Cat Smith Expenses Cover Up

Cat Smith Expenses Cover Up

by guidobard
A very interesting development for the police investigating Labour MP Cat Smith's election expenses. Cat claimed her election organiser spent just 12.5% of his time on her campaign - she would have bust her spending limit if his entire salary had been declared. So the cops will be intrigued to learn that, since Guido's story, Smith's organiser Ben Singleton has 'protected' his tweets. Something to hide, Ben? singleton Why might Singleton want his tweets kept secret? Well, Guido looked through his posts. During the election he tweeted exclusively about Smith, and not about any other candidates. This would suggest he spent a lot more than 12.5% of his time campaigning for her. As you can see below, Singleton appeared time and time again in tweets and photos relating to Smith's local campaign: ben singleton compilation What's more, Singleton's public Facebook activity from the election is almost entirely devoted to Cat Smith, and not any other candidates: ben From the evidence available, it simply isn't believable that Singleton spent just 12.5% of his time on Smith's campaign. Her was her devoted organiser. If Smith had declared his true salary accordingly, she would have bust her limit. Singleton suddenly hiding his tweets from public view shows they are on the run...
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Ethnic Minority Brits Back Brexit


Ethnic Minority Brits Back Brexit

by guidobard
Fair play to Newsnight for this segment on why ethnic minority voters and businessmen and women back Brexit. The British Indian and Pakistani shop owners they spoke to wanted trade agreements with China, India and the Commonwealth and had concerns about European immigration. Can we have another musical video please?
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Jim Shannon Ordered to Repay £14,000 Expenses

Jim Shannon Ordered to Repay £14,000 Expenses

by WikiGuido
A hugely damning verdict from IPSA following their investigation into the expenses of DUP MP Jim Shannon. He has been ordered to pay back a massive £14,000 in staff mileage claims. Some choice findings:
"The records kept by the MP’s office are completely inadequate and make it impossible to conduct a viable external audit of the activities undertaken" "The methods for the submission and collation of mileage claims by individual staff members are equally woeful." "the current situation is unsustainable, and Mr Shannon must engage with IPSA with a view to conducting a fundamental review of his constituency office management"
Read the findings hereAbout as harsh a condemnation as IPSA ever give...
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Net Migration Up 20,000 to 333,000

Net Migration Up 20,000 to 333,000

by WikiGuido
migration cczfeaewiaeuikb-7.jpgbut I'm not bothered - I really haven't got a clue
New ONS figures show that between December 2014 and December 2015 net migration was 330,000, up 20,000. Three times the government's immigration target... 270,000 EU citizens migrated to Britain last year. Net EU migration was 184,000, an increase of 10,000 on the previous year. Vote Leave now have their justification to turn the debate onto immigration...
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Police Investigating Tessa Munt Election Expenses

Police Investigating Tessa Munt Election Expenses

by WikiGuido
Avon and Somerset Police have received several complaints about ex-LibDem MP Tessa Munt following Guido's story on her election expenses. Munt, who hypocritically attacked the Tories over their spending declarations, herself failed to declare a battle bus which campaigned in her constituency. Asked about the Munt case, the cops tell Guido:
"Avon and Somerset Constabulary have received a number of allegations in relation to improper spending in the 2015 General Election. We will be applying for an extension to the time allowed to investigate and continue to liaise closely with the Electoral Commission."
They are in court today applying for an extension to investigate local Tory MPs, which will now apply to Tessa too. She says she welcomes the police investigation. The question for all parties is this: If transport benefited both local and national campaigns, why were the costs not split between the local and national spend as required by law?
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Remain Takes Project Fear to Church

Remain Takes Project Fear to Church

by guidobard
FFL Euro
The BSE campaign are coordinating another letter to be published in a newspaper over the weekend, this time from religious leaders. BSE sent the text of the letter to Faiths Forum, asking them to get the signatures. Faiths Forum's email to religious leaders openly admits disguising that it is part of the official Remain campaign. The subject line rather gives it away...
Subject: Britain Strong In Europe Campaign
I received this email yesterday, and have been requested to circulate to faith leaders. They are coordinating a letter from religious and belief leaders pressing people to think very carefully before voting to leave the European Union. It reiterates the point so eloquently made in a different context by Pope Francis that faith should be about building bridges not erecting barriers.   It says that so many of the issues about which people of faith care so passionately - from alleviating poverty to tackling climate change - depend on strong international institutions.  It stops short of formally endorsing the remain campaign so as to avoid being overtly political. However, it would be seen as support from the signatories for Britain to remain in the EU, which is how we would present it.
As Justin Welby says, "You can’t say ‘God says you must vote this way or that way’"...
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Secret Messages: BMA Junior Doctor Leadership Said Pay “Only Real Red Line”

Secret Messages: BMA Junior Doctor Leadership Said Pay “Only Real Red Line”

by guidobard

"Give us money or the patient gets it," Greedy Junior Gorillas

A massive leak of private WhatsApp messages reveal pay was "the only real red line" for the BMA junior doctors leadership. Despite the BMA publicly claiming the strike was about patient safety, senior BMA junior doctor committee member Kitty Mohan admitted:
"It is the only real red line. It's the thing 99 per cent of juniors told us they were upset about in August."
The secret messages show the BMA leadership wanted to “draw this [dispute] right out” and use industrial action to tie up “the DH up in knots for the next 16-18 months”. Committee chair Dr Johann Malawana said drawing out the dispute was the “best solution... to impose [the contract] against our support”. Dr Malawana said he “had nothing to talk about" with the Department for Health, despite the publicly calling the government to the table. He also said:
"I don't care about anything apart from extracting the best contract. Don't give a shit about anything else."
Guido told you so...
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Soubry’s Big Nissan-derstanding

Soubry’s Big Nissan-derstanding

by WikiGuido
Nissan are on the record saying they won't leave Britain post-Brexit and have been at pains not to scaremonger about the referendum. So they were a bit put out by Anna Soubry using their reception in parliament last night to preach doom on their behalf. The event had nothing to do with Europe, but Soubs misjudged the tone and told guests how leaving the EU will cause a "disaster for manufacturing" and result in "an immediate 10% tariff on Nissan cars". Her speech was heckled by a number of Tory MPs including Michael Fabricant, who shouted "complete rubbish!". Soubry curtly replied "we know you don't agree but everyone else here does", to which another two Tory MPs heckled "we don't!". Guests say the Nissan representatives present were not impressed with their event being hijacked by an overtly politicised speech. A simple gag about SamCam's Micra would have been much more appropriate... 
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Independence keeps Britain safe, Plus – watch our latest video: The Euro – Wrong then, Wrong Now

douglascarswell-14.jpgNew on Talkcarswell:Britain is among the top five military spenders in the world. We're a permanent member of the UN Security Council. We're the second power in NATO, behind the USA. Our independent military power is what keeps us safe. But – as a dozen top ex-generals made clear yesterday – that's what's at risk if we stay in the EU. Read why here
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999: Election Expenses Emergency


So far, 29 MPs are being investigated for their election expenses. An investigation by Channel 4 News has alleged that the MPs involved may have broken campaign spending limits. If these claims are true, their elections could be declared null and void, and the MPs involved could even go to jail. But we need to act now to get the police to take these allegations seriously.

Eleven police forces across the country are investigating election expenses, but the Conservatives have now gone to court to stop Kent Police investigating allegations in South Thanet. Rules on election expenses are there to protect our democracy - money shouldn’t decide any election result. We need the police to investigate ALL election expenses allegations.


Tell Scotland Yard to take on election expenses


The only way to get election expenses looked at seriously is for the Metropolitan Police to coordinate a national investigation into all expenses allegations. There’s not much time - we need them to act before 11 June, or the deadline for prosecuting election offences will run out. So please sign our petition to the Police Commissioner today.

Thank you to the thousands of you that took our election expenses survey last week. You told us firmly to take action, and we listened. Please join us in demanding a national police investigation into election expenses.


Best wishes,


Alexandra Runswick

Director, Unlock Democracy