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We started providing the legislative updates as a service to our Local Coordinators each week on our Sunday night webinars. We have been holding these webinars since the very beginning of the movement as the way to retain our grassroots integrity. We take these calls very serious because it is how we stay engaged and take direction from grassroots activists around the country.



Now, we are going to offer these updates to you on a weekly basis. And starting last week we began recording them, so now you can listen to them as well!

To find the Legislative Updates, simply follow the steps below:

Go to http://www.teapartypatriots.org
Hover your mouse over "My Government" at the top of the page
A sub menu will appear
Click on "Legislative Updates"

We typically have a legislative update each week that Congress is in session. Be sure you check our website each Monday for the latest update!

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Scotland could join the EUSSR within ten years


Good news for the SNP. A Eurocrat has suggested that an independent Scotland could joint the EUSSR as quickly as ten years (SNP believes full independence would be achieved within 18 months of a YES vote) in all trading in Euro currency. The Eurocrat suggested that this would be possible because Spain and several other current member States (that have said they would blackball any Scottish application) would be dismembered by then as part of the Balkanization of Europe. He also considered that on joining Scotland would only be divided into two districts, one being ruled form Dublin and the other from Oslo (if Norway is not forced into the EUSSR by then the eastern half of Scotland would by ruled from Copenhagen,



US Senator Welcomes UK Govt Decision


US Senator warmly welcomes UK Government decision to base British nuclear missile submarines in the US.



Against the possiblity of a Scottish YES vote this week, the UK Government has decided to base British nuclear missile submarines in the US to keep them at a NATO location.

In reviewing the situation, it was fond that the US basing option would cost significantly less than basing in Scotland on current costs and place the submarines next to the Trident upgrading site.

What is now unclear is whether the submarines would relocate in the event of a NO vote because this represents a higher cost to the UK taxpayer.

Initially the decision is described as a temporary contingency plan in the event of a YES vote, with the submarines relocating later to a new port in the UK once a suitable port has been confirmed and upgraded to provide a full basing facility.

This is one of a number of decisions being taken ahead of the Scottish Dependency Referendum where voters have a choice of remaining within the UK or leaving and hoping to eventually join the EUSSR.

TPP Citizens Fund Report


Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:



• Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has a new job. On Wall Street. What a surprise for the man who cared more about the interests of crony capitalists than his own constituents! Here is our take. http://www.teapartypatriotscitizensfund.com/news/statement-on-eric-cantors-move-to-moelis-investment-bank/

• The Senate race in Iowa is one of the most important in the county. So, any change in Barack Obama’s approval rating is a really big deal. Here is the latest news from Iowa. http://www.gallup.com/poll/175631/iowa-midterm-looms-obama-support-drops.aspx

• Here’s a perfect article on what is at stake this fall. Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats care more about who is running campaign ads against them than the fact that our economy is a mess, our foreign policy is a disaster, our President is golfing, and the American people are suffering! http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/05/Harry-Reid-s-Senate-Is-Focused-On-Citizens-United-While-The-World-Is-Burning

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Jenny Beth Martin

Take the American Dream Challenge & Other Things You Need to Know This Week


This was a busy week, we are calling all Tea Party Patriots Local Coordinators, Leaders, supporters, and concerned Americans to take the American Dream Challenge. Also, in response to the unprecedented wave of illegal immigration that is washing over America today, threatening the very fabric of our nation, we are preparing for the release of our documentary The Border States of America. Finally, we continued our Fall Training Series this week and this coming Monday, September 15, at 8:30pm EDT you can learn how to Organize a Meeting. Remember to register for our Fall Training Series here.



Also, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin took the time to go on Fox News and talk about domestic abuse in the light of the Ray Rice scandal.

Be sure to stay up to date, visit our “Toolkits” to find out how to keep making a difference. Here are some other things you need to know this week.

Remember 9/11

Today marks 13 years since the terrorist attacks that took nearly 3,000 American lives. Today, we pause to honor their memory. Almost 3,000 people lost their lives during the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, at…

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Lose-Lose for the President

Regardless of what White House Press Secretary John Earnest is saying, all is not well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Ever since President Obama announced his intention to delay executive action on illegal immigration, he’s faced a firestorm of criticism from…

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Governor Brown: “From Mexico to California in 20 Minutes”

Lax enforcement of our immigration laws has erased the border between the United States and Central America to the point that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is now calling our nation “the other Mexico.” The bold reference, made during his…

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Jenny Beth Martin on Fox News Discussing Ray Rice

Vitter Introduces "No Obamacare Exemption" as Amendment to Senate Democrats' Campaign Legislation

250,000 in Virginia face loss of health insurance

Tea Party's Martin: Desperate Foes Push Racist 'Myth'

In Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

Economists say nothing to fear from Brexit

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Over twenty of the country’s leading economists and economic commentators have backed calls for an In/Out referendum on the subject of Britain’s relationship with the EU.



As long-standing campaigners on this issue, we at Get Britain Out wholeheartedly agree. The British people deserve to have their voices heard, with a referendum on Britain’s membership long overdue.

The expert signatories of the letter, published in the Daily Telegraph, added that Britain had nothing to fear from leaving the EU, an argument our campaign has long advocated.

The letter was released to mark the launch of Economists for Britain, which under the leadership of Dr Ruth Lea, aims to provide an intellectual sounding board for the research of Business for Britain.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Sirs,
As economists and economic commentators we are writing to add our voices to the growing demands for a new relationship between Britain and the European Union and to express our support for an In/Out referendum.
For too long the debate over Britain’s EU membership has been characterised by half-truths and outright fabrications. The wholly misleading claim that millions of jobs would be lost if the UK were to leave the EU has been comprehensively disproven and refuted.
Research shows that British business wants and needs a substantial change in our relationship with the EU. The Prime Minister’s own Red Tape Task Force has warned that EU red tape is holding back job creation and business expansion. However, before thinking about leaving the EU, we must see if the British Government can first secure better terms of membership. But if the negotiations do not deliver, there is nothing to fear from leaving.
The UK’s future prosperity increasingly depends on its ability to trade with the whole world, not just its European neighbours. In 1980 the EU accounted for over 30 per cent of world GDP, today that figure is less than 19 per cent. The share of UK exports to the rest of the EU has fallen by 10 per cent in the last ten years alone. We need to move beyond a 20th Century economic mind set and be free to develop our links with the rising economies outside Europe.
Just as “little Englanders” are wrong to argue for protectionism, so too are “little Europeans” who only focus on Britain’s trade with its next-door neighbours. We need a global vision, a vision that looks beyond the limits of Europe and sees the opportunities that the wider world offers.

Dr Ruth Lea, Chairman, Economists for Britain & Economic Adviser, Arbuthnot Banking Group.

Professor Philip Booth, Editorial and Programme Director, IEA & Professor of Insurance and Risk Management at Cass Business School
Roger Bootle, Managing Director, Capital Economics
Ryan Bourne, Head of Public Policy, Institute of Economic Affairs
Keith Boyfield, Executive Director, Keith Boyfield Associates
Dr. Eamonn Butler, Director, Adam Smith Institute
Mike Denham, Research Fellow, The TaxPayers’ Alliance
Bryan Gould, Former Labour Shadow Cabinet member & former Vice-Chancellor, University of Waikato
Dr. David Green, Chief Executive, CIVITAS
John Greenwood OBE, Chief Economist, Invesco Ltd
Dr. Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director, The New Zealand Initiative
David Lascelles, Senior fellow and joint founder of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation
Damon de Laszlo, Chairman, Economic Research Council
Neil MacKinnon, Global Macro Strategist, VTB Capital
Professor Kent Matthews, Associate Dean for Engagement & Professor of Money and Banking, Cardiff University
John Mills, Chairman and Founder of JML
Iain Murray, Vice President for Strategy, Competitive Enterprise Institute (Washington DC)
David Myddleton, Professor D.R. Myddelton, Emeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting, Cranfield School of Management.
Brian Reading, former economics adviser to Edward Heath
Professor Colin Robinson, Advisory Council Institute of Economic Affairs & Emeritus Professor, Surrey University
David B. Smith, Beacon Economic Forecasting
Professor Phil Whyman, Professor of Economics, Business, Economics and International Business, University of Central Lancashire

Business for Britain will publish its latest document entitled ’Change, Or Go’ this week. The publication sets out the facts and figures regarding Britain’s position within the EU, makes the case for substantial EU reform, and examines the consequences for the UK should reforms not be secured. It will be sent out to thousands of business leaders across the UK as part of a campaign to increase Business for Britain’s wide supporter base.

With business and political opinion finally beginning to recognise the economic benefits of leaving the EU, Get Britain Out is redoubling its efforts to present our case to the Great British Public. I will be attending the UKIP conference in Doncaster later this month. In addition, Luke Stanley will be present at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham. We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards,
Alan Murad
Acting Campaign Manager

Obama still won’t drop his plan for Executive Amnesty


A fagged out lame duch President thrashing arond for anything resembling a policy

Please find below a special message from one of our allies, Citizens United. Please note that Tea Party Patriots allows only certain of our allies to communicate with our network of grassroots patriots. We hope you will take a moment to consider this message. Thank you.



Barack Obama has threatened to issue an amnesty executive order for 6 million illegals - and it will almost certainly come at a very dangerous time.

Democrats have convinced Obama to wait until after this November's elections - which will very likely be a "lame duck" period.

Obama will have nothing to lose in November. He'll almost certainly throw caution to the wind and legalize these 6 million illegals - unless we mobilize to stop him NOW!

Please sign the Citizens United for a Secure America national petition against this insanity right now.

Then, please forward this email to everyone you know who doesn't want these illegals to remain in this country permanently.

Grassroots America must bombard the U.S. Senate with petitions and stop this madness!

This is a supreme emergency. Barack Obama and his liberal allies want to lock up millions of liberal votes, no matter the cost. And they're willing to violate the Constitution to do it.

Every day more and more impoverished children are pouring into America. The drug cartels are transporting them across the border and dumping them in Texas.

Many of these kids have contagious diseases, like tuberculosis. Some aren't even "kids" at all!

Their parents exported them to America because Barack Obama effectively promised them that they could stay here forever.

And by granting them amnesty, Obama will make good on that promise - and encourage even more to come.

Please sign your petition to the U.S. Senate right now. And then forward this email to everyone you know.

These illegals shouldn't be getting food and medicine and a permanent place to stay. They should be sent home right away!

Citizens United has been fighting Barack Obama on the issue of amnesty and securing the border for years.

We've managed to hold the line and stop the open borders Left - until now.

Obama, however, is more determined than ever to swamp this country with illegal aliens permanently. He wants to legalize 6 million illegals with a stroke of his pen!

He believes that Congress will never have the guts to stand up to him. He thinks the Senate will cave to his political pressure.

Barack Obama knows full well that if he can get away with this unprecedented and unconstitutional executive amnesty, more and more illegal alien kids will come pouring across the border.

Their parents will then follow. And then their aunts and uncles.

Pretty soon, millions and millions of illegal immigrants will be overwhelming our cities and neighborhoods.

Obama will accomplish his goal of turning America into a third-world socialist mess overnight. And Congress won't ever even have to vote for amnesty!

That's why defeating this pending executive order is so incredibly important.

Right now, the Senate has a bill in committee that would make this executive order impossible. The bill as already been passed by the House, but Harry Reid is keeping it from reaching the Senate floor.

We must force him to bring it up for a vote. We have to absolutely flood Capitol Hill with petitions.

If we can stop Obama's terrible amnesty scheme, we can stem the flood of illegal immigrants and save America.

But we're running out of time. We must pressure the Senate to pass this resolution and block Obama's executive order before the "lame duck" session begins!

Please sign your petition right now. And because we need to swamp the Senate with petitions, please, please forward this email to every right-thinking American you know.

This is a national emergency. Remember, this executive amnesty order could come at any time.

Just click here to sign your petition.

Thank you for everything you do.



David Bossie
President, Citizens United

Train capacity figures “a wake-up call”; Green Party urges public transport to be put back into public hands

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Green Party advocates massive increase in public dept to buy back railways and spend lavishly on expansion

The Green Party has today urged politicians to support Caroline Lucas’ bill to take the railways back into public ownership following a report released by the Department of Transport (DfT).



Figures show that, at peak times, some services were up to 111 percent over their capacity with broader results showing that one in five passengers travelling through London during the morning peak services were having to stand. (1)

Responding to the latest figures, Rupert Read, Green Party Transport spokesperson, said:


"These figures are a wake-up call. It is absurd that our travelling public are being crammed into trains that are over double their capacity. Passengers should not have to put up with these kinds of conditions when prices continue to rocket. It's clear that the current privatised model for running our network is not delivering the investment and improvements the travelling public need and deserve.

"The Green Party believes that mass transport ought to be a joined-up public service, not turned into a source of profit. The railways ought to be run to serve the common good, and the only way to do this is to take the railways back into public ownership. This is a view that is overwhelmingly popular with the public and one that the Green Party has long been committed to.

"There is a way to bring an end to these horrendously over-crowded journeys. We're calling on all politicians to get behind Caroline Lucas' bill to bring the railways back into public ownership. The second reading of that bill is due to come before the House of Commons next month. I hope that the Chamber of the House of Commons will be overcrowded that day, with MPs vying to do as their constituents wish, and start the process of taking the railways back into public hands."

Government cyber security programme: a lack of skills is a big concern


The National Audit Office has published an update for the Committee of Public Accounts on the Government’s National Cyber Security Programme.





Responding to the report, Hugh Boyes from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), said: “While the Government's investment in this area has increased the capability for the public sector, there is still much to be done to strengthen UK industry.


“The report highlights industry concerns about the confusing range of advice available and the lack of cyber security skills. These are valid concerns that need to be addressed.


“The current cyber security skills initiatives have been focused on providing the skills for individuals employed in cyber security roles. This is a short term solution which does not address the need to improve the security awareness and skills of everyone involved in the design, production and use of software-based systems. This requires significant investment in education and training at all levels in the UK to ensure that software is trustworthy and those involved in its development and maintenance are applying software engineering best practice.


“The recent interest in cyber security and cars highlights how this is an issue that extends far beyond our desktop and tablet computers.”


Industry demand for the cyber security skills needed to tackle cyber car crime and the other areas of our business and personal lives threatened by security issues is growing all the time. Last week, a free online course designed to inspire the next generation of cyber-security professionals, supported by the Government, was launched.


The MOOC – which stands for Massive Open Online Course – has been developed with the Open University with support from the IET and is the first of its kind anywhere in the world to gain Government support. For more information, visit: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/introduction-to-cyber-security.