Resign, Recall, Replace

Will you join Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Donald Trump Jr. In supporting our campaign to take back our schools from the radical socialist Left?

We need your help as we launch a nationwide effort to replace socialist, anti-American school board members with Patriots. Will you please support us?


For too long, the Left has worked to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate our kids with hateful “critical race theory” lessons.


As you may know, Critical Race Theory or “CRT” teaches our children to hate our country, hate our history, and hate our American values. 


It’s being taught in every state across the nation, and it MUST be stopped.

If we’re not careful, we will soon wake up in a country run by the generation that was trained by their teachers to hate America. And they’ll work to destroy everything our country stands for.


And friend, you may not have seen it happening at the time, but for too long Republicans have neglected local races and instead focused on “BIG” races for President, Governor, and Congress.


But in the process, we’ve neglected smaller local races – like school board – that are often not publicized.


One of the reasons these races get overlooked is that they’re discussed as “non-partisan.”


What that means is radical leftists get to quietly slip into a position of power and waste your tax dollars on “equity” equity consultants and train your children and grandchildren to HATE America.


That’s the bad news: our nation is under assault by the left, and our children are their number one target.


But here’s the good news. We can and will stop the radical left from corrupting the minds of an entire generation.


My name is Ryan Girdusky, and I founded the 1776 Project PAC to take back our local school boards and ensure that our children are taught to love and respect America.


Here’s my 3R’s Campaign Battle Plan: 

Resign: we’ll turn up the public pressure with TV, Radio, and Print media campaigns calling for far left school board members to quit.

Recall: we’ll help collect petitions signatures and aid local parents, grandparents, and concerned taxpayers in efforts to recall radical school board members who must be removed from officed

Replace: We’ll support the campaigns of pro-America conservatives who run for local school board against liberal pro-CRT school board members.

But we can’t roll out this plan without your support. Will you rush in $17.76 to the 1776 Project PAC ahead of the 40+ November elections we’re targeting?


Now, you may not be familiar with me… But you’re almost certainly familiar with Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and/or Donald Trump Jr.

They know how effective the 1776 Project PAC will be, and you can take their word for it!


>>>> Tucker Carlson:Parents have almost no support, but now they do. The 1776 Project PAC is a political action committee designed to help school boards and communities elect sane people.”


>>>> Laura Ingraham: “For all the parents out there looking to reclaim your local school boards from radical leftists – help is on the way – a new political action committee called the 1776 Project is going to support school board candidates who oppose indoctrinating kids with things like Critical Race Theory.”


>>>> Donald Trump Jr.: “The 1776 Project is the very first Political Action Committee of is kinds – specifically created to take on this sinister attack on our way of life from within our own communities by working to take local schools boards out of the hands of these America-hating radical liberals…”

Even the failing and biased New York Times admitted that we “lit a fire” that is only growing as more conservative patriots like you join the fight in supporting the 1776 Project PAC.


After 30 years of left-wing billionaires like George Soros flooding cash into local school board races, we finally have a way to fight back with the 1776 Project PAC.


Help us fight back against George Soros and the radical socialist left in our school boards with a generous contribution of $17.76, $25, $50, and $100.


In closing, my friend Tucker Carlson said “If you’re thinking of writing a check to [another group] maybe you should pause and send it to Ryan Girdusky instead.”


With your help, we will rid our schools of hateful Critical Race Theory by ridding our school boards of radical left-wing activists who despise our Country, our Constitution, and our Conservative American values.


Ryan Girdusky


P.S. I know you may not know anything about me, but I hope that the endorsements from incredible conservative leaders like my friends Tucker, Laura, and Donald Trump Jr. give you confidence in my dedication to the mission of taking school boards back from radical liberals. Will you invest in the future of our country by making a generous contribution to the 1776 Project PAC as we fight to Resign, Recall, or Replace far-left indoctrinators?