall apart.

Then there has been the claim once more that Chicken Dave will rapidly get immigration down to tens of thousands. Last time he made that firm cledge it ended in tears with a massive rise in immigration. Nothing has changed and the Eurocrats are determined to force Britain to accept a huge share of the ISIS/Daesh terrorists and illegal immigrants trying to force their way ashore in Italy, on top of all the other immigrants that are due to pour into a grossly overcrowded Britain. It need not indicate the Chicken Dave is deluded, just a lying bastard who thinks he can spin his way out of trouble with voters.

Then there is the huge delusion, or deception, of British renegotiation of EUSSR membership terms for Britain. Every Eurocrat, and all the leaders of the Member States, have said and repeated that there will be no renegotiation. Again, this may not be a deluded Chicken Dave but a cynical liar who is just trying to stall a membership referendum to the point where it will not be permitted under new EUSSR rules. If there can be no discussion of membership rules before 2020, there can hardly be a free and fair referendum in Britain in 2015/2016/2017 to approve the or reject the terms of renegotiation.

If Chicken Dave is mentally ill, he should receive urgent care in a secure institution and not just be left to care in the Westminster community.

Stop the PATRIOT Act


Have you seen the Drudge Report recently? We’re right up at the top!



You see, the entire country is talking about one thing right now: the renewal of the PATRIOT Act, and the disastrous blow that this Big Government program would deal to our Constitutional liberties.

That's why we're fighting back.

We’ve taken the lead in opposition to this unconstitutional bill by joining forces with some unlikely allies: the ACLU and the NAACP.

And now, we need your support to defeat this bill and kill this big government program once and for all.

Will you pitch in a generous gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, or more right now to help us defeat the PATRIOT Act?

You see, we’ve allied with the ACLU and the NAACP to produce and run some hard-hitting TV ads in the home states of several on-the-fence Senators.

We’re reaching millions of Americans, urging them to put the pressure on their Senators to kill this unconstitutional big government program.

But we need your help to keep those ads running - and we need your help NOW!

The vote on this bill could happen anytime. Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster may be the only thing keeping this vote from happening right now.

Please pitch in whatever you can right away.

The American people hate the PATRIOT Act.

It’s an unconstitutional breach of our privacy. It’s a big government program that treats every American like a criminal under investigation.

It’s the program that allows the NSA to collect your phone records, your text messages, and even your internet browser history.

It’s unconstitutional - and it must be stopped!

Please help us build national opposition to this program right away. Pitch in whatever you possibly can right now.

When the Left and the Right unite against big government, Washington has a BIG problem.

And that’s exactly what’s happening right now. We’re working with the ACLU and the NAACP to fight back against this unconstitutional program because our God-given rights hang in the balance.

And we need you to stand with us, too. Right now.

Please, please pitch in whatever you possibly can right away to help us continue fighting the PATRIOT Act.

Thank you so much for your continued support!


For Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and National Coordinator

You Won’t Believe What the NAACP is Doing


In an unlikely alliance this week, we have joined forces with two different groups that will leave some scratching their heads.



For the sake of protecting our rights to privacy and reaffirming the 4th amendment we have teamed up with the ACLU and the NAACP to push back on the unlawful, unwarranted collection of personal data by our government. Both organizations believe strongly that the federal government should stop spying on American citizens and we couldn't agree more.

When organizations from both the right and left can come together on an issue like this, the establishment in Washington will be left shaking in their boots.

Call Your Senators Now and Tell Them To Stop NSA Spying on American Citizens

While our organizations have had serious differences in the past when it comes to policy and will almost certainly have serious differences in the future, this is one issue that everyone should agree on. It's that important.

This week, the Senate may try to reauthorize the Patriot Act with no changes to Section 215 - which is what the government has used to justify it's unlawful practices. We need to tell our Senators not to let that happen. Mitch McConnell needs to know that this is wrong and the American people will not stand for it.

Some are committed to doing everything they can to stop it. Rand Paul is planning to put up a serious fight; Ted Cruz heavily supports the efforts; and Mike Lee has sponsored the USA Freedom Act which will curb the unlawful practices, but some say it doesn't go far enough. We say it's better than allowing the Patriot Act to be reauthorized without any reform.

Call your Senators today and tell them not to reauthorize the Patriot Act. Tell them to stop our government from spying on us. Tell them this is serious.

This isn't about Democrats vs. Republicans or Liberals vs. Conservatives. This is about the US Government vs. the American People. This is why Tea Party Patriots, the ACLU, and the NAACP are on the same page. Will you join us? Call your Senators now!

In liberty,
Tea Party Patriots Support Team

TPP and NAACP: Time for the Government to stop spying on Americans

TPP and ACLU: ACLU, Tea Party agree: Urge Government to stop spying http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/columnists/iowa-view/2015/05/19/aclu-tea-party-agree-urge-government-stop-spying/27627213/

TPP and ACLU Ad: http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/242502-aclu-tea-party-run-anti-nsa-ads-in-dc-iowa-new-hampshire

New Navigation Committee for the Broads


The new Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Navigation Committee have both also been appointed to full Authority.



Michael Whitaker was chosen as Navigation Committee Chairman and James Knight as the Vice Chairman and will represent the committee at full Authority meetings.

The pair are joined on the Navigation Committee by four new members Linda Aspland, Bill Dickson, Nicky Talbot and Brian Wilkins.

Michael has been a keen sailor since he learnt at school and is now the Chairman of the Broads Hire Boat Federation.

He had a career in the international packaging and automation machinery industries before becoming a yacht broker a yacht broker in Potter Heigham then a partner in Herbert Woods.

Michael said he was particularly keen to address the outcomes from the recent stakeholder surveys.

“I believe I can play a very important role in working to improve the relationship between the Authority and the hire boat industry that will be of mutual benefit,” he said.

James, a Chartered Surveyor by profession, has spent the last 11 years developing holiday experiences at Waveney River Centre and Horning Ferry Marina.

“I’m able to represent a wide range of navigational interests, including those of private owners and hire boat operators, and I also understand the environmental challenges facing the Broads and the economic needs of the tourism industry,” he said.

“I’m focused on helping the Authority to engage more with its stakeholders and to be more member led, and look forward to working with Michael and the other members to ensure that we continue to provide thoughtful, well-informed guidance to the Authority."

Linda, who has lived in Norfolk for 45 years, retired from her final role as a national promoter for Teachers TV in 2011 after a career in the management of education.

A member of the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club she has sailed for 50 years. She also helps with the Hunter Fleet and Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Linda said: “I am delighted to be appointed to Navigation Committee which will give me the opportunity to make a real contribution to my new community on the Broads and use my eclectic knowledge and skills for the benefit of other river users.”

Bill, another boat owner, lives by the Bure at Hoveton with his wife Tricia.

The retired diplomat and former HM Ambassador to Mongolia has worked in Hong Kong, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha and Northern Iraq.

He is currently CEO of Independent (UK) Exports, Director of Independent LLC overseas importing and manufacturing, Partner in International Export Partners, Director of Orgill Dickson Associates and Director of MongoliaNation.

Bill said: "I am delighted and honoured to have been selected to become a Navigation Committee member for such a highly professional, world-class organisation as the Broads Authority.”

Nicky’s career has been in project management, marketing and market research and she currently works on a part-time basis for Norfolk Wildlife Trust. She is also a BA volunteer and Broads Climate Community volunteer assistant.

A member of Norfolk Broads Yacht Club and the Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association she regularly competes in a Yare and Bure One Design and is also a part-owner of a traditional motorboat.

She said: “I am looking forward to being part of a team that is committed to working in the best interest of the Broads and contributing to the decision making process.”

Brian is a Chartered Civil Engineer working with Norwich based Canham Consulting on a range of infrastructure projects including marine and river engineering, and in the energy and healthcare sectors.

He said his first Navigation Committee meeting exceeded expectations mainly due to the interesting site visit to Goodchild Marine at Burgh Castle and the Turn-Tide Jetty reconstruction project on Breydon Water.

He said: “I valued the full exchange of views at the members briefing, and I found the committee format conducive to satisfactory discussion, with no shortage of well-articulated views from all members, new and experienced alike.”

Read this headline


If you aren’t mad about this, you should be.

The Republican Party establishment is trying to illegally keep ObamaCare subsidies for Congress - paid for by OUR tax dollars.



Senator David Vitter is leading the charge against this. We’re desperately trying to help him.

However, the funding for this project still hasn't come all the way through, and this is a battle we can’t afford to lose!

Please make an urgent contribution of $25, $30, $50, $100, $200, or whatever you can afford to help us end this illegal scheme right away.

The facts are clear.

Congress is claiming that their individual offices are “small businesses” -- so that they and their staffs can get taxpayer-funded subsidies for their health insurance.

On Congress’ application to the Washington D.C. ObamaCare exchange, someone claimed that Congress only employed 45 people - just enough to keep it under the 50-person threshold of a “small business.”

Whoever did this even faked employee names. All so these pampered politicians and their staffs could get subsidies for their health insurance funded by OUR tax dollars.

The Ruling Class Republicans won’t let us know exactly who filled out this application and which offices are involved.

They are actually blocking a legal subpoena being promoted by Senator David Vitter!

This is a disgrace.

But we can’t do very much about it unless we can raise the funds to continue heaping on the pressure.

FIVE Republicans actually voted to keep the documents surrounding this ObamaCare scandal SECRET.

Senator David Vitter is fighting like crazy, and GOP leader Mitch McConnell is furious at him.

Senator Vitter needs Tea Party help, and he needs it now!

Please help us get into this fight. Make the very best donation you can today.

We have already recorded a TV ad featuring Senator Vitter, but we don’t yet have the funds on hand to be sure it is seen widely.

These schemers in Congress are going to get away with this ObamaCare fraud unless “We the People” stand up and hold them accountable!

Please, pitch in whatever you possibly can. Just click here.

Remember, REPUBLICAN Senators have teamed up with the Democrats to get illegal taxpayer subsidies. REPUBLICAN Senators are covering this scandal up.

We must stop this madness. We must join with Senator Vitter and demand an investigation right away!

Please give whatever you can right now.

We can’t win this fight without you!


For Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and National Coordinator

Sainsbury’s Bank urges “cohabiting” homeowners to protect their homes


- 38%(1) cohabitee homeowners have no life insurance


- 46%(1) cohabiting homeowners would have difficulty meeting financial commitments without partner’s income

- Cohabiting couples are the fastest growing type of family type in the UK


It is the dream of many young people to climb the property ladder, and get the keys to their own front door, however research by Sainsbury’s Life Insurance indicates that around 38%(1) of cohabitees who own their own home, do not have life insurance.



Of these cohabiting homeowners without life insurance, 46%(1) say that they would have difficulty meeting their financial commitments should they or their partner no longer be able to work.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) 43%(2) of 25-34 year-olds are homeowners. The latest ONS figures also show that cohabiting couples are the fastest growing family-type in the UK(3).

Scott Gorman, Life Insurance Manager, Sainsbury’s Bank said: “Neglecting to take out life insurance could be a costly oversight, because when mortgages are held in joint names, both parties are equally responsible for paying it.

“Our research shows that many believe they would find it difficult to meet their financial commitments without their cohabitee’s income, so we would urge homeowners to consider life insurance.“

There are two main types of life insurance, decreasing term which decreases roughly in line with the way a repayment mortgage reduces, and level term, which pays out a set lump sum. It’s important to consider what’s right for you and to seek advice if you’re unsure.

Scott added: “Some homeowners, especiallyyoung buyers may think that life insurance is an additional expense too far, but even taking out some cover to assist with mortgage payments would be better than nothing.”

Life Insurance from Sainsbury’s Bank offers premiums starting from as little as £5(4) per month. People can contact Sainsbury’s Bank Life Insurance for a quote or further information on 0800 027 7166 (calls may be monitored and recorded). Further information is also available at www.sainsburysbank.co.uk or in store at Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s Bank does not offer financial advice.

Sainsbury’s Bank Life Insurance is provided by Legal & General.