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TPP Citizens Fund Report

Dear Patriot,

Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

•   Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, like the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, is sounding the alarm about the Republican Party establishment’s campaign to effectively anoint Jeb Bush as the 2016 GOP nominee for President. This is a big problem, and it’s important that every Tea Party activist understands exactly what is going on. Please read more here:

•   And then, please make a generous donation to help us keep fighting the establishment and to make sure the Republican Party elects a TRUE conservative. Just click here:

•   Hillary Clinton is gearing up to run a populist campaign for President focusing on the so-called “issue” of “income inequality.” The Democrats have been trumpeting this one for quite some time now. However, the Obama Administration just released a report stating that since Barack Obama came into power, median family incomes have declined and income inequality has actually increased. Rest assured, we are going to make sure every single person in this country understands who really is to blame for this economic disaster, and that electing another liberal President will only make things worse! Read more about this blockbuster report here:

That’s all for this week. Keep fighting for freedom!


Jenny Beth Martin Chairman

Donate Now! Donate Now!

We Need Your Input!

Although this session of Congress has only just begun, we already see that President Obama is intent on protecting his liberal agenda at every turn – from vetoing the Keystone Pipeline to doing all he can to keep his executive amnesty fully funded. Sometimes it seems like there is no end in sight to the out of touch liberal policies being advanced through Congress and regulatory bodies.
The reality is President Obama will be out of office in 2 years and we will have a new President and new Congress to hold accountable. We at Tea Party Patriots are looking at what legislation we want to see enacted by October 1, 2017 after the new President and Congress take office. As we gear up and prepare for the next Congressional session we need your input on several pressing questions.
We are excited to hear your thoughts on our various projects and proposals. In the meantime, we will continue to hold this Congress and President Obama accountable and continue to keep a watchful eye on what their actions are regarding the budget, the $18 trillion national debt, spending and appropriation bills, the repeal of Obamacare, and our other key legislative issues. As always, we look forward to working with you to hold our elected officials accountable and stand shoulder to shoulder with those who share our values and priorities.
Sincerely, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Last Chance to Stop Executive Amnesty

Time is running out to stop President Obama's unilateral executive amnesty!  Congress has the power of the purse and can stop the funding for this backdoor amnesty. But we need to put pressure on the Senate today to encourage them to do the right thing!
Just this week, Breitbart featured a story about the real cost of amnesty. People who are granted amnesty could claim more than $35,000 in tax benefits in the first year alone!  American taxpayers simply cannot afford this burden.  Read the article here.
Please call both of your U.S. Senators today and urge them to oppose a "clean" DHS funding bill. Remind them that President Obama lacks the Constitutional authority to write his own laws.
Our message is clear: Respect the rule of law and defund executive amnesty!
The Capitol switchboard operator can be reached at 202.224.3121. And don't forget the power of social media. Remember to use Twitter as part of your outreach to Congress.
Thank you for all that you do!  You truly are making a difference in this important fight!
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Phone: (202) 224-2541 Tweet: @McConnellPress Speaker John Boehner Phone: (202) 225-6205 Tweet: @SpeakerBoehner In liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team  

Betrayal, Conspiracy and the EU


The Three Dummies Hoping to retain power for their cartel

The General Election is 10 weeks away, and our campaign is steaming ahead. We were quoted in yesterday’s Daily Express condemning the EU for forcing the owners of golf buggies, mobility scooters and ride-on lawnmowers to take out full motor insurance, even though some of those vehicles are only intended to be used on private land.

We also condemned the leadership of the Church of England for publishing a 52-page pastoral letter which vilified Margaret Thatcher, free markets, suggested scrapping Trident, and bashed the government’s welfare reforms. Worst of all, the CoE urged Britain to remain in the EU and for deeper integration with Europe. Our exclusive blog on Breitbart criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and the proposals which sound like “something out of a Socialist Workers Party manifesto”. We condemn these Church of England Lefty bishops - their slide to the Left is a betrayal of the Church’s conservative roots and as well as its congregation.

Speaking of betrayal, while we might complain about Labour’s record on unchecked migration from Europe, the Conservatives have proven to be no better. After all, it is now official: Cameron HAS failed to deliver on his pledge to slash net migration to below 100,000. The latest batch of official figures released yesterday by the Office of National Statistics – the last before the General Election - reveal overall net migration has reached 298,000. Cameron said “no ifs, no buts”, net migration will be in the tens of thousands BEFORE May, but it stands at thrice his own target! Nobody should be surprised about Cameron’s failure to meet his own targets, because if you have an open door to the EU there is no chance of controlling the numbers dashing through the door to Britain.

Our campaign was also present at a hearing of Eurosceptic-turned-Europhile William Hague by the European Scrutiny Committee. The Leader of the House of Commons was grilled about EU debates being stifled by the government, but Hague constantly evaded the questioning. There is no denying there is a conspiracy to avoid EU debates which are ‘hot potatoes’ and liable to embarrass the government as we approach the General Election. Our article is available via The Commentator link below.

We have regularly seen scaremongering by Channel 4, which last week produced an abomination of a “documentary” about the scenario of UKIP winning power. Even the BBC - the propaganda wing of the European Union - attempted to stir up contempt against UKIP as part of their general aim to make the public fear getting out the EU. We discuss this along with the launch of Global Britain’s pamphlet “The Scaremongers” produced jointly with the Democracy Movement, in another exclusive article on Breitbart.

A recent poll for ITV has shown more than half of the British population believe the NHS is overstretched due to EU free movement. Of course, if we can’t control free movement from the EU we can’t control demand for public services. While the advocates for remaining in the EU say free movement is good for our economy, demands on public services mean the government has to keep playing catch-up. This also means less housing available, less school spaces, and the government constantly struggling to reduce the deficit.

It is not only the Right calling for an In/Out EU referendum. Writing an exclusive article for Get Britain Out, John Mills, the Labour Party’s top donor, Chairman and Founder of JML, an economist, entrepreneur and political commentator, called on Ed Miliband to pledge an In / Out EU referendum if he becomes Prime Minister. With an increasing number of Labour MPs calling both for an EU referendum and an exit from the European Union, it is clear Miliband’s position on denying the Great British Public their say, is becoming dangerously unsustainable.

The business lobbying group Business for Britain also published ten proposals for EU reform recently. Our campaign refuted the very concept the EU can ever be reformed into anything fit for purpose. Our article for the Commentator explains why hopes for reform are just smoke and mirrors. Remaining in the EU will doom Britain to be powerless and robbed of our sovereignty. The only way something like the EU could work is solely as a Free Trade Area, which means NO European Parliament, NO European courts overruling our courts and NO unelected “government” in Brussels (the European Commission) imposing its agenda on Britain and Westminster.

Indeed, Business for Britain is not alone in pointing out how much better the British economy would be if we left the EU. Philip Davies, a veteran Eurosceptic MP sitting on the Conservative backbenches, has written an exclusive article for Get Britain Out setting out the economic case for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

We will continue with our battle, and welcome your support – as we all know our only option is to Get Britain Out of the EU.

Kind Regards,
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

Government may remove vital business rates relief from SMEs and charities in bid to rake in £2.4bn, warn property experts


The government is considering scrapping business rates relief to claw back £2.4bn at the expense small firms and charities.

The warning comes from property consultancy Daniel Watney whose research recently showed the BBC and Home Office were among London’s biggest ratepayers. This warning follows a recent government discussion paper sets out the extent of reliefs granted in England in 2013-14 and then asks companies if and how they have been using these reliefs to avoid paying full business rates. Debbie Warwick, head of Business Rates Services at Daniel Watney, has written to the heads of more than 50 business groups warning them to respond to the innocuous looking discussion paper before the deadline in a bid to highlight plans that she believes could have far reaching economic consequences.

The paper says “the government wishes to look at ways to tackle business rates avoidance, including the abuse of business rates reliefs and exemptions”. Adding that the government wishes to “support genuine businesses which legitimately claim rate relief to which they are entitled”. This does not say whether entitlements will continue at all.

Cutting exemptions would hit charities and small businesses the hardest. Charities could see their rates bills become five times higher which, for many, may prove unmanageable. Absence of reliefs could discourage small businesses from expanding into larger properties or from moving in to commercial premises at all.

One of the areas the government consultation claims to be tackling is ratepayers deliberately making property unoccupiable to avoid bills. This activity spiked after 2008 when, as chancellor, Gordon Brown scrapped empty rates relief in order to raise £1bn in business rates revenue. Before 2008 firms enjoyed 50% relief (or 100% relief for industrial use buildings) which was considered broadly fair and resulted in minimal resistance or appeals.

Scrapping that relief has led to a surge in appeals resulting in massive financial cost as the VOA has buckled under the weight of administration while seeing its own budget cut by 40% during this parliament. The Coalition could now be turning its back on those who are genuinely eligible for help having opposed Brown’s move while in Opposition themselves.

In her letter to the regional Chambers of Commerce and other interested bodies Debbie Warwick urges them to respond before the consultation period ends on 28th February.

Debbie Warwick, Head of Business Rates Services at Daniel Watney said,

“Scrapping rates relief would be a backwards step for the businesses.

The yield from business rates is already very high which is why we see so many ratepayers trying to avoid unnecessary costs. Charging at the full rate for empty properties since 2008 has encouraged avoidance in a system which previously was accepted as fair by ratepayers by allowing relief from full charge whilst a property was unoccupied and this reduced charge was rarely challenged. Cutting reliefs would take away some of the flexibility the UK has been trying to build in the property market for some years.”

Sign the Petition to Slash UN Funding

Please find below a special message from one of our allies, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. Please note that Tea Party Patriots allows only certain of our allies to communicate with our network of grassroots patriots. We hope you will take a moment to consider this message. Thank you.

Dear Fellow American,

Our politicians continue to pour your tax money into the United Nations.

When will they learn that the American people are sick and tired of throwing billions of dollars into this black hole of waste, fraud, and abuse?!

Please sign the National Petition ordering Congress to slash U.S. funding of this wasteful, bloated, anti-American bureaucracy. Washington needs to hear from you right now.

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste has been battling out-of-control spending and taxes since 1984. But nothing gets on our nerves more than the federal government wasting billions and billions of our tax dollars to prop up the UN.

This den of bureaucrats, crooks, dictators, and thieves doesn't deserve a single penny of your hard-earned money.

And yet, every year the politicians give in and fork over more and more American tax dollars.

It's time to change that.

With fiscal conservatives now in control of Congress, we have an unprecedented opportunity to drastically slash U.S. funding of the bloated and wasteful United Nations.

But we need to make sure Congress' newly elected leadership knows that this is a top priority for American taxpayers, which is why I need your signature on this petition right now!

Just click here to sign our National Petition to Congress. If we don't act quickly, Congress is going to send yet another giant check to the UN so that it can continue to bash America and undermine our interests.

Right now, Americans are paying $1.2 BILLION per year in DUES to the UN. We also pay $2.2 BILLION, or 28 percent, of the UN peacekeeping budget. Then there are the "voluntary payments" for special UN programs and funds. In one recent year, we gave the UN a record total of $7.7 BILLION.

America's taxpayers pay 25 percent of all UN expenses! And this is at a time when our own government is still running a deficit of nearly half a trillion dollars!

This nonsense must stop. Please sign your Petition now.

Here is what your money is paying for:

    • The UN is planning to construct yet another spectacular building in New York at a cost of as much as $2 billion.
    • Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali has admitted that "perhaps half of the UN workforce does nothing useful."
    • The anti-American Marxist dictatorship in Venezuela was just given a seat on the UN Security Council where it will join Russia and China in voting against the U.S.
    • Third World dictators routinely fly to UN headquarters in New York to attack our great country and undermine our national interests.
  • And UN-funded "peacekeeper" troops have abused the people they are supposed to be protecting and created a deadly and costly cholera epidemic in Haiti!

Congress must slash funding for the UN. American taxpayers should not be paying for this waste and abuse.

Sign your Petition right now. This is really important.

The new leadership in Congress needs to know that this issue is of the utmost importance for the American people. Especially right now, as our government continues to run massive deficits and the Obama Administration is cutting our own defense budget. Just click here.

And please, please ask everyone you know to sign this National Petition as well.

If we don't stand up now, Congress will continue funding the UN year after year.

That's how things work in Washington. And it's got to stop.

Sign your Petition. Tell Congress to stand up to the wasteful status quo and slash funding for the UN.

Thank you for all of your help.



Thomas A. Schatz President Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) is the lobbying arm of Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), the nation's largest taxpayer watchdog organization with more than 1 million members and supporters nationwide. CCAGW is a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that lobbies for legislation to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in government. Contributions to CCAGW are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. For more information about CCAGW, visit Make a contribution today to support CCAGW's efforts to rein in wasteful deficit spending.

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Dear Patriot, Hundreds of your fellow patriots have already pledged their support to the Tea Party Patriots 6th Birthday Money Bomb. Have you? If not, I hope you’ll click here and make a generous pledge of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more right now. You see, to be honest, my finance team is extremely worried that we won’t be able to hit our money bomb fundraising goal in our ten day time limit. Now, I believe we can do it, but only if we get aggressive right away. That’s why I wanted to be sure to follow up with you today. Please make your pledge right now. Simply click here to get started. We just marked the 6th anniversary of the Tea Party movement, and now we’re going to celebrate it by shocking the Washington political establishment! We’ll show these establishment politicians that the Tea Party is more motivated than ever to defeat their reckless big government agenda! I know we can do it - but only if we start this campaign off with a bang. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you make your pledge today. Your pledge today is not a donation, but we will be sending you periodic updates and reminders throughout this ten-day push to ask for your help as we push toward our ambitious goal. Remember, this effort isn’t happening in a vacuum. The Washington establishment will be watching our fundraising progress over these ten days. And since fundraising prowess is the only thing they understand, if we can’t show a huge fundraising total right out of the gate, they’re going to point to that as evidence that the Tea Party is “dead.” They’ll use it as “proof” that the American people actually SUPPORT their disastrous big government agenda! We can’t let that happen. We must show the D.C. establishment - and the nation - that the Tea Party is ready to do whatever it takes to make our voices heard! Please help us do that. Make a generous pledge of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more to the 6th Birthday Money Bomb right now. Thank you so much for your support! For Liberty, Jenny Beth Martin Co-Founder and National Coordinator  

Hacked Off Show Trial For Journalists in Parliament


Orff with their heads

Guido popped down to Hacked Off’s parliamentary rally this lunchtime to watch a panel discussion with well-known friends of the press John Cleese, Harriet Harman and Simon Hughes, hosted by “Dr” Evan Harris. Cleese had the audience laughing nervously when he compared journalists to murderers, claiming:

“Of course they want to regulate themselves, we’d all like to regulate ourselves wouldn’t we? Builders, accountants, murderers, they’d all like to regulate themselves. The murderers would make a very good case – they’d say we murdered a lot of people, we know people who have murdered people. We really are best qualified to regulate”

About 20 minutes later, Harris halted proceedings to inform the room that “a journalist is here tweeting”, naming and singling out WikiGuido and bizarrely referencing the Brooks Newmark story. Harris told the room that Guido had tweeted about Cleese’s ‘murderer’ comparison. The exchange below is not verbatim, but is backed up by multiple witnesses and video.

WikiGuido: [From across the room] It was a direct quote.

Harris: You clearly don’t understand context.

WikiGuido: It was a direct quote.

[Audience members begin to heckle.]

Audience member: How do you sleep at night?

Another audience member: Let him speak!

[At this point most of the room began chanting “stand, stand, stand” at WikiGuido. He did.]

Harris: He’s Alex Wickham, who writes for Guido Fawkes website. And also did the work on the Brooks Newmark thing. I don’t think we want to give him a platform…

WikiGuido: Well the room wants me to speak. I thought you believed in freedom of speech? It was a direct quote.

[Several audience members shout “let him speak”]

Harris: We are not going to give you the dignity of a platform.

As the Press Association reports:

Mixed messages from ‘Chicken Dave’ Cameron


At the half way stage in the longest slowest British General Election Campaign ever, 'Chicken Dave' Cameron is still sending mixed messages.

On the one hand he is urging voters to 'kick him out' in May because he has totally failed on his contract commitment of 2010 to slash immigration. The latest figures show immigration has surged and 25% of British Muslims support ISIL and beheadings of Christians and Jews.

On the other hand, 'Chicken Dave' is whining that 'his' voters will split his vote by going with Ukip. Apart from questioning how any politicians can claim that they own voters, the more pertinent statement should urge voters not to split the Ukip vote by wasting their vote on the failed old factions of the LibLabCon Party.