Book Review – Honourable Warriors, Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan



This is a penetrating account of the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan by a British officer. Major Streatfield has been outspoken in his analysis of foreign intervention in Afghanistan, providing a thought-provoking and personal perspective. He has compared the Taliban tactics with the British response and offered a record of daily fire-fights and the daily threat of IEDs.

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Nature and Scientific American Human Evolution content


Human evolution has been believed to be omni-directional

BUT, the sub-human species politicianus shows regressive tendencies


The high-precision dating of materials from 40 archaeological sites, from Russia to Spain, reveals that the disappearance of Neanderthals from Europe took place around 40,000 years ago. Rather than a rapid replacement of European Neanderthals by anatomically modern humans, the study, published in Nature this week, supports a more complex picture characterized by a biological and cultural mosaic that lasted for several thousand years.

Determining the spatial and temporal relationships between Neanderthals and early modern humans is critical to the understanding of the processes underlying, and reasons for, the disappearance of Neanderthals. However, technical challenges have hindered the reliable dating of the period, as samples older than about 50,000 years preserve too little carbon-14 for conventional radiocarbon dating to yield accurate results.

Tom Higham and colleagues used improved sample processing and accelerator-mass-spectrometry radiocarbon dating to analyse bone samples and items from the Mousterian and Châtelperronian stone-tool industries, which have been associated with Neanderthals, and Uluzzian artefacts, which may have been made by modern humans. The results suggest that the Neanderthal disappearance and the end of the Mousterian culture occurred between 41,000 and 39,000 years ago, across sites ranging from the Black Sea to the Atlantic Coast. The findings also reveal a temporal overlap between Neanderthals and modern humans of 2,600 to 5,400 years, allowing for cultural — and possibly genetic — exchanges between the two groups.

Scientific American: The Human Saga Special Issue

Humans have been evolving for more than seven million years, and we continue to change. This special Scientific American issue takes stock of the latest insights- past, present and future.

Welcome to the family:

· Tracing the evolutionary ancestors of Homo sapiens was once thought to be a relatively straightforward matter: Australopithecus begat Homo erectus, which begat Neanderthals, which begat us.

· Over the past 40 years, fossil finds from East Africa, among other things, have completely shattered that hypothesis.

· The latest evidence shows that several different hominin species shared the planet at different times. Figuring how they are all related-and which ones led directly to us-will keep paleontologists busy for decades to come.

Climate Shocks:

· Changes in climate are emerging as elements that shaped human evolution over millions of years, as scientists learn that such alteration coincided with the extinction of some of our ancestors and the success of others.

· Evidence from ancient soils in East Africa, deep-sea sediments and fossil teeth from our forerunners combines to reveal rapid swings between wet and dry environments, as well as two distinct periods when grasslands replaced more wooded areas.

· The emergence of our own genus, Homo, our varied diet, advances in stone tool technology and the very human trait of adaptability in the face of ongoing change may be tied to these episodes, according to one theory.

Powers of Monogamy:

· Monogamous coupling might have been the best move our ancestors ever made.

· Even in societies where polygamy is permitted, monogamy is by far the most common human mating arrangement. In this regard, we are unusual animals: fewer than 10 percent of mammals form exclusive sexual relationships.

· How humans got this way has been the subject of scientific debate for decades, and it still is an open question. We know that the first hominins, which emerged more than seven million years ago, might have been monogamous for good reason: it helped them evolve into the big brained world conquerors they are today.

The “IT” Factor

· Humans- it was once thought- differed from other animals by their use of tools and their overall superiority in a range of cognitive abilities. Close observation of the behavior of chimpanzees and other great apes has proved these ideas wrong.

· Chimpanzees score as highly as young children on tests of general reasoning abilities but lack many of the social skills that come naturally to their human cousins.

· Comparison of human and chimp psychology reveals that an essential source of the differences in humans may be the evolution of the ability to intuit what another person is thinking so that both can work toward a shared goal.

Still Evolving

· For 30,000 years our species has been changing remarkably quickly and we are not done yet. Straight, black hair, blue eyes and lactose tolerance are all examples of relatively recent traits.

· Such rapid evolution has been possible for several reasons, including the switch from hunting and gathering to agrarian-based societies, which permitted human populations to grow much larger than before. The more people reproduce within a population, the higher, the chance of new advantageous mutations.

SAS issued with ‘kitten heels’?


Lying in the British Interest? - Maybe, Maybe Not

Call-me-Dave maintains "no British boots on the Ground" (in Iraq)

"Clueless" Cameron's claims on Iraq Crisis raise interesting questions - has he raided Home Secretary's shoe cupboard for "kitten heels" to issue to SAS in place of boots?

Or maybe Tory cuts have stopped funding boots for troops?

Or maybe Tory cuts now mean troops equipped with foreign-made footware?


Does he now regard the Kurds as an independent nation?


If he does, will he be helping them liberate Turkish and Iranian occupied Kurdish lands? or just IS and Iraqi occupied Kurdish lands?

Help the Tea Party in the key states


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At the end of the day, this year's campaigns won't be won with TV ads or radio spots.

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Tea Party volunteers need to explain exactly how we got into this mess and how, by following the U.S. Constitution and cutting our bloated federal government, "We the People" can get us out.

It'll be a 100% grassroots campaign for freedom!

Unfortunately though, none of these hundreds of local groups have much campaign funding on hand. They don't have fancy offices. They don't have paid staff.

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Jenny Beth Martin

TPP Citizens Fund Report

Dear Patriot,

Lots of news this week. Here is this week's Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

•   Tea Party-backed candidates fell short in U.S. Senate primaries in Kansas and Tennessee last week. However, both establishment senators, Pat Roberts and Lamar Alexander, failed to win a majority of votes in their Republican primaries. Please think about that. A majority of voters in GOP senate primaries are consistently choosing candidates other than the big-government-loving incumbents. Thank you to everyone who volunteered or donated to our efforts in these two states. It's never good to lose, but the establishment can no longer take anything for granted.

•    Back on Capitol Hill, the new House GOP Whip is seeking the advice and counsel of a vehemently anti-Tea Party lobbyist over whom to hire for his staff. Please read all about what Congressman Steve Scalise is up to.

•   This past week I attended the meeting of the Republican National Committee. My goal was to press the case for the censure of Mississippi RNC member Henry Barbour, who personally orchestrated the race-baiting campaign of Thad Cochran. There are plenty of good people on the RNC, but Chairman Reince Preibus clearly doesn't want even look into this matter. That's truly unfortunate. However, we've assembled a comprehensive report on what happened in Mississippi, and we will keep on fighting for justice. Here is our report.

That's all for this week. Thanks for supporting Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund!

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Jenny Beth Martin Chairman


Weekly Bulletin

Here's our selection of the big stories that we are sure you'll find interesting.

A-Levels dumbed down to make money

 A-level students are being sold short by a profit-seeking education ‘industry’ - says UKIP’s National Education spokesman Paul Nuttall. Continue reading...


Hospital car park rip-off must end. Daily Express launches crusade to axe unfair charges

The Daily Express has launched a crusade to help the sick, the elderly and their families by calling for an end to unfair hospital car park charges. Continue reading...

Nigel Farage: I want to lead my party into the Commons and in doing so lead British politics towards an optimistic and global future

The cat is well and truly out the bag. I am putting myself forward to stand in Thanet South. Continue reading...

Migrants take four jobs for every one that goes to a Briton

Unemployment fell by 132,000 over the past three months – but for every British worker who found a job, four immigrants also secured work. Continue reading...

Warning from Britain's biggest waste firm over new EU rules forcing people to recycle more

Families may have to separate their rubbish into six bins from next year, Britain’s biggest waste firm has warned. Continue reading...
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Fight Executive Amnesty and other things you need to know


Last week you melted the Capitol phone lines down and stopped a bad immigration bill from passing the House. We still need your voice in the fight! Once again Sen. Jeff Sessions' (R-Ala.) is calling on you to reach out your Senators and force a vote on Rep. Marsha Blackburn's (R-Tenn.) bill that would defund Pres. Obama's DACA amnesty and an expanded amnesty for illegal aliens.

Call (855) 871-8782 to reach the Capitol switch board, ask to talk to your Senators and let them know what you think! Be sure to visit our tool kits to find out how to keep making a difference.

Also, the Internal Revenue Service has found a new target: Christian churches and the Obamacare chief architect backpedaled on his statements about state exchanges. Here are some other things you need to know this week.

Es la economía, estúpido
During last year’s heightened push for comprehensive immigration reform, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) described the Republicans’ failure to act as a “demographic death spiral,” noting “if we don’t pass immigration reform, if we don’t get it off the table in…Read More>

Release of criminal illegal immigrants put Americans in harm’s way
The Department of Homeland Security has illegally released thousands of illegal immigrants into the U.S., and more than 600 of them were convicted criminals. A new report [1] from the inspector general for DHS reveals that in the run-up to 2013…Read More>

Border Crisis Going Viral
Washington is not only failing to protect our borders – it’s failing to protect our citizens from dangerous, communicable diseases. The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) strict standard of having immigrants and refugees undergo medical screening and necessary…Read More>

With Obamacare, hindsight isn’t always 20/20
In late July, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that Obamacare subsidies on the federal exchange are, in effect, illegal. That ruling was bolstered by footage that surfaced a few days later of one Jonathan Gruber – MIT economist and…Read More>

This time, it’s IRS vs. Churches
It seems the Internal Revenue Service has found a new target: Christian churches. Apparently going after freedom of speech isn’t enough; the IRS has to go after freedom of religion, too. We only wish we were kidding. The federal agency…Read More>

New York Times: On Immigration, G.O.P. Starts to Embrace Tea Party
Daily Caller: Insurer-Linked Group Now Pushing Obamacare For Illegal Immigrants
Bloomberg: Obama Won't Return Money From Tax Deals He Dislikes

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

The Second World War’s Military Legacy – The Atomic Bomb and Much More


The Second World War's Military Legacy - The Atomic Bomb and Much More
by David Wragg
Published: August 2014
'Necessity is the mother of invention' and nothing is more necessary than victory in war. Driven by the need to
defeat Hitler's Nazis and Japanese Imperial ambitions, the period 1939 – 1945 saw huge and unprecedented
leaps in the invention and development of war winning weapons and technology.

Well-known author and military expert David Wragg has studied the whole range of land, sea and air
technical innovations that originated during the Second World War. Most obvious and strategically important
is the Atomic Bomb (and its successor the Hydrogen Bomb) but the list is truly fascinating – cruise and
ballistic missiles, landing craft, self-propelled guns assault ships, IFF (identification friend or foe), jet engines,
sonar, ejection seats to name but some.
A number of inventions, while important at the time, had no longer term use; for instance dive-bombers.
Others were available but not used until post-war such as in-flight refuelling.
The author concludes from his extensive research arguing that there is little new in defence today as so many
modern weapons trace their origins back to the Second World War.
This is an original and thought-provoking book by a highly respected military history author.