Action for the week of October 18th: Voter fraud bill, school boards & more!

Action items for this week include:

  • National: STOP the Democrats takeover of elections – vote likely on Wednesday
  • Local: Get your school board out of the NSBA
  • Recommended reading
  • Reminders about school board webinars and defending doctors

See below for details!

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National: STOP the Democrats takeover of elections!

The time has arrived! The Senate will likely vote on Wednesday on the supposed “compromise” bill to take over our elections. It’s a frightening bill that will allow Democrats to control every state’s elections and cement their power illegitimately. For a more detailed rundown of just some of the terrible parts of the bill, please see this list.

We need to call our Senators and tell them to vote no, as well as tell them to hold the line on the filibuster. If this vote fails, there will be an unreal amount of left-wing pressure on Sen. Manchin and Sen. Sinema to get rid of the filibuster, so that Democrats can pass literally anything they want to pass.


For both of your US Senators, please do the following:

  • Call the DC office (Find your Senators’ numbers here.)
  • Call one local/state office – to find one of the local office numbers, go to the home page of your Senator’s official government website and they’re usually listed under “offices” or “office locations,” though sometimes you have to go to the “contact” page first. Just poke around and you’ll find it. Or, when you call the DC office, you could also ask for the number of a local office.
  • Message: Vote NO on the “Freedom to Vote Act,” because it is really a “Freedom to Cheat Act.” It removes nearly all safeguards to ensure our elections have integrity, and it gives power over every state’s elections to the federal government, which makes it easier to cheat. Additionally, keep the filibuster as is – DO NOT make any changes to the filibuster. Thank you.

Private backroom debates about what Democrats should include in their massive spending bill are becoming public. Bernie Sanders has been calling out less enthusiastic Senators for holding up the bill and recently issued an ultimatum about how his priorities must be included – or else. Sanders bizarrely seems to believe that because 48 Democrats support the bill, so must every other Democrat.


The Biden administration is watching their number one priority go up in smoke because of internal division.

Local: Get your school board out of the NSBA

Way back in August, we released our how-to guide about attending a school board meeting, and how to be more effective when you attend. We also included a nine-page section on the National School Boards Association (NSBA), as well as the National Association of State Boards of Education. This was released long before the NSBA wrote their infamous letter to the DOJ, calling parents domestic terrorists for attending school board meetings and trying to hold them accountable.


Back in August, we were already aware of how bad these organizations are for children, parents, and the country. Please download our how-to guide and go to page 22 to learn more about the NSBA and other associations that are radically left-wing, but purport to speak for you, and influence your schools more than you know. We have a list of action items, including getting your school board (and even your state association) to quit their membership of the NSBA. Already two state associations have done so. Let’s get more of them to do it, and collapse the association!


For months, most Americans have been aware that President Biden has become deeply unpopular. His policies on issues like Afghanistan, vaccine mandates and the economy have turned off most voters. Democrats are finally starting to get the memo and are panicking about Biden’s falling approval numbers. Biden’s Press Secretary is even trying to blame the unvaccinated for Biden’s declining numbers, but we know better.


Biden is a divisive and deeply unpopular president, end of story.

Recommended Reading

Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has threatened to prosecute parents who stand up against critical race theory and coronavirus restrictions in public schools. Thankfully, parents are pushing back against such loathsome intimidation tactics.


Xi Van Fleet, who lived in China under Mao, said of the DOJ’s efforts, “When I was in China, I spent my entire school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I’m very, very familiar with the communist tactics of how to divide people. All this is happening here in America.”


Parents like Fleet are courageously resisting attempts to intimidate parents and keep them out of the education system.

Reminders: Sign up forms and research to do

Keep attending the monthly meetings of your local school board! You can use our School Board How-to Guide again before you attend, and if you haven’t yet watched, you can view the two training webinars we recorded on attending school board meetings. You can find the first one here, and the second one here.

If you haven’t yet contacted the medical boards and associations to reprimand them for threatening doctors who prescribe medicines like Ivermectin, please do so this week!


Use our guide to help you know who to contact and what to say when you email or call. These doctors are risking their careers for us, the least we can do is send an email or make a call on their behalf! A doctor in Washington has had his license suspended for treating Covid patients; a doctor in Idaho has had a complaint filed against him with the state medical board – trying to take his license – specifically for prescribing Ivermectin for Covid patients. It is happening, and these doctors will not be able to help us if we do not help them.