One More Step Towards Brexit, but the Vultures Still Circle Above

In the early hours of Tuesday morning this week the EU (Withdrawal) Bill passed its Second Reading in the House of Commons. It was voted in favour of by 326 votes to 290. A solid majority for the Government, despite much effort from Remoaners and Soft-Brexiteers arguing it was a monstrous power grab. The passing of the Bill, although it is expected to have amendments made to it during the committee stages, is another step towards Brexit. It will ensure there isn’t legal chaos the day after Brexit and will make sure Parliament’s schedule is not impossibly clogged up with debates about trivial changes to EU-related legislation.

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Weekly news update – Farage knocks stuffing out of Juncker as Schengen gets slammed





“All I can say is, thank God we’re leaving”, exclaimed Nigel Farage at the State of the (European) Union address in Strasbourg on Wednesday. Britain’s one-time solitary insurgent against the faceless Eurocracy is now one of the European Parliament’s elder statesmen, sitting atop the right side of history. Where he leads, others follow, including the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker.

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URGENT: Copyright in the EU

We’ve just heard that the proposal to change copyright law and stifle creativity and freedom on the internet could become official EU policy within the month. This could be the death blow for our internet.

Will you call a Member of European Parliament today?

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BREAKING: In just four weeks, Europe’s proposed Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market – the new copyright laws – could deliver the death blow to a creative and free internet.

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Will we ever take back control of our borders?

Yesterday the Government began to release its post-Brexit EU immigration policies. They have now committed to maintaining visa-free travel so EU tourists can travel to the UK with no prior checks and no need for advance visas – presumably pushing for the EU to return the favour. Not sure if this will turn out to be a great idea – we will have to see!




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Red October, The Revolution That Changed The World


The author has studied the recent history of Russia, from attending the Joint Services School for Linguists and the career that followed, that adds valuable knowledge and insights to the subject. The event that brutalized Russia from 1917 was to cause and react with a series of major events of the 20th Century to the detriment of the world – Most Highly Recommended.