Obama to flood Congress with pro-amnesty activists


Obama is planning to follow the example of the BlairBrown Regime in Britain that flooded Britain with immigrants and produced the health and education crisis as these services struggle to cope with non-English speakers

Now that Obama has issued his illegal executive order, leftist immigration groups, labor unions, and the Democratic Party plan to flood Congress with pro-Amnesty activists.



They believe that if they hit Capitol Hill hard enough, Republicans will fold like a cheap suit. And Obama’s Executive Amnesty will stand forever.

It’s up to the Tea Party to fight back. And we have a plan.
But we need your help IMMEDIATELY.

Please make an urgent contribution of $15, $35, $50, or whatever you possibly can afford.

We must continue to implement and step up our national Defund Amnesty campaign today. Congressional Republicans must do everything within their power to block this illegal order.

You see, Obama has been planning this massive political offensive for some time.

He knows that Executive Amnesty is illegal. He even admitted it a few months ago.

But he’s determined to implement it anyway, so he’s organized his supporters to go after Congress hard.

This group of leftists informally goes by the name “Ready4Fight.” It’s comprised of the most militant union thugs, pro-amnesty crazies and left-wing “organizers” in the nation.

And its job is to intimidate Congressional Republicans into inaction.

The Tea Party must stand up to these Ready4Fight radicals. We must flood Congress with our own volunteers, phone calls, emails, and faxes.

But we need your help to do it.

We concerned Americans can not simply sit by ‘yelling at our televisions,’ as they say. We have to fight. This is a grave Constitutional crisis, and the odds are stacked against us.

Obama used his amnesty speech and the free promotion from the media that came with it the other night to whip his liberal supporters into a frenzy. This White House isn’t playing around!

That’s why we need your help now, more than ever. Please give whatever you can.

Our grassroots plan to hit back is massive and complex. And since this executive order came with such short notice, we really need your help to amass the resources to fight back as soon as possible.

We must convince Congress to stand strong in the face of this Ready4Fight grassroots offensive.

We must convince the Republicans to stand their ground, block Obama’s appointees, and completely defund Executive Amnesty.

Obama and his Ready4Fight radicals are prepared for all-out political warfare. They want to tear this country apart.

We can’t let them. The Tea Party majority must stand up to Obama. We must stand up to the left-wing extremists who will soon be storming Congressional offices.

“We the People” must fight for our Constitution. And the Tea Party must lead the way!

However, right now, we simply don’t have the funds to counter Obama’s massive pro-Executive Amnesty offensive.

So, please give whatever you can right now.

Thank you, and please pray for America.

Donate Now!

For Liberty,


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

The Republicans left town


Congressional Republicans left town last week – without taking ANY action to stop Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty order.



Meanwhile, Obama’s Ready4Fight coalition has set up war rooms, is holding rallies, and is bombarding Congress with demands to let Executive Amnesty stand.

It’s 100% up to the Tea Party to stop this unconstitutional order. We have to out-organize and out-lobby these left-wing radicals.

Please make an urgent contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you possibly can afford. Once again, we are on our own.

It’s clear Congress is terrified of Obama’s cronies. The politicians won’t defund this unconstitutional monstrosity unless “We the People” make them.

So let’s do it. Please join the fight.

As things stand right now, Congressional Republicans will vote to fully fund Executive Amnesty as part of a giant government spending bill when they return from their vacation.

They claim that they will then “rescind” this funding sometime next year.


These politicians are simply scared to stand up to Barack Obama. They are getting pounded by this Ready4Fight coalition and haven’t heard from the conservative grassroots.

That’s why the Tea Party must unleash all its might and fury on Congress – starting NOW.

Please give whatever you can to help fund this urgent grassroots campaign.

Congress must not give Obama the money to print and distribute five million work permits.

We can’t wait to try to stop Obama “next year.” The fight is here, and it is now!

We must swarm local House and Senate offices while the politicians are back home.

We need to show them that “We the People” demand they stand up and defend our Constitution.

We need to force these politicians to defund this illegal executive order right away.

Remember, House Republicans could have stayed in town last week and fought. They could have voted to defund Executive Amnesty before Obama and his Ready4Fight radicals got organized.

But they didn’t. Instead, they left town hours before Obama even issued his illegal decree!

Please, help us fight to defund Executive Amnesty.

Please give whatever you can right now.

Congress will shortly vote to fully fund Executive Amnesty unless the Tea Party takes a stand!

Thank you so much for your help.

Donate Now!

For Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Brownfield land can house 1m homes with large proportion unused under council ownership


There’s enough brownfield land to build more than one million homes across England with new analysis revealing that a quarter of it is owned by councils.



In London, a massive 40 percent of brownfield land with potential to build on is owned by councils, which will cause questions to be asked of planning chiefs and politicians who have constantly vowed to speed up development on these sites.


A new report by Daniel Watney, an independent property consultancy, has highlighted over 23,000 ha of brownfield land in England, with over 10,000 hectares suitable for housing.


Nationally, the sites identified have the potential capacity for over 460,000 homes.

25% of these homes are on brownfield land owned by the public sector - with enough space for nearly 120,000 homes.


The exclusive analysis in Daniel Watney’s Development Update, published this week, crunches newly released figures covering 45% of English councils. This means that the potential supply of brownfield land could increase extensively once remaining sites are identified across the remaining 55% of councils.


This report - which uses official government data - shows that London holds 1,123 ha suitable for development - which could support 157,221 homes in total, though these figures only currently include 12 London boroughs.


They show the potential to build 64,611 homes on publicly owned brownfield sites in the capital – 40% of the total. Land held by the 20 other boroughs and City of London Corporation is likely to yield hundreds more sites.


In June, chancellor George Osbourne announced 20 housing zones in London would provide 50,000 new homes on brownfield land.


The expense of building on brownfield land often remains a deterrent for developers, but by showing the amount of brownfield land owned by the public sector, the report highlights the land that could be sold at a discounted rate to encourage housing development.



Source: ONS data for 2012, published Oct 2014


Outside of London, Liverpool and Birmingham have the highest potential for brownfield development – with space for 19,112 and 16,391 houses respectively – with publicly owned land having the potential to provide 49% and 21% of the new homes.


John Harding, senior partner at Daniel Watney, said:


"These figures show the true scale of opportunity we have to re-use brownfield sites for new homes. However, while it’s vital we build on existing infrastructure we need to ensure that health, transport and education services can support new residents.


"In London, inner-city boroughs like Westminster continue to do a great job of managing the short supply of land they have. But as transport improves, outer London areas such as Redbridge and Hounslow will need to play a vital role in meeting the capital’s housing need.”


Source: ONS data for 2012, published Oct 2014

TPP Citizens Fund Report

Dear Patriot,

Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

•   Failed Democrat Presidential candidate Howard Dean claims that outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid saved the U.S. Constitution from the “crack pot wing and Speaker Boehner’s Tea Party Caucus” by refusing to even allow a debate on 400 different bills passed by the House of Representatives last year. It seems the American people had a different view on Election Day. More on this nuttiness here: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/11/14/Dean-Harry-Reid-Saved-The-Constitution-From-The-Crackpot-Tea-Party

bsd.firetrench.com ftd.firetrench.com

•   The hosts of MSNBC’s pro-big government show “Morning Joe” during a discussion of Hillary Clinton’s inevitable Presidential campaign couldn’t come up with a reason the failed former Secretary of State should run for the highest office in the land. “At this moment, beyond ‘it’s her turn, it’s her time,’ there’s not a clear articulated rationale for the candidacy as of yet,” Bloomberg’s John Heilemann said. I couldn’t agree more. Read the whole story here: http://freebeacon.com/politics/msnbc-stumped-trying-to-figure-out-any-rationale-hillary-has-to-run-for-president/

•   A new poll out reports that the American people overwhelmingly want Republicans in Congress and NOT Barack Obama to set the agenda in Washington. Congressional Republicans need to understand this and act boldly to save this country. You can read more about this important poll here: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2014/11/11/poll-americans-want-republicans-to-set-the-agenda-not-obama-n1917421

That’s all for this week. Keep fighting and thank you for supporting us!

Donate Now!


Jenny Beth Martin Chairman


Dear Ian, The time for action has come. In a statement Thursday night, Tea Party Patriot’s co-founder Jenny Beth Martin said: “This is an unprecedented assault on the Constitution, the separation of powers, and the rule of law in the United States. President Obama today told millions of people,’If you broke our laws to enter this country, we will not prosecute you. We will not deport you.’ Despite the President’s assurance that he is ‘not an emperor,’ that’s exactly what he’s acting like. He’s a former law professor. He knows the Constitution vests Congress (not the Executive branch) with authority over immigration and naturalization. He just doesn’t care. This is a thumb in the eye to the American people.”

The time for action has come.  In a statement Thursday night, Tea Party Patriot's co-founder Jenny Beth Martin said: "This is an unprecedented assault on the Constitution, the separation of powers, and the rule of law in the United States. President Obama today told millions of people,'If you broke our laws to enter this country, we will not prosecute you. We will not deport you.' Despite the President’s assurance that he is 'not an emperor,' that’s exactly what he’s acting like. He’s a former law professor. He knows the Constitution vests Congress (not the Executive branch) with authority over immigration and naturalization. He just doesn’t care. This is a thumb in the eye to the American people."
bsd.firetrench.com ftd.firetrench.com To make sure that you are informed on the border issues visit borderstatesofamerica.com to watch the Tea Party Patriots documentary, The Border States of America. The Border States of America will be airing 6 times this weekend On Verizon FiOS 616 HD/116 SD and AT&T U-verse 1208 HD/208 SD.:
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Rep. Matt Salmon has started an effort in the House to push the Appropriations Committee to not include funding for executive amnesty in the spending bill. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Click here for a Congressional contact list and call, tweet and email to stop the funding from being included! Tea Party Patriots are also trying to fight Obama's executive amnesty with a Thunderclap. You can join the Thunderclap here and encourage Congress to stop funding executive amnesty with your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr. The Thunderclap is scheduled for November 25 at 12:00PM EST.

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Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on President Obama’s Executive Amnesty
This is an unprecedented assault on the Constitution, the separation of powers, and the rule of law in the United States. President Obama told millions of people, “If you broke our laws to enter this country, we will not… Read More

A new low for Obamacare
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IN THE NEWS Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders Obama’s immigration order sets off a frenzy of debate, emotions JUDICIAL WATCH TO CONGRESS: BOYCOTT OBAMA'S STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH OVER EXECUTIVE AMNESTY GOP Slams Obama's Immigration Orders as Declaration of War ‘OPEN REBELLION’: CHAOS IF REPUBLICANS DON’T WITHHOLD FUNDING FOR OBAMA EXECUTIVE AMNESTY Also be sure to check out the The Rick Amato Show on the Contact One America News Network, Monday through Friday 10PM ET 7PM PT on VerizonFiOS 616 HD/116 SD AT&T U-verse 1208 HD/208 SD.

In Liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Take action: Obama has declared Executive Amnesty


Barack Obama just tore up the U.S. Constitution and granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.



We are now facing a grave Constitutional crisis. Barack Obama is completely out of control.

Our ONLY hope to stop him is to force Congress to DEFUND Barack Obama’s ability to issue legal immigrant green cards. But we must move fast.

Please make an urgent generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you possibly can afford right away.

The Tea Party must demand action from Washington. We must flood Congress with our demands to stop Obama. We must be prepared to march if they do not listen.

This is an emergency.

Our closest allies, like Senator Mike Lee from Utah, have been formulating a plan to strike back if Obama took this unprecedented action.

He’s going to try to ban Obama from spending any money to implement this amnesty. He’s going to try to prevent the White House from printing and distributing the documents the illegal aliens need if Obama’s scheme is going to work.

However, this is going to be a brutal, brutal battle. And our allies like Senator Lee need all the Tea Party help they can get.

Please make the very best donation you can today.

Obama’s actions are not only unconstitutional; they are dangerous.

Millions and millions more illegal aliens will now come pouring across the border.

They understand that Obama will grant them amnesty, too. Some will bring diseases and all will demand welfare benefits we can’t afford.

It’s even been suggested that some of them might be terrorists if not terrorist sympathizers.

We must stand up and fight right now.

Our legislative team is right now meeting with our conservative allies on Capitol Hill. They are promising that Tea Party volunteers will come out of the woodwork to help stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty.

So, now we must make good on that promise.

We need to set up phone banks so people can easily call every member of Congress.

We need to run ads. We need to hold rallies and media events.

We must run a full-scale, no-holds barred national campaign to defund Obama’s illegal amnesty order.

We may even need to gather once again in Washington, D.C.

However, we can’t do any of this without your help. Please, give whatever you can right now.

If we don’t stop Obama now, just imagine all the other illegal executive orders he could issue over the next two years!

We are not just fighting for national security anymore. Now, we are fighting for our Constitution. This is a lawless Administration intent on ruining America.

Help us fight back. Make the best gift you possibly can today.

And please pray for America.

Thank you so much for your support.

Donate Now!

For Liberty,

- Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

It is because of your continued support that we achieved victory in what was potentially the most important by-election in the last 50 years.


In the early hours of this morning I witnessed Mark Reckless win the by-election in Rochester and Strood to become UKIP's second directly elected Member of Parliament.



It is because of your continued support that we achieved victory in what was potentially the most important by-election in the last 50 years.

So thank you, to everyone who participated in the by-election campaign, and helped take UKIP to the next level in our campaign to rock the British political establishment. If you vote UKIP, you get UKIP.

Now here's what you need to do to keep the momentum going:


Mark's new majority is 2,920. Maybe you could give us £2.92, £29.20, or £292.00 to reflect this victory.

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support of the UK Independence Party. This truly is your revolution.

Kind regards,

Nigel Farage MEP

Leader of the UK Independence Party

Engineers: we must ensure devices such as webcams are private and secure


Hundreds of private webcams in the UK can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has warned. A Russian website has been streaming images from webcams around the world, including CCTV and baby monitors. The site, which has been operating for a month, gains access by using the default logins and passwords for the web cameras.





Responding, Hugh Boyes from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) said: “It is common practice for many networked products (e.g. webcams, routers, network attached storage devices, etc.) to have either no password set or a published default password set when they are first installed.


“To protect their security and privacy users need to ensure that these devices are correctly set up and where applicable new passwords or PINs are set. It is basic cyber hygiene like this which helps protect the security and privacy of children and it is particularly important where devices such as webcams are installed in bedrooms or other private spaces.


“As more consumer devices are networked as part of the emerging Internet of Things, this issue will become more pressing.


“Manufacturers or suppliers of those networked devices should consider whether there are ways of encouraging the user to set a password or new password when the devices is first installed and powered up. This might for example involve disabling the device until the password has been set.”

We started a fire


November = one exciting month! Thanks to all of you Firefox & You readers who rallied on the 10th anniversary of Firefox by telling the world you Choose Independent with Firefox. With you on our side, the passion for a free and open Internet will burn forever bright.

To celebrate 10 years, we released a special Firefox update featuring some great new privacy options, and we released a spiffy new look for our newsletter. Read on to get tips, add-ons and apps, and to see what’s new in the latest, greatest Firefox.





Mitch McConnell’s Time to Shine


Yesterday, we learned that President Obama is going to announce his plans for executive amnesty this evening in a live address to the nation from the White House.



After the American people soundly rejected his policies on November 4th, he has the audacity to address us in prime time fashion to announce his plans to defiantly enact executive amnesty.

This is the moment we anticipated happening.

The American people have chosen a new path - one in which Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have been trusted to lead. Today is their moment to step up to that task.

Call to Action:
Today we are asking Senate Majority Leader-Elect Mitch McConnell to come out publicly - before the President addresses the nation - to announce that if the President moves forward against the will of the American people the Senate will reject every single nomination or appointment that the President puts forward for the next two years - except for critical national security positions.

Likewise, we are asking Speaker John Boehner to come out publicly and commit to not funding any portion of the President's plan.

This is the moment the American people feared and this is the reason why Republicans were given control of Congress. Let's call today and encourage them to do the right thing!


(844) 397-2146
Send a Tweet @McConnellPress
Send an Email



(844) 397-2152
Send a Tweet @SpeakerBoehner
Send an Email andrew.bunker@mail.house.gov

In Liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin & Tea Party Patriots National Support Team