Trump’s Identity Crisis


Here’s a quick overview of the past week’s major political events:

Which Donald Trump is running for President?
Donald Trump’s biggest problem on the campaign trail is … Donald Trump, or, more precisely, all of the Donald Trumps of the past. As Politico reported this week, Donald Trump has an identity crisis of sorts. The real estate mogul was a Republican, then an Independent, then a Democrat, and now a Republican over the course of the last two decades. His party allegiance was not the only thing that changed over time; his policy positions on everything from taxes to gun control to food stamps have also evolved dramatically. Read more here:

The RNC improved the debate format?
As we have reported over the past few months, the Fox News GOP presidential debate, scheduled for next Thursday evening, has a rigid set of criteria to determine which candidates may participate. The rules for the debate limit the number of candidates who will be on stage to just 10 (and for those who are keeping track, there are already 17 declared GOP candidates – so seven candidates will not be invited!). We have voiced criticism about the debate format and criteria. This week in a The Wall Street Journal op-ed, RNC communications director Sean Spicer explains the rationale behind changing the debate.

Spicer argues that the new debate format and schedule will provide the following benefits: predictability for candidates (a set schedule determined well in advance), a presence on conservative media outlets (Fox News, chiefly), and accessibility to voters in more states (the debates will take place in nine states).

Spicer’s op-ed is available here:


Hillary Clinton’s massive security breach.
Hillary Clinton and her campaign insist that her exclusive use of a personal email account during her time at Secretary of State never compromised national security or posed a security threat. The U.S. intelligence community strongly disagrees. As The Washington Times reported this week, U.S. intelligence officials have alerted Congress that her email account contains hundreds of revelations of classified information from spy agencies. Intelligence officials are now taking steps to contain the damage and minimize the harm to national security. This ongoing email scandal has eroded public opinion of Hillary Clinton and partially accounts for her low “favorability” numbers in the polls.


Hillary and Planned Parenthood: Perfect Together.
In other bad news for Hillary Clinton, Politico this week published a detailed analysis of her deep ties to Planned Parenthood. Over the past few weeks, news has leaked that the nation’s largest abortion provider company apparently was selling as “fetal tissue” human organs collected after performing abortions.

That puts Hillary Clinton in a tough spot. She has profited from her relationship with Planned Parenthood over the years. In 2000, Planned Parenthood’s PAC gave $8,000 to Clinton’s first Senate bid in New York. In 2008, the Planned Parenthood PAC donated over $1,800 to her first Presidential bid. As Politico notes, many of the biggest donors to Planned Parenthood’s PAC are also staunch Clinton supporters. Some of the same big-dollar donors behind Planned Parenthood were early supporters of the Ready For Hillary PAC in 2013, and many have already made the maximum campaign contribution of $2,700 to her primary campaign this year.

In addition to sharing donors, Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton also share consultants and advisers, including public relations specialists and pollsters.

In the wake of this shocking scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood’s apparent disregard for the federal laws prohibiting the sale of human body parts, Hillary is standing by Planned Parenthood, refusing to distance herself or her campaign from the country’s largest abortion provider.

Below is this week’s trivia question.


Here’s the correct response to last week’s trivia question.
Question: Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham worked on George McGovern’s 1972 campaign for President. Which candidate for the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination was the campaign manager of that 1972 McGovern campaign?

Answer: Gary Hart.

That’s all for this week. Keep fighting for freedom!

Jenny Beth Martin

Senate Testimony on IRS Targeting and Other Things You Need To Know This Week

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NatWest’s Online Banking Crashes on Payday

800px-NatWest logo

NatWest - Almost on-line for banking

NatWest’s Online Banking Crashes on Payday
by technoguido

NatWest's online banking service has crashed on payday. Again...

Busy day for the intern managing @NatWest_Help...

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Guess who’s back?

Champ Header v2

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are reuniting to create an all-new car show, exclusively for Amazon Prime. The show will be produced by the trio’s long time executive producer Andy Wilman. On working with Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson said “I feel like I've climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship.” The first show will go into production shortly and arrive exclusively on Amazon Prime in 2016.
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Don’t miss Extant Season 2, produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry, two-time Golden Globe winner and 11 Emmy Award nominee Transparent and the upcoming full series of The Man in the High Castle, produced by Ridley Scott. Not to mention Vikings, Ripper Street Season 3 extended cut, Black Sails and of course Outlander, all exclusive to Amazon Prime.

Economist’s Peerless Fact Checking


5 Lords Aleaping

Economist’s Peerless Fact Checking
by technoguido

The Economist are excitedly promoting their shock revelation that some peers have done bad things, with a mugshots of five criminal "current members of the House of Lords".

Just one problem.

Charles Nall-Cain, the Third Baron Brocket is not a member of the House of Lords, he's an excluded hereditary peer. Economical with subbing stories...
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Corbyn Strikes Activist
by Neo-Guido

My favourite Jeremy Corbyn moment

15586_01 Jules Mattsson (@julesmattsson) July 30, 2015

Presumably part of a Zionist conspiracy.

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Diane Abbott Forgets She Didn’t Think Corbyn Could Win


Diane Abbott Forgets She Didn’t Think Corbyn Could Win
by technoguido

Diane Abbott was on Newsnight last night, adamantly declaring that she had never said Jeremy Corbyn couldn't win and, of course, Corbyn is the great white hope that will save the Labour party.

Phil Collins: When we were on another television program not so long ago you didn't think Jeremy Corbyn could win, now you think he [can]

Diane Abbott: No, no, no, no, no, no, I've never said he couldn't win.

Here she is less than two weeks ago on Marr calling the idea that Corbyn could win "silly".

Marr: I introduced you earlier as a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, which you are.. do you think he can actually win this campaign.

Abbott: No. I mean this story about polls where he comes first, no one's seen such polls. That's a silly story.

How long before no one in the Labour party will admit to have doubted Comrade Corbyn?

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Significant strengthening of security at the Coquelles rail terminal

calais-police-trac 3081232k

But this outnumbered policeman is keeping well clear - Time to bring in troops?

Groupe Eurotunnel welcomes the decision by Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister for the Interior, to reinforce the French Police forces on the terminal in Coquelles, which has enabled a reduction in the number of intrusions, in risk to migrants and which ensures a service which is close to normal for transporters.

A high level technical meeting has also taken place today between the Group and senior experts at the Interior Ministry. The practical recommendations generated by their experience and expertise to maintain both public safety and the fluidity of the railway terminal will be put into action rapidly.


At the same time, the high security fencing around the platforms installed by Eurotunnel has become operational today. The fence supplied by the British government will be completed in the coming days.


Finally, measures have been taken for truck traffic: night services will from now on be provided on protected shuttles and from the platforms in the centre of the terminal.


Passengers who are travelling through the Coquelles terminal can travel in confidence. They have been transported without delay throughout the day, a peak holiday getaway period, and have had the best welcome and customer service possible during their journey.


Truck traffic remains affected by Operation Stack, a consequence of the situation in the Channel. The Group is committed to offer the best service to its customers in a railway terminal that is even better protected and which serves a vital purpose, especially in these difficult times.

Bid Management… or bid mismanagement?

AF-35 firstflight AF-3pr-CTOL

But then chaos seems to work for Government contracts

“This project is over budget, we aren’t going to deliver on time and the customer is not happy with us”. This is an all too familiar statement when our clients ask us to identify process and control breakdown within projects which are not going to plan.

But is it always the fault of the Project Director failing to deliver the project, or even the Quantity Surveyor who has been unable to effectively manage the budgets? When projects go wrong too many construction firms fail to challenge themselves on the root cause of the issue. The elephant in the room is often that the opportunity was always too risky or the bid price was based on achieving subcontractor or value engineering savings that were unrealistic.


Recent research by MarketingWorks and the University of Reading suggested that for contracts between £2m - £250m the average cost of winning was £60,208 in 2014. As a proportion of the overall contract value, bid costs can be as high as 1.2%. The level of investment into bidding for new projects is, therefore, significant yet it is an area where processes are often not adequately defined and controls are not robust. The implications of bidding for the wrong project or choosing the wrong contract price can be significantly more severe, as recently high profile examples have highlighted.


For many internal audit functions the amount of effort spent focusing on this area remains surprisingly low, instead deciding to concentrate on ‘live’ projects. Our experience has identified that those construction firms with the fewest ‘problem child’ projects are those with a robust bid management process together with an inclusive and collaborative culture. An Internal Audit function should consider how it can play a more proactive role in mitigating contract risk, right at the beginning of the project lifecycle, rather than once things have started to go wrong.


What should you consider when reviewing this area?


Is there a process for capturing and evaluating risks when evaluating new projects and contracts, ensuring they are within the organisation’s risk appetite?
Are the costs associated with the development of bids understood and can this process be made more efficient whilst maintaining sufficiently robust controls?
Is the process for developing bids collaborative? Does it involve and engage all key staff and expertise in a timely manner?
Are there delegations of authority, based on clearly defined criteria, for both bid qualification and submitting bids?
Do individual personalities disproportionately influence bid decisions and circumvent the process? If so, how is this risk managed?
Where there are subsequent negotiations, are movements in contract value and anticipated margin from the original bid submitted subject to being reapproved?
Is feedback obtained from both successful and unsuccessful bids and are these lessons used to continuously improve the bid process?
Where a dedicated bid management function exists, is the role and objectives of this function clearly defined and are there appropriate performance measures in place to measure their effectiveness?


Internal audit functions should also consider whether they have the skills and expertise to sufficiently challenge the business. High performing Internal Audit functions use internal or external subject matter experts to support in reviewing this area. Examples include commercial specialists, quantity surveyors and project managers.


Seeking advice to help you identify weaknesses within your bid management and estimating and tendering processes could well pay dividends.

CWU Backs Corbyn, Rejects Winning


CWU Backs Corbyn, Rejects Winning
by Neo-Guido

“I am delighted to announce that the CWU will be backing Jeremy Corbyn MP to be the next leader of the Labour Party.

There are no quick fixes for the Labour party, but there are some easy decisions and choosing Jeremy as its leader should be one of them.

We think that it is time for a change for Labour. The grip of the Blairites and individuals like Peter Mandelson must now be loosened once and for all. There is a virus within the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn is the antidote.

We reject the notion that Labour needs to move to the centre ground of British politics. The Centre ground has moved significantly to the right in recent years. We do not see arguing for fairer wealth distribution, decent jobs with good pay, terms and conditions and a substantial increase in affordable housing for the next generation as a left wing agenda.

Jeremy agrees with the vast amount of CWU policy, ranging from opposing the selling off of Royal Mail, to offering a real alternative to austerity, and repealing anti-trade union laws."


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