Juncker Fiddles While the Eurozone Burns


Europe is in turmoil as Greece is poised to exit the Euro and possibly the European Union. On Tuesday evening Greece defaulted on repaying the latest bailout instalment - the first developed country to do so. They joined the ranks of a club which includes Sudan, Somalia and Zimbabwe, the only other countries still in arrears to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

On Wednesday Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister and leader of the recently elected radical left party Syriza, offered to accept the demands of their creditors - the Troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF) - but with some minor adjustments. Led by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brussels has rejected the offer - refusing to continue any negotiations until after Sunday’s referendum. Tsipras went on TV to urge the Greek people to vote NO in the referendum and reject the stubborn demands of their EU creditors, accusing the EU of being unreasonable. Yet, he foolishly claimed a NO vote would not lead to Greece exiting the Euro.



The unfortunate reality is Greece should have never joined the Euro - and they should not have remained in the Euro after the recession. If they brought back the drachma and devalued their currency, they would soonbe on the road to recovery. Holidays in Greece would get cheaper bringing in much needed revenue, and Greece would have a competitive advantage when they export their goods abroad. As we approach an In/Out referendum on our own membership of the EU, it is important to remember the interests of Member States will always be sacrificed for the expanding Federal EU super-state. (Our article in The Commentator on Greece today is a must-read – see below)

We have an exclusive article from UKIP MEP and Economics Spokesman Steven Woolfe, who argues the political establishment wants to gerrymander the EU Referendum (Rigging the EU Referendum is an Insult to Democracy). Woolfe says this would be done because each of the main parties would have their own spending limits to campaign before the referendum, along with both the Outers and those who want to stay in the EU. Yet we know all the main political parties - barring UKIP - will want to campaign to stay In (Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Conservatives), so the other side will be able to outspend the No campaign by boosting the Yes campaign.

As if the EU didn't have other things to worry about - the potential collapse of the euro being just one of them - their latest bright idea to annoy the Great British Public is a preposterous and arrogant demand Britain must do more to get mothers back work (The Commentator: Brussels to Mothers: Get Back to Work!).

We have crossposted numerous articles from John Redwood’s Diary onour website, including the Conservative MP’s excellent article on Greece’s troubles (The Euro vs Democracy – A Greek Tragedy). We also shared his article in praise of Sajid Javid MP’s scolding of the CBI for their fanatical support of the EU (Mr Javid Gives Good Advice). Read them both and more on our website.

In June, we also released a timely article coinciding with the 800th Magna Carta Anniversary (Distant Strasbourg Lawyers Do Not Guarantee Britain's Rights). Crossposted in Breitbart, London, it reveals how the Europhiles will use any excuse to paint the EU in a good light. It’s the Magna Carta which helped evolve Britain into a liberal land which respects individual rights, not the European Court of Human Rights,which causes more harm than it’s worth.

The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was commemorated last month. Posted on our website (Waterloo Undermines the Europhile Version of History), we demonstrate why certain Europhiles would like to forget about Waterloo altogether. This was revealed in the bizarre episode whereby the French government vetoed the Belgian commemorative coin marking the battle. For many, Waterloo represents the triumph of individual nation states and their sovereignty, not the European super-state Napoleon wished to build.

One of the more astonishing stories we have reported on has been a new amendment to the InfoSoc Directive which will give the EU the power to ban holiday snaps which include famous buildings and artwork (The Commentator: EU Wants Control Over Our Holiday Snaps, Amazingly Enough). The proposal threatens the long-established ‘freedom of panorama’ and is yet another example of the attempts of bureaucrats in Brussels to meddle in the affairs of sovereign nations and to intervene in people's lives.

Adding to the long pattern of EU arrogance, you may recall EU President Juncker’s call for a European Army. We wrote about this for Breitbart London (EU Commissioners Exploit Defence to Push Federalism), which shows how crises are not seen for the catastrophes they are, but as opportunities for the superstate to expand further. NATO is the real source of our peace on the continent, so does it make any sense to duplicate another army when these resources could contribute to the Atlantic alliance instead? Of course not.

We also shed light on the government’s dilemma about the so-called EU ‘renegotiation’ as Business Secretary Savid Javid decided to speak out against the pro-EU Confederation of British Industry (CBI). The CBI is unashamedly attached to the interests of lobbyists in Brussels. They wanted to join the Euro and then skewed the facts through dodgy opinion polling. Fortunately, they were ignored then and we should do the same now regarding ‘renegotiation’ (Breitbart London: Business Secretary Smacks Down Pro-EU Group).

You may recall Andrew Rosindell MPs’ recent guest article for Get Britain Out where he extolled the virtues of Britain having closer ties with the Commonwealth, instead of being obsessed with EU membership. Breitbart London also promoted it with a quote from us: “The EU is past its sell-by date, it makes no sense for Britain to focus its energy on a declining trading bloc. The EU remains the only regional economy struggling to enjoy a recovery. There is a world outside the EU, and it is full with opportunity for Britain.” (Europe 'Outdated', English-Speaking World is the Future).

We hope you enjoy following our news and updates, and will share this with all your friends, family and colleagues. Perhaps some may need enlightening about the need to Get Britain Out coming up to the In/Out Referendum. Please forward this email and encourage them to Sign Up to receive our e-Bulletins and support our campaign. You might like to look at our website from time to time to keep up with all the latest EU News press coverage – updated on a daily basis to save you trawling through all the papers - as well as much more.

Thank you, as always, for your support.


Ex-Im Bank Expires And Other Things You Need To Know This Week

In Liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Saga welcomes FCA quizzing pension providers

Guy fawkes henry perronet briggs

Bring back the rack

The new pension freedoms introduced in April now means that the over 55s are able to cash in their pension. However, lots of people wanting to do this are having to jump through hoops to release their savings or are being charged large fees to move to providers offering more flexible schemes.




This week, the FCA announced that it is giving pension providers until 7 August to disclose the fees they are charging people, as well as to come clean about any barriers they are putting in peoples’ way or they will face a fine.

Commenting on the FCA’s announcement, Paul Green, director of communications at Saga, said:

“Firms should not be taking advantage of the new rights – people should be able to access their own savings whenever they want.

"It is good that the regulator is starting to act and ensure fairness for both individuals and pension providers. Exercising your rights should not be a source of profit for providers but an opportunity to help and just recover their costs. However, there is also a clear need for straightforward guidance and advice on the options people have, but trusting people is the right place to start.”

Make MPs Wear “Paid for by the Taxypayer” on their Clothes


& make them wear prison clothes when they max out their taxpayer funded credit card

Make MPs Wear “Paid for by the Taxypayer” on their Clothes
by technoguido

Jeremy Hunt's proposal to label NHS medicine with "paid for by the UK taxpayer" received a surprisingly warm reception from the Question Time audience last night, but Hunt had his thunder stolen by an audience suggestion: Make MPs wear "paid for by the UK taxpayer" on their clothes...

Excellent idea Mr Beard...

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My speech at the Western Conservative Summit


Since last week, we have heard from many of our supporters about the Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell. Many of the emails I received, as well as the conversations I have had over the past week, were ones of defeat and a sense of fear that things might never improve.



As the emails were coming in last week, I was moved to rewrite my speech for the Western Conservative Summit this past weekend. The annual summit, which is held in Denver each summer, is one of the largest gatherings of conservatives.

It is not very often that I personally ask you to read or listen to a speech I have given, but I am making an exception today. If you are feeling down or fearful about what lies ahead for the United States, if you would like to learn what Tea Party Patriots' vision and plans are for the future, or if you want to know we have been listening to you and we have not stopped working to help reach our common goals, please take the time to read or watch this speech. I wrote it in direct response to the emails you sent me.

The speech focused on how we can make our agenda the dominant agenda in Washington, DC, by using our Yellow Card project to help us achieve that goal. I also expressed the faith I have in our country and in you.

Please take the time to read or watch the speech. If you click through to watch the speech, it begin watching at the 1 hour and 38 minute mark. After you watch or read the speech, please feel free to email me to let me know what you think of it. Then, sign up for our Yellow Card project. You get a sneak peak of the Yellow Card Project in the speech and will see more as we begin the roll out in the next few weeks.

As we move into Independence Day, you will feel especially patriotic and full of love for America. Hold onto that love. Know you are not alone. There are millions of us across this country working together to expand our personal freedom, increase our economic freedom, and achieve a debt-free future. Together we will succeed! Thank you for all you do for TPP and, most importantly, thank you for what you do for our country and freedom!

In liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and CEO

Jeb Bush plans to “weaponize” his campaign


Jeb Bush’s strategists just told The New York Times that they are planning to “weaponize” their $100 million warchest.



Their goal is to pummel candidates like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and Carly Fiorina with negative attacks right out of the gate.

They want to guarantee many of these candidates don’t make the cut and are excluded from the “official” RNC debates!

Please immediately sign the national Tea Party Open Letter to Jeb Bush. Tell him to abandon his plan to blow up the Republican Party and personally destroy the conservative candidates.

Tell him to publicly demand that EVERY GOP candidate be allowed in the debates.

Then, please forward this email to everyone you know. This is urgent. Jeb Bush needs to know where “We the People” stand.

We need thousands of grassroots conservatives to sign this open letter.

You see, the Ruling Class Republicans are doing everything they can to rig the presidential nomination contests.

Their “Attack and Expel” strategy is already in full swing.

They are raising epic amounts of money through Jeb Bush’s four different fundraising committees.

They are openly bragging that they plan to use this $100 million to attack the records of the conservative candidates in the presidential race.

The media then will declare that these conservatives are no longer “top tier” and can’t appear in the debates!

One Bush advisor calls this strategy the campaign’s “Pickett’s charge”. It’s disgusting. And it will ultimately end up electing Hillary Clinton President.

These GOP elites are going to try to grind down good grassroots conservatives with attack ads. And, in the process, they are going to ruin our chance to save America.

Please sign your letter to Jeb Bush immediately. He must understand that grassroots conservatives won’t sit idly by while he works to rig the nominating process.

It’s bad enough that the Ruling Class Republicans want to deprive you of the right to hear from every candidate running with these outrageous exclusionary debate rules.

We deserve to hear from EVERY Republican candidate!

But now Jeb Bush and his cronies are about to take advantage of these unfair rules and unleash a wave of political hate.

They want to use their $100 million war chest to attack and smear grassroots conservative candidates before their campaigns even get started in earnest!

Remember, no matter which candidate you support, if he or she doesn’t make it into the “top ten”, their campaign will be effectively over. They will be barred from the official debates and relegated to a “loser’s forum.”

That’s why the establishment is gearing up for war right now.

If they can simply drive up the negative ratings of a conservative like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, or Ben Carson, they can keep at least some of these candidates out of the official debates.

Please sign the open letter to Jeb Bush right now. And beg everyone you know to do the same.

We need to force Mr. Bush to renounce this evil “Attack and Expel” strategy. We must continue demanding that every candidate be allowed in the debates.

Just click here to sign your letter. This really is important.

The GOP nomination process should be about promoting conservative ideas and offering a positive vision that will help bring disillusioned and cynical Americans back into the GOP.

Instead, thanks to Jeb Bush, we are about to get a tidal wave of Ruling Class attack ads and the expulsion of good grassroots conservatives from the debates.

Tell Jeb Bush to stop this nonsense. Tell him to support open debates.

Please sign your letter NOW.


Jenny Beth Martin

BP in $18.5 billion Deepwater Horizon settlement; And soon, the self-driving ship?

DeepWater-378ae20214bfe7cff59268adc023ecf3 L

BP in $18.5 billion Deepwater Horizon settlement
July 2, 2015—Five Gulf Coast states and the federal government have reached a tentative settlement with BP that will see the oil company pay $18.7 billion over 18 years, in compensation for damages from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The $18.5 billion includes a civil penalty of $5.5 billion under the Clean Water Act (CWA)—payable over 15 years.




Industry News
One former ST Marine exec sentenced, two more charged
The corrupt practices probe involving former executives of Singapore Technologies Marine rolls on.

Frederiksen puts Frontline together again
Now the two companies will enter a merger that will see Frontline become the surviving legal entity with Frontline 2012 as a wholly-owned subsidiary that will then be merged into Frontline.

And soon, the self-driving ship?
Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative will produce the specification and preliminary designs for the next generation of advanced ship solutions.
Gulf Island fab books Trinidad offshore project
It has signed a contract with an oil and gas company with operations in Trinidad for the fabrication of a jacket and piles for one of its offshore locations.

Das Bild Referendum


German NEIN vote could see Merkel in deep trouble

Das Bild Referendum
by WikiGuido

All eyes on Greece for Sunday's referendum on whether to accept the EU's bailout condition, though German tabloid Bild is holding a plebiscite of its own:

"Shall we support Greece with further taxpayer billions?" NEIN

Are you listening Mrs Merkel... NEIN

H/T @JeremyCliffe
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A ‘no’ verdict on Sunday could lead Greece to become another Argentina


Greeks should vote YES to protect fat cat bankers and enjoy the straight jacket

Greece must vote ‘yes’ in Sunday’s referendum or face becoming ‘another Argentina’, warns the chief executive of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.



Nigel Green, deVere Group’s founder and CEO, is speaking out as Greeks decide whether they should accept or reject proposals made by creditors in a crucial referendum taking place on 5 July.


Mr Green affirms: “Now Greece is in the Eurozone it has to stay and make it work.


“The consequences of not doing so are grim. Greece could become another Argentina.


“With Greeks already storming banks, queuing at now increasingly empty ATMs, ever barer supermarket shelves, and petrol stations running out of fuel, Greece is already looking eerily like Argentina in economic terms.


“And it is likely to get much worse if the Greek population does not vote ‘yes’ on Sunday.”


He explains: “Thanks to Tspiras’ attempts at creating a socialist utopia for the last five months, Greece is now almost out of euros. The ECB is the only organisation that can create the Euros that Greece desperately needs and only the European institutions can supply the credit.


“If a ‘yes’ verdict is delivered on Sunday, more euros are likely to come, meaning banks can reopen, bank accounts can remain in euros, cash machines can be filled, and pensions, welfare benefits and wages can be paid in euros.


“If a ‘no’ verdict is delivered we can expect the opposite of this to be true. And indeed it would get worse as we can expect the banking system to plunge further into chaos, prices will soar, and there will be a smaller base from which to collect tax revenues, meaning more hardship and less of a state safety net for pensioners and those in need of unemployment and other benefits.”


Mr Green continues: “It is deeply concerning that the referendum is being portrayed by some leading figures as a simple choice between the euro and the drachma.


“But this doesn’t cover the nuance. It would not be the drachma of before, which at least had a degree of credibility in international financial and economic terms. ‘Drachma 2.0’ would be introduced by a government that lacks credibility amongst the world’s major institutions.


“This would lead to it having to trade significantly below value and it would, of course, lead to soaring inflation.”


The deVere Group CEO concludes: “Should there be a ‘no’ outcome, there could still be further negotiations, but it would be a knife edge situation with the potential to spiral down further.


“The ailing Argentinian economy should be a wake-up call for Greeks as they head to vote on Sunday.”

Secret Fracking Report Doesn’t Reveal Much


Frack on Tommy - Defra report fails to reveal much of any interest to anybody

Secret Fracking Report Doesn’t Reveal Much
by technoguido

An unredacted draft Defra report into the economic effects impacts of drilling for shale has revealed that despite there not really being any evidence for it, houses near fracking wells could lose some value. The usual suspects are running "fracking likely to wipe 7% off house prices" headlines...



"Overall the evidence on impact on property prices in the literature is quite thin and the results are not conclusive. There could potentially be a range of 0 to 7% reductions in property values within 1 mile of an extraction site to reflect the impacts, where the high range reflects the top end of the Boxall et al (2005) estimate for the price fall.

Other redacted sections from the report that mysteriously didn't warrant a mention in the Indy, Telegraph or Mirror include a warning that demand for accommodation near fracking sites could "raise rents and cause affordability issues for rural residents seeking accommodation". A nice windmill near your house on the other hand...

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